Friday, November 3, 2017

Chuck Norris Unleashes FURY On Drug Companies


November 2, 2017

( – Eleven drug companies are about to learn just how tough Chuck Norris is. Whether they’ll live to tell the tale is an entirely different matter.

Norris could have given easily given an upper-cut the drug companies that he alleges poisoned his wife during an MRI scan, but instead, he’s going to whoop them in court.

WND reports that Norris has filed a lawsuit against nearly a dozen drug companies Wednesday in San Francisco for “poisoning” his wife Gena with a dye containing the heavy metal gadolinium used with MRI scans in a procedure that “left her close to death with lifelong pain and weakness.”

The dye is administered so it is easier for doctors to see the organs during a scan. After three MRI scans were made to monitor her rheumatoid arthritis, Gena claimed she felt as if she were dying – it was like “having acid in all my tissues. I’m just, just on fire,” she said.

Some say Chuck Norris can start a fire with two ice cubes. Looks like the doctors who botched his wife’s healthcare are about to feel the heat.

After tests for Parkinson’s and ALS, Gena went on her own for research and found out by herself reports of poisoning from the chemicals frequently used during MRI scans. It’s an outrage she had to find out for herself what so-called “experts” were totally ignorant of.

The chemical is called gadolinium, and is manufactured by nearly a dozen drug companies, each one of which just earned themselves a spot on Chuck Norris’ death list.

What’s the worst part about all of this? Despite these reports of its potential dangers, gadolinium was approved as “safe” by the government’s ministry of death, the Food and Drug Administration.

“The Food and Drug Administration stated as recently as last May that it found no evidence gadolinium retained in the body caused harm, with the exception of those suffering kidney issues,” WND reports.

As a result of the treatments that were intended to cure her, his wife is now left with “permanent weakness, exhaustion, periods of pain, a loss of cognitive function and a constant burning feeling.” 

Crossing Chuck Norris could be the FDA’s biggest mistake – and also their last. The corrupt drug organization is controlled by Big Pharma, which is directly responsible for fueling the opioid epidemic. Every government organization is incompetent and corrupt, and the FDA is no exception. 

The FDA is always doing foolish things to undermine the public health. Just like every government effort, whatever it purports to do, it accomplishes the complete opposite. 

Trump should fire the entire FDA, and Chuck Norris should deal them a free round-house kick straight to Pluto.

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