Friday, March 2, 2018

Pence in Detroit: "Michigan is leading the American comeback"

Vice President Mike Pence told a Detroit audience Friday that the country is basking in the benefits of President Trump’s policy decisions, and that school safety is the administration’s new “top priority.”

Pence was in Detroit for an event sponsored by the group America First Policies touting Trump’s recent tax cuts. He was introduced by Michigan Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Bill Schuette.

Vice President Mike Pence
After the recent string of school shootings, including Friday's double shooting at Central Michigan University, Pence promised the Trump administration “will not rest” until the problem is resolved.

“I promise you from my heart. This president, this administration, will not rest until we make our schools safe again,” Pence said.

Pence did not give many details about how to accomplish that. But he says the White House favors stronger background checks on gun buyers, and will work to help the families of those “struggling with dangerous mental illness.”

Beyond that, Pence says that Trump’s short tenure in the White House has put the country in a stronger position, both at home and abroad. “We’re only one year into this administration and already the results are, frankly, nothing short of remarkable,” he said.

Pence then added, to considerable applause: “Michigan is leading the American comeback.”

 Damn right Michigan is leading the American comeback! But few will know what that statement is really referring to. ~Freewill


  1. “struggling with dangerous mental illness.” = deep state NWO.

  2. He doesn't mean what you think he means, He is referring to cities such as Dearborn, where the government's immigration policies are showing the strongest, and you know what that means. Also Michigan is about to be the first state with a muslim governor. Soon Michigan will be one huge no-go zone.