Saturday, November 4, 2017

Notice to all Antifa members:

Is your life worth that paycheck from Soros? 
You better think really hard on that! 
This is your only warning!

Signed: We THE People


  1. AMEN! America has prepared - all guns are locked and loaded. You won't know who is carrying. If you value your sorry lives, rethink the stupid plans you have made. Better yet - leave the country NOW while you are still alive because you may not make it through this weekend. America has had ENOUGH of your foolishness.

    1. I agree anonymous 1:41. ANTIFA...if you harm anyone or their property it might be safer for you and a much more pleasant experience for you if you stepped over the border to Mexico and they arrested you for illegal entry into the country and you spent 5 years in prison than the alternative of what you're going to face here if you harm one person. Just a bit of a warning.