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Military tribunals are especially required to prosecute the Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps who are conducting a soft coup against the POTUS.  

But why?

Because those traitors practically own and operate the U.S. Criminal Justice System, that’s why!

The political reality throughout the USA is that the legal profession is overwhelmingly populated by card-carrying Democrats, liberal lawyers, progressive corporate attorneys, activist judges and left-wing DAs.
All those fancy law degrees from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Georgetown, Cornell, etc. are conferred upon mostly left-leaning JDs.  They are a vastly self-serving lot who are staunch Democrats their entire life.  Many will never leave their major metro area even a single time…except to fly to another metropolitan airport (e.g. NYC to LAX).
Many of these self-proclaimed advocates get into the biz as a way of pushing their personal agendas, as they also promote an overarching and socially destructive liberal platform.  The notorious New York City attorneys and Philadelphia lawyers are, in actuality, the muscle employed by the NWO globalists and leaders of cultural marxism.

Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America

By relentlessly undermining the nation’s system of law, the legal class (and particularly the  political class) has reduced the Republic to a mere shadow of its former glory.  The ultra-liberal lawyers and their subversive associations have literally laid waste to civil society.  Their political power is now so entrenched, and the implementation of their agenda so advanced, that only radical surgery can remove such a cancer from the body politic. How Lawyers Wrecked America and Ruined the World  
The Courts
The U.S. Criminal Justice System is dominated by Democratic operatives at every level within most of the major urban jurisdictions.  These best and worst legal counselors among them know exactly how to manipulate the judicial machinery to advance the liberal agenda.  And they do so with a vengeance.
Ever since Trump has been POTUS, the nation has witnessed the many ways that the Courts have been used to shut down his various initiatives.  The Democrat-aligned attorneys routinely collude with the activist judiciary to terminate any presidential order or directive that can be overturned.
Because of this ever-worsening predicament, Trump has had his hands tied to a great degree. The resulting governmental paralysis has left the president with no choice but to apprehend the coup plotters who are guilty of outright sedition.  Most of these agents of Deep State are committing acts of treason simply because of their political ideology.  Other are coerced via bribery and blackmail by their Shadow Government masters (e.g. extortion via Pedogate crimes).

Military Tribunals 

In view of President Trump’s plight, he has no choice but to prosecute the perpetraitorsunder the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).  Only in this way can the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces be assured that justice will be administered, free from judicial sabotage, legal legerdemain and political interference.

Once the UCMJ legal framework has been adopted, military tribunals can be established to prosecute the numerous traitors throughout Deep State.  That they all be apprehended expeditiously and simultaneously is critical to the success of this strategy.  The longer they are free to make mischief, the more dangerous it becomes for the POTUS, his political allies and the leaders of patriot movement.


In light of the critical stage of this ongoing coup d’état, it’s especially imperative that the insurrectionists be incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center—post haste!  In this way, they can be securely imprisoned at great distance from those who would aid their escape.  Most importantly, the insurgents can be efficiently moved through the military tribunal process so that justice can be served fairly and swiftly.
KEY POINT: The civilian criminal justice system would see these cases intentionally tied up in the courts for years on end.  In this manner, justice
would be continually deferred or subverted altogether through liberal legal gymnastics.
The response to an attempted overthrow of a sitting president falls squarely within the domain of the U.S. Armed Forces.  For this and other significant reasons, military tribunals must be constituted with all deliberate speed.  The more quickly the criminal prosecutions can be conducted, the sooner the prodigious body of hard evidence proving guilt of treason and sedition can be made available to the concerned public.
 Crimes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
The American people deserve nothing less than a complete airing of the many serious crimes which have been committed by countless political leaders and government officials. In point of fact, the ongoing crime spree carried out to advance the soft coup against the POTUS represents only a fraction of the transgressions by “Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps”.

The Rogue CIA, Deep State and Shadow Government: Who are they?

It’s important to note that this same cabal of career criminal politicians and government officials has a multi-decade rap sheet that will truly shock the country.  It includes an endless list of state-sponsored terrorism using false flag attacks, first degree felonies (especially VIP assassinations and other premeditated murders), outright genocide, war crimes against several nations, grand theft on a massive scale, crimes against humanity, child exploitation crime syndicates, etc.
What follows is an example of just one of the Illuminati’s most horrific criminal enterprises, which was then used to justify an unrelenting series of war crimes and genocidal campaigns known as the utterly fake War on TerrorThe Neocon Zionists Must Be Arrested And Put On Trial For False Flag 9/11 Terrorism
Because the U.S. Criminal Justice System is incapable of rendering a just and fair outcome to these direly needed court proceedings, the POTUS has no choice but to assign this task to U.S. Military Courts.  The stark reality is that the aforementioned crime wave is so immense that the criminal courts would be overwhelmed, much more than they already are.  The ensuing tsunami of criminal cases and civil lawsuits would effectively incapacitate the entire justice system.
Furthermore, applications for reversal can be heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.  The Judge Advocate General’s Corps can be expanded accordingly to accommodate the expected appeals, as well as to handle the prosecutions and requests for defense.  JAG officers can also be assigned to those Deep State defendants who have been stripped of their ill-gotten gains.
In this fashion, the U.S. citizenry can be assured that many of the co-conspirators will be taken off the streets (e.g. K Street, Wall Street & Fleet Street), once and for all.  Furthermore, by serving out their life sentences at Gitmo, the most dangerous offenders will not be able exert their pernicious influences within the United States of America.  The most serious offenders, of course, will be subject to capital punishment as they should be.


A vast litany of crimes has been committed by Deep State against the American people spanning many decades.  Egregious crimes have also been perpetrated against foreign nations in the name of the American people and with our tax dollars.  Were all the heinous wrongdoings to be made public, the body politic would go into the state of collective and incapacitating shock.
The United States of American has been ruled by a criminal cabal of incorrigible and clinically insane psychopaths (read: “Psychopathocracy”) over the course of several administrations.[1]  The nation can no longer tolerate the profound damage and extensive destruction inflicted on every sphere of life.  Because the USA has hit the proverbial wall, radical measures are now required.

PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

Whereas the fabric of society has been irreparably torn, a new national tapestry can be woven after a “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” is established.  This urgent process of reformation, however, begins with MILITARY TRIBUNALS And, they ought to begin their proceedings sooner than later … while the circumstances still exist to form them.


Action Plan

Everyone can participate in this civic initiative by circulating the following flier.  The  content of this highly authoritative document is such that it effectively functions as a citizen’s indictment.  When a critical mass of We the People are correctly informed about these weighty criminal matters, the wheels of justice will begin to turn.
Additionally, there is now a massive body of hard evidence available on the Internet that proves pervasive criminal conduct at the highest echelons of the U.S. Federal Government. Likewise, the volume of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence in the public domain is so compelling that it demands an immediate response.

It’s high time to constitute the military tribunals.

State of the Nation
March 3, 2018


  1. That is a lot of words to try to convince people military tribunals are necessary instead of the civilian courts. The only problem not addressed is that military tribunals only have jurisdiction over The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ, 64 Stat. 109, 10 U.S.C. §§ 801–946). If these people did not violate military law, then they cannot be tried by military tribunals. If they are tried in military tribunals for civilian crimes, that will create a constitutional crisis and cause the ruin of the very republic you wish to re-establish.

  2. Include all of CPS (Child Protection Services) assistant/deputy attorney general's and the 'social worker's' who 'hunt' for them.

    From Eastern Washington Beware of Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tobi (Tobias) Carlson he a democratic child stealing thief using clear evidence of receipt, pure 100% made up lies and cohersion.

    The Question... For you and "Q" ... And all of U.S.

    Q: Where is the list and the way to report known corrupt government officials?

    Add to that list;
    Tobi Carlson of Spokane Wa. Deputy Attorney General

    Judy Warren of Idaho working out of Newport Wa. CPS

    Kathy Bennett, Newport Wa. CPS also of Lincoln County Wa.

    There is a list of known corrupt state CPS actors being blogged here:

    The deep state list from CPS alone is unspoken of because parents ate embarrassed and society in general assume CPS is acting in the child's best interest.


    In memory of Heidi Ann Gandy a 36 year old Epilepsy Patient and mother of 5 children abducted by Corrupt CPS and she passed 4 1/2 months after giving birth to child number 5, 2 weeks after CPS stole that child too... I certify that this is the testimony of James E. Gandy

    Look Here "Q" and President Trump.

    We want our kids back NOW!!!




    Signed anonymously by a delusional, anti-social possibly schizophrenic CPS PSYCHIATRY PROVEN GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORand on behalf of the Gandy CHILDREN IN FOSTER VARE...


    We The People Demand Action Now!

    Go Get Em' Boys! Go Get Em'

  3. Henry Kissinger's Legacy of War Crimes Exposed by Secret Yale Visit Brainwash Update Will USG or Republican military tribunals be found in power and authority to judge former USG Security Advisor? Also Is Henry Kissinger A War Criminal? and by association Hillary Clinton and the establishment putting them up to global corruption and suffering dating from colonial times.

    Be careful, Gorka and Kissinger has a lot in common.

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    1. Maybe for the same reason Obama is still walking around free despite Sheriff Arpaio and his team
      finding Obama's birth certificate FORGED, his social security number stolen and other anomalies
      never even making the "news". What a sick joke our society, news media and politics has become.

  5. The sooner the assemblies are resettled the sooner we can fire the hired corporation.

  6. just some dude with dslMarch 5, 2018 at 12:01 AM

    Military tribunals wont be broadcast tv,,,

  7. We must say if the rulers want war, let them fight it themselves!