Mexico US border being overrun! 
Over 100 Syrian terrorists just caught! 
Military asking for patriots to assist 
immediately closing holes along entire border!

Orders are come heavy and if shot at, shoot back!
Correct number is 42,000 trying to cross the border!

Contact General Terry Kelly at 205-388-9889
Contact Lt. Commander Payton at 702-275-2712
More news will be posted when available!

News of this on ham bands. 3.860.00 khz lsb 80 meter.
Nothing on mainstream! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Massachusetts gun law and churches.... Texas needs it too!

All states need this valid Massachusetts law:

All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday to protect from attacks.


  1. As long as it has a trigger lock installed, is in a locked case, you possess a valid Massachusetts firearms I.D. card, you have had successfully completed a firearms safety course, the gun remains unloaded at all times and all the ammunition stays locked up in the trunk of your car. Welcome to the communist Commonwealth of Taxachussetts.

    1. when enacted laws conflict, the oldest one takes precedence!

    2. if true then all gun laws are unlawful due to the 2nd amendment