Monday, March 5, 2018

Liberal Page Posts Poll on Gun Control, Backfires Horribly

One thing is for sure: the social media managers over at The Young Turks were definitely not expecting this when they asked their readership to chime on on whether or not there should be a federal ban on “assault” weapons in the United States.
We put “assault” in quotes here because we’re still not exactly sure what progressives mean when they use that word to refer to firearms. Are they talking about automatic weapons, which are already banned? Or, are they talking about semi-automatic weapons, which are just about every other firearm on Earth? The jury’s still out on this one.
Let’s just assume they were referring to “scary” weapons like the AR-15, which has been used by senseless killers during mass shootings several times before — and also by the police officers and private citizens who confronted and ultimately stopped them. Obviously, the ultra-left TYT probably expected their followers to be fully behind a ban on weapons like this — but it appears they seriously misread the situation.
To be fair, there was likely a ton of outside participation from followers of other pages, including conservative ones. Regardless, this is an objectively funny outcome. Spread this image around before The Young Turks has time to take the poll down.
~ Facts Not Memes



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  2. Read the 'Dick Act' of 1902- That will tell you all you need to know-Guns and the rights to own them cannot, and will not be repealed, AND, the second amendment to remain with NO INFRINGMENTS-No registrations, no background checks, no waiting periods, no restrictions, and no permits to be able to carry any of them- It's ALL about GOV and liberal controls for the people, and anyone that can't, won't see or understand that is a complete idiot- You didn't need a permit or license, background check, or have to register a gun back in the 'Boot Hill' days,'Tombstone' or even before that, did you? I rest my case-Stupid people shouldn't vote for gun laws, or the right to own guns, period, plain and simple-Lobbyists, special interest groups, demonrats, and people with lots of money get these illegal laws passed, along with liberals and 'daisy' pickers- Wake up, for crissake-

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