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Monday, November 6, 2017

Jim Stone : the Uranium One scandal will not be investigated

As I predicted, the Uranium One scandal will not be investigated.

Jim Stone

Jeff Sessions blocked all of it by keeping in place a gag order on a key witness. This is what it looks like when your government has more than failed, and has been completely taken over by an enemy. 

UPDATE: they did a screen delete and I had to redo this!




























Yesterday a lot of people probably thought I was full of it when I said nothing at all would become of this because the FBI and the rest of the government is too corrupt, and it was all a distraction from Vegas. Today I am getting screen deletes. All I can say is you don't need any sort of time machine to know what is going to happen with what is called our "government."

The only "way forward" for this government, which consists of communist infiltrators, is the death of the United States. Trump probably does not have a chance. There will be no investigation and as soon as Vegas is forgotten, this will go straight in the trash.

Trump can't do anything about it. I can't say it took too long for Americans to wake up, but it did take too long for Americans to realize the communists had totally usurped the voting process. Americans woke up to such an extent that Trump got in despite a massively rigged vote, and I am not talking by a few percent. Trump likely got 87 or more percent of the popular vote. If the vote had never been rigged at all, the Clintons would not have had a chance even 25 years ago. That would have been soon enough to save the country.

Step 2 is that the witness who has a gag order will be so depressed about it that there will be a 'suicide' via three gunshot wounds to the back of the head. And it will probably happen at the same time the gag order is lifted.


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  3. Anon 12:51 PM and 12:58 PM - Thank you!! AWESOME news! Just posted for all to enjoy! Thanks again! Blessings!

  4. This is dated 10/27 by Politico... So... this Article Says Sessions Blocked the lifting of the Gag Order.... ?? Now I'm confused!