Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Russia Rescues Millions Of American Democrats

Russia Rescues Millions Of American Democrats Unable To Save Themselves As New England Region Warned Faces Coming Blackouts Due To Stupidity  

A stupefying new Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that for the second time this year, emergency supplies of Russian natural gas had to be shipped to the  American region of New England whose nearly 15 million over whelmingly Democratic Party citizens were facing an imminent shutdown of their entire electrical grid due to what can only be described as stupid  and whose future remains bleak as rolling blackouts are predicted to hit them all by 2024. (Perhaps part of their plan to destroy this nation and its people?)

According to this report, with the hate campaign aimed at Russia by the Democratic Party ('leaders') due to the election of President Donald Trump having caused a firestorm of anti-Russian war mongering leading to the official establishment of a new Cold War, the Ministry of Industry and Trade was gobsmacked a number of weeks ago when it was approached by The Franco-Russian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry who had prepared a scheme to rescue millions of American citizens nearing cut-off of their heating and electrical supplies in New England. (The cutoff should NEVER be happening, not with all the natural resources available throughout this nation AND WITH THE ABILITY FOR EVERY AMERICAN TO ENJOY INDIVIDUAL FREE ENERGY FOR THEIR HOMES AND BUSINESSES, WHICH HAS OF COURSE BEEN WITHHELD FROM THEM SO THE ENERGY COMPANIES CAN CONTINUE TO EXTORT VAST SUMS OF MONEY FROM THE AMERICANS.)

The French scheme to rescue the peoples of New England involved shipping to Boston, Massachusetts, massive tankers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Russian owned Yamal LNG plant in Dunkirk, France whose natural gas supplies come from the Yamalo-Nenets District in the Russian Arctic that is currently under illegal US sanctions but with French energy giant total owning 20% of this project engaging the LNG tankers Provalys and Gaselys (both owned by French energy company Engie) to make this supposedly illegal transfer so the US could not stop it.  (NOW WHY WOULD THE US WANT TO STOP THIS?! WHAT WOULD BE THE MOTIVE BEHIND DOING THAT?)

With the United States being awash in natural gas to such an extent that it became for the first time in history last year an exporter of this vital energy resource, and whose projections show its soon becoming one of the largest producers of natural gas in the world, MIT analysts were left perplexed as to why New England even needed these emergency supplies of Russian liquefied natural gas (NO KIDDING!) before its cities went dark and its peoples began to freeze. (GREAT question. One has to wonder WHY the Democrats and the Russians continue to surface as being connected! NOT the Republicans but the DEMOCRATS! In this situation it appears that the Russians are trying to HELP US!)

Upon an in-depth examination of this crisis, its origins were discovered to have been started in late 2012 when the Democratic Party Governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, announced a plan to meet more of his State’s heating and energy needs with natural gas and whose “new” energy strategy was quickly forced upon the peoples of the other New England States of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island by their mainly Democratic Party controlled lawmakers who called for a vast expansion of natural gas power and whose success has been noted by ISO New England (the group responsible for managing electric power distribution across the New England region) who now report that natural gas generators, in 2017, provided more than 40% of this six-State region’s electricity needs.

Modeled after the infamous 5-Year-Plans devised by the Communists whose effects led to the economic implosion and collapse of the Soviet Union the Democratic Party 'leaders' ruling New England forced upon their millions of citizens a utopian dream of eliminating their long effective oil and coal plant electrical plant distribution system in favor of those powered by the much more environmentally friendly natural gas but with their forgetting the most basic fact that this region had absolutely no access it.

In the past New England could count on natural gas pipelines from Nova Scotia to supply much of its gas, but those Canadian sources are beginning to run dry and are now unable to provide a long, or even medium-term solution for them and who are also unable to use the massive amounts of natural gas being produced in their own country because no liquefied natural gas cargoes can be sent from the Gulf of Mexico to New England due to a century-old US law called The Jones Act that stipulates that goods shipped between US ports must be transported on ships that are built, owned, operated and flagged by the United States with not a single tanker out of the world’s nearly 500-strong fleet currently meeting this requirement.

(There are some VERY REAL PROBLEMS in this nation, among them being the obvious refusal of the rogue communist 'government' to provide any natural resources for our energy needs and to get the nation off the vulnerable power grids.  The power companies have FULL CONTROL and are REAPING FULL FINANCIAL PROFITS at the expense of the American population. VERY POOR PLANNING. HOW MUCH payola is being paid to the ones responsible for this poor decision continuing with no natural resources power allowed and especially NO FREE POWER?)

Realizing much too late that their Communist-inspired 5-Year-Plan to impose natural gas solutions upon their millions of citizens had met with abject failure,  the Democratic Party leaders of New England then began a Communist inspired witch hunt to find scapegoats for their self-created crisis that has seen their regions natural gas prices become the most expensive in the world with one of their first targets being a private pipeline company named Eversource (New England's largest energy supplier) whom they blamed for improperly withheld natural gas pipeline capacity but that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission quickly rejected the merits of for its being the (Democrats) totally made up claim it actually was.

With ISO New England having just issued a grave warning that without new natural gas pipelines this entire region will begin to experience rolling blackouts as soon as 2024, New England’s Democratic party leaders have gone from just being stupid to being outright insane and, as evidenced by wind power proposals now surpassing those of natural gas to solve this regions crisis and all of whom, most certainly, should heed the words of warning issued by President Putin to anyone seeking to follow Communist examples, and who said: “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart.  Whoever wants it back has no brain.”

Sorcha Faal

What is it about the 'leaders' - especially 'DemocRAT' - both congressional and militarily - of this nation that has them all so attracted to the FAILED COMMUNIST mentality, so much so that they have run this nation deep in to the ground putting business, industry, the military and quality of life for the American population years behind.  Even with the efforts by the Trump administration, the white hats and the 'good military' efforts to undo all the damage done, the continued deep state Nazi efforts to steal, kill and destroy this nation and to move forward will take years to achieve.

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    The Russians could wipe the US off the map in under 30 minutes. Just fyi,,, Im glad they are Christians.