Saturday, March 3, 2018

Right to travel affirmed by Dept of Justice

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  1. LOL. LOL. LOL. Department of Travel.
    As you may or may not know, there are people in your state
    whose status is ostensibly different
    than the average US Citizen

    LOL. LOL. LOL.

    A right is protected, it has nothing to do with people of different status.
    The people are 'presumed' to be persons.
    No one reads definitions....any state code will define the person and it is not the people. The only time people are mentioned is in the constitution, whether it's the state constitution or the United States Constitution.
    Other than that, people go to court, filing all kinds of documents, and they will quickly tell the court, this court has jurisdiction and venue under blah, blah blah, but they never tell the court their standing...

    In some cases your standing gets you into court, as Plaintiff with injury and gets you out of court if the court has jurisdiction of persons and not people.

    But that letter posted like that is really ------ I won't say --------- but why fake the office and seal.
    The Foreign National Division? LOL.
    Has anyone ever got a ticket and it complains (yes it's a written complaint) that you were speeding, or that you were without some document, insurance, driver's license, whatever.
    Have you ever wrote your counterclaim on the face of it? Nope. You are waiting on someone else to get'er done!
    Heard of the word deface de-face almost looks like de-fact but deface it with actual writing, hand writing. A legal document with things written on it, the hand written things can supercede what is written on a document.
    Case and point, a woman buys a car, the salesman negotiates with her, she accepts a price and he draws up a contract, and she reads it, but it's missing the sun roof she asked for. She signs it and says she wants the sunroof. He writes on it...wants sun roof and walks out of the room. He tells his finance manager, she said she wanted the sunroof after signing the document. Finance manager refuses to add sunroof at the negotiated price where sunroof was not calculated in the price when she signed.
    Salesman walks back into the room and strikes out his writing of wants sunroof stating it was not approved. Woman is stuck with contract she signed.
    Now do you think that woman would have had her power had she written valid with agreed upon sunroof and initialed and dated her writing, and signed and dated that contract.

    People, independent people, the thinkers, the inventors, the creators of the world we don't need no process, we don't need no procedure. We have a brain that is capable of infinite possibilities.
    You sit and wait. My written process for riding a bicycle can't teach you how to balance, and how to lean into a turn in certain situations, dealing with hazards and flat tires in the middle of a ride..
    The same with court, you are tested in there, the more you face them the more you see their mask, that their positions aren't real, that because he has on these clothes, and this one sits behind this desk, and that one carries a brief case, you believed in your mind in their power because you learned it on t.v., and you are watching everyone else do what they learned on t.v.
    You will always be like the sheep you talk about, because only the black sheep was different enough to be noticed. The rest all doing the same thing, all waiting in their own way, a few of them noisier than others with their baaa baaaa and a few of them moving around more than the others but still in the same group.
    I don't teach...but most don't have the capacity to learn.
    How many of you thought it was official enough that you searched for Department of Travel to see what would show up?

    1. Here is the first link on that doc. It is a 404 and seal is false.

      This was emailed to me by a reader so I thought I would put it up here for comment. As for my own experiences The rules only apply to the slaves and the slave masters ignore rules as they see fit. Document and filings are an illusion and truthfully a waste of time. I personally had judges throw away everything I had for defense including jurisdiction challenges. Nonsensical and filed in a vexatious manner I have heard often for an excuse.

      There is one real option and that is the jural assemblies of the people self governing to nullify the corrupt criminal cartel corporation.

    2. It may have been sent by a reader, but who created the title? Shame on whoever it was.

  2. can't read it, too blurry, even enlarged. thanks anyway. the links aren't helpful in locating the document & am not sure which items on the link you'd like to share. thanks again

  3. Why do you publish such an obviously fake letter.

    Are you happy to support a bunch of black or Muslim men who regularly travel through your neighborhood in the middle of the night, legally carrying firearms?

    That would be exercising the right to travel.

    1. Define firearm?
      That would not be a problem with a well armed neighborhood. Problem would be corrected fast. Reference Switzerland.