Friday, March 2, 2018

FALSE FLAGS in TEXAS: March 4th and 18th

Galactics update with Kent Dunn 
Mar 1, 2018

Alert: Next False Flag: 3-4-2018 (?), Craigslist: Crisis Actors Needed in Houston Texas Area

Need 16 actors for a mass casualty event to take place, exact address will be given on 3/2/18 and event will be held on 3/4/18. Email yor resume including previous crisis photos of your stage makeup. Perhaps the event will be called off if this gets enough exposure.


  1. Know what is really STUPID about this?
    At nearly every one of these false flag events, someone ends up dead. And there are people actually signing up to participate in them?
    Their names have to be Mr. Pid. . . First name Stu!

  2. just some dude with dslMarch 3, 2018 at 1:11 AM

    Calling out,,,, future freedom warriors to infiltrate and recon these groups. Nothings fair in love or war. They don't have love so war is what they seem to crave? You can't reason with an evil bully, you have to crush that f word down to the ground and show no mercy, to win. Sucks that we have lower our vibrations to deal with this crap. None the less I look forward to crushing evil with whatever it takes. Sounds corny to most I'm sure. But evil just noticed me... HEY BITCH?

  3. I got 'evil's' BITCH right heah-And I'll make it hurt permanently-