Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Terror Strikes New York City

"Allahu Akbar"
 Terror Strikes New York City
October 31 2017

WHAT MORE needs to happen in the united States before Americans FINALLY "get the picture" and DEMAND REMOVAL of the muslims?

NYPD Press Conference on Bloody ISIS Attack


  1. I think it was a Gen Marshall, during WW1, threatned Islamist with burial in a pig skin to stop their terrorism. It worked. These goons should be wrapped in a pig skin when buried. Maybe even whtn in the hospital - and they should pay for their own medical treatments due to their actions, and not the state of NY. These are SNAKES who have taken over the USA.

  2. does the CIA-MOSSAD think that we are all Totally without a brain, if anybody is swallowing this crap, Allahu Akbar, come on leave it out this is strictly Childrens comic book stuff, I Beg Your Pardon, a child could do a lot better than this, where on earth did they dig this man and the name up. why on earth cant they call next suicide bomber ALI BABA And The Forty Thieves.

  3. Gov. Cuomo has taken as many freedoms and rights from New Yorkers that he possibly can. He has infringed on our gun rights on an on going basis. How can we defend ourselves if we are unarmed.

    If someone breaks into your home while you are home, you are suppose to sneak out the back door and hide or go to someone else's home then call the police.

    You can't defend your own property. If you had time to sneak out and didn't and you end up killing the person in your home you can be charged with murder.

    Any law that controls guns in any way is an infringement upon the 2nd Amendment and is unlawful. Even though they are the ones violating the law, you are the one that will be going to prison if you don't follow the infringements.

    All forms of government are suppose to be enforcing the Constitution and Amendments as they are written, on our behalf.

    1. The 2nd Amendment is NOT for us! It is for the states to hold against the federal government. Each state has it's own amendment for bearing arms! That is for the people to use against the state! Michigan Article 1 Section 6 clearly states: "Everyone has the right to arms for the protection of themselves and the state." It does not get any simpler than that! Stop using the 2nd Amendment!! Read your state Constitutions!

  4. They enter MY home here in Florida, they ARE instantly dead-It is time we started 'offing' these idiots-