Monday, November 6, 2017

Trump And Saudi Arabia Make Rapid Moves Against 9/11 Coup Plotters

“Deep State” Nears War After Trump And Saudi Arabia Make Rapid Moves Against 9/11 Coup Plotters

November 6, 2017

An ominous new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today as the “winds of war” are blowing is warning that the American “Deep State” is now in complete terror.  National Security Agency (NSA) forces loyal to President Donald Trump, and Saudi Arabian forces loyal to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, have “rapidly shifted” from their “rampage bloodbath” destroying Hollywood and US mainstream media leftist 'elites' to their now targeting the coup-plotters behind the 11 September 2011 (9/11) attacks. Trump had vowed he was going to do this when, on 16 February 2016, he said that if elected “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade wasn't the may find it's the Saudis”.   

According to this report, as a world-class builder of iconic skyscrapers across the globe, President Trump nearly immediately knew that the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings were caused by a controlled demolition implosion event—as no one of sane mind would ever believe that kerosene jet fuel could melt the massive concrete reinforced steel beams these types of buildings are constructed with—and that if possible, would now see tens-of-millions of residential kerosene heaters the world over having already been reduced into pools of melted metal.  

To what the true cause of the 9/11 attacks were about, Trump knew (and everyone else but the American people) was a vile and sinister plot master minded by the Bush Crime Family and the powerful Bin Laden Family (and aided by the Clinton Crime Family) in order to destroy the Middle East and Afghanistan in order to build pipelines to control the world’s flow of natural gas and oil—and that the International Criminal Court has just put under a “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” investigation

The 9/11 plot began in November 1998 when former President George H.W. Bush, on behalf of the multi-national private financial company named The Carlyle Group, traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to meet with the Bin Laden Family—a meeting also attended by Singapore billionaire Leonard Glenn Francis, the owner of the international maritime company Glenn Marine Group.

A final meeting between President Bush and the Bin Laden Family to “formalize” and “activate” the 9/11 plot  was held, again in Jeddah, in January 2000  where a  “practice dry run” was approved, but with “certain parties” only agreeing to this vile attack if George W. Bush was elected US president which he was later that year when the US Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting votes, thus handing Bush his victory.

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Upon George W. Bush becoming President in January 2000, the 9/11 plot accelerated with these murderous “actors” choosing their “bought and paid forUS Naval Intelligenceassets” to coordinate the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the US Capitol Building, and  that Leonard Glenn Francis had so thoroughly corrupted nearly every US Navy Admiral was under his control.

These US Naval Intelligence assets, in fearing that their Pentagon control center for the 9/11 attacks could possibly come under counterattack, ordered it to be massively reinforced, including its being fitted with blast-resistant windows 2 inches thick and weighing 2,500 pounds each—and whose work was completed in the early morning hours of 11 September 2001

So sure were these 9/11 plotters of success at 9:00 a.m., on 11 September 2001, President George H.W. Bush, the entire Carlyle Group, and the Bin Laden Family gathered together at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. to celebrate what to them would be a victory, but to the rest of the world was one of the most horrific crimes against humanity ever committed. Their vile plans were thwarted when a mysterious “Aurora Aircraft” took off from the equally mysterious Area 51 region of Nevada, flew at Mach 6 (6 times the speed of sound) towards Pennsylvania where it obliterated the plane intended to strike the US Capitol building, with it then streaking to the Pentagon where it fired a powerful cruise missile completely destroying the “too secure to counterattackOffice of Naval Intelligence Control Center, instantly killing numerous US Naval Intelligence officers after which the 9/11 attacks immediately ended.   

 FBI photo of hole left in Pentagon on 11 September 2001 before building structure collapsed…


 …that the American people have been brainwashed into believing was made by plane like this.

Also, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, US Marine General John Kelly formed an alliance with who is considered to be the most effective US military intelligence official in modern times, US Army General Michael Flynn, with both of them painstakingly rebuilding the entire US Naval Intelligence organization in their attempt to uncover the true facts of this monstrous crime against America and its people. 

In a classic “follow the money” intelligence operation, General’s Kelly and Flynn began to uncover the massive corruption that had led the US Navy to becoming part of the 9/11 plot in the first place, but who were fiercely being fought by both the Bush and Obama regimes every step of the way — so much so that they then had to turn away from the US military and get aid from “loyal to their causeFBI forces, all of whom were based in California, not Washington D.C.

Being aided by these FBI forces in California, General’s Kelly and Flynn (who were supported by loyal US military intelligence officials, too) were able to secure a guilty plea from a lower-level 9/11 coup plotter and US Naval Intelligence officer named John Beliveau on 17 December 2013.   Beliveau was being kept hidden from the Obama regime for nearly 3 years until 14 October 2016 when he was brought into a US Federal Court and sentenced for his crimes.

From the “seed” of US Naval Intelligence officer John Beliveau, General’s Kelly and Flynn were able to begin “growing the tree” to destroy this vile nest of 9/11 attack accomplices (now called the “Fat Leonard Scandal”) and that greatly accelerated under the leadership of President Trump with his ordering, this past June, the first charges to be filed against these monsters under US military law and who, just hours ago, too, began targeting over 440 US Navy officials, including 60 of Americas 221 Navy Admirals.

At the exact same time that President Trump is moving against these US Naval Intelligence 9/11 plotters so, too, are Saudi Arabian forces loyal to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who, over the past 48 hours, have arrested nearly everyone of their citizens who attended the “victory celebration” with the Bush Crime Family at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. on 11 September 2001, to include Osama Bin Laden’s brothers Bakr Bin Laden and Shafiq Bin Laden, but the exceptions being Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and other top Saudi officials who were killed when their helicopter was shot down while they attempted to flee the country, and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd who died in a firefight with forces trying to arrest him.

With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday having reported that President Trump had timed with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman this attack against these 9/11 plotters to coincide with his being in Asia, and under the protection of loyal forces to keep him from being assassinated, “Deep State” forces have, nevertheless, counter attacked by pushing the world to the brink of war by having their Iranian Obama regime allies begin firing missiles into Saudi Arabia but that has not stopped the Saudis massive roundup of these monsters whose numbers may soon reach into the hundreds, if not thousands.   

You can’t say “they” didn’t warn you…you just didn’t “see” what was being done and understand what it meant.

Sorcha Faal


  1. The American people are being brainwashed by this article. The Israeli Mossad was behind 911, and once again, this disinformation is directing your attention away from this proven fact. Just like Alex Jones, anyone who does not point this out is a voice for theZionist controllers, and this should prove to anyone that this Sorcha Faal is nothing but a Zionist shill.

    1. Anonymous 11:25, You don't know what you are talking about !

    2. Anon 2:05 PM - Agree with you. It is Anon 11:15 AM that is brainwashed. Unfortunately there are many who have 'thinking' like this. The hatred and ignorance they spew is nauseating and disgusting. The main purpose for publishing the comment - surely - is to demonstrate their ignorance and stupidity. This person DEFINITELY has NO IDEA what he/she is talking about. Very sad indeed. We have to overlook such ignorance and just forget it. This kind of 'thinking' will NEVER listen to reason or LEARN the TRUTH.

  2. We Must Defend the Truth

  3. 1st Post -- ANONYMOUS - You Are 100% Correct. Sorcha Faal has been a good source of info in the past but this report is LACKING in MANY areas. No mebtion of Israeli-Zionist Involvement.. at all? Veterans Today is run by a jew, Gordon Duff, and he and his staff compiled an extensive list of Israeli-Jew/MOSSAD involvement. So have many other researchers. Also missing were the White Hats working on the GCR in that area that were murdered. Then there were several members of the AbleDanger Team who expose Israel's involvement in many crimes against humanity - they were sent an urgent invitation to help investigate somethings and were murdered. Also the same Pentagon was built in 1941 - almost 60 years to the day of 9/11. The Pentagon is one of the most HEAVILY defended buildings in the world. Nothing hits that unless allowed. The article mentions some "renovations" but don't mention it was a Jewish company that did it - at US taxpayer expense - and that a homing beacon was placed in that area of the building to direct that "missile". Hmmmm, what a hit piece. Plus there is the Donald Rumsfeld admission that 2.3 TRILLION $$$ was missing from the black-hole budget and that is where the bean counters were and the records they were researching. On top of that NESARA was supposed to be announced back then. The Coroner that went to the Pennsylvanian crash site said it looked someone took a backhoe and dug a huge hole then threw a bunch of plane parts in. No bodies. No blood. Then the Vatican looking on. So much more pointing to Zionist Jew Operation and killing Americans is one of the things they love so they can make those $$Shekls$$. To understand that just research Andrew Jackson and the war of 1812. The jews HATE the USA and Russia with a vengeance. So the world will now be sold on the idea that it was simply Saudi Arabia 9/11 collaborators right? And the Saudi's are also JEW -- pretending to be Muslim. How can Sorcha Faal put out a report like this and miss so much? Well said Anonymous #1