Mexico US border being overrun! 
Over 100 Syrian terrorists just caught! 
Military asking for patriots to assist 
immediately closing holes along entire border!

Orders are come heavy and if shot at, shoot back!
Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

Contact General Terry Kelly at 205-388-9889
Contact Lt. Commander Payton at 702-275-2712
More news will be posted when available!

News of this on ham bands. 3.860.00 khz lsb 80 meter.
Nothing on mainstream! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Indictment Of Manafort Is A Cover For Dems

Mueller's Fake Indictment Of Manafort 
Is A Cover For Dems On Uranium One Scandal!



  1. Someone needs to tell Alex Jones what really is happening.. He is going to have a heart attack !

  2. Wonder if Muller is not part of the Bush/Clinton money laundering thru Saudi Arabia. Just before she lost the election, Hillary move Billions to Quatar (probably planning for a getaway.)

    The Saudi purge seems to be related to the Bush and Clinton money laundering. More nails for their coffins, provided by themselves....
    “Deep State” Bloodbath Moves To Saudi Arabia As Trump-NSA Forces Continue Rampage --
    Then today:

  3. Was sent this odd posting. Could not locate original source. Maybe you or your readers know its origin:

    WH Insider Anon Here Anonymous (ID: pESrSDhG) 11/01/17(Wed)20:01:41 No.147518205

    Hello /pol/.

    Both Tony and John Podesta will be indicted / charged this week. Hillary Clinton will be charged on historic date of November 8th as of right now but it could be sooner. The only reason this is withheld until then is to wait until after planned protests on November 4th, to minimize damages.

    George Papadopoulos was also a plant by Hillary Clinton, just like Paul Manafort.

    The next 7-10 days are going to be pleasing. Thanks guys!

  4. Muller is playing the old 'shell game' to keep people looking at the wrong issues. His buddy (and pay-master) Hillary is going to prison.
    Bombshell: Hillary Clinton ‘Pedophile Sex Tape’ About To Be Released --