Sunday, March 4, 2018

Massive sensoring on the internet and your rights / responsibilities and theirs - All lawsuits will fail.

 After putting some of this information into a comment I decided to create a post.

The public has a privilege to post opinions on privately owned websites when the owners permit it. Does not make a difference if done by video or text. As with Google's platforms and all social networks and everyone that uses them is doing so with the consent of the owner/creator of that platform. When you register you agree to their terms before use. This included their right to alter and/or delete anything at their discretion. They advertise on these platforms for profit and for information mining. These websites and servers are not owned and operated by the people. Why would you want to be a tool for them to profit on in the first place is beyond me.

Anyone who creates a blog on blogger does so under an agreement to the parent company Google. I cannot claim rights violations against private owned services that I get for free. I cannot throw a fit if nesaranews is deleted or altered without my consent because I chose to use Google's servers and platforms host my data free of charge. If I want my own control and free speech as I see fit, I create my own free speech platform on my own server at my own cost. John created nesaranews on Google's owned blogger platform and I inherited it. I would never had it on Google in the first place if it was up to me. for example. I own it and I make my own policies on it. If I choose to delete someone's comment on it, does that make me liable to be sued for violating first Amendment rights? No it does not! If I choose to put up a gun supporting sign in my front yard, can I be sued for it? No I cannot! 

Many people need to grow their comprehension on how free speech rights work. You cannot use a right to violate other's rights. That is why I have been voluntarily using my server to host certain videos that Youtube is removing. That is free speech.What I choose to post on my own platform is my choice and is not debatable! As a suggestion to all the good people on the net that are having their data deleted from cabal controlled websites and platforms, I suggest you create your own as I did or partner with someone you can trust to host your data. 

Another way to demonstrate this:
How many successful lawsuits have there been against your local grocery stores for removing material from their pin boards that are usually found near the entrance doors? None! Why?

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  1. Hello Freewill:

    This article has a different twist to your seemingly legal thinking:

    Excerpt: "YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter: Publicly-Funded “Private” Corporations
    At first glance, it may seem fair that social media giants like YouTube get to censor people, because they are private companies not public/government companies, right? It’s their platform, right? Not exactly. These social media companies are more like private-public partnerships. They would never have gotten off the ground were it not for the government’s seed money, especially through MIC agencies like DARPA and the CIA. Additionally, these companies are given massive tax breaks every year. Alphabet-Google in particular has a very close relationship with the US Government...."

    Hope the article will expand our understandings.