Sunday, March 4, 2018

YouTube's censorship rampage is now spinning out of control.
YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger channel in latest censorship outrage
Mike AdamsYouTube's censorship rampage is now spinning out of control.
On Saturday, they terminated my entire video channel, wiping out 1700+ videos and 350,000+ followers.

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While YouTube gladly hosts murder videos, animal cruelty videos and videos that demand the killing of police, they've wiped out all my videos on farm donkeys, chickens and home gardening.
Wow. Censorship is now totally out of control.

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This all happened immediately after I posted an article exposing YouTube's assault on your ability to think for yourself. Are we living under Communist China or something? Help us fight back against tyranny and censorship.

Full details in this article.


  1. YEAH THEY DID. Because it was FAKE NEWS!

  2. When are you people going to realize that youtube is privately owned and they can censor anything they want. You do have a first amendment right to free speech, but youdo not have a right to force a private company to express your views for you. If you don't like what youtube is doing, start your own internet video service. Or try another one such as and others that have been listed. Stop whining about youtube censorship being wrong, because it is perfectly moral and legal

    1. You are absolutely right and I am glad to see someone else understands this.
      The public has a privilege to post opinions on privately owned websites when the owners permit it. Does not make a difference if done by video or text. As with Google's platforms and all social networks everyone that uses them is doing so with the consent of the owner/creator of that platform. As the same with nesaranews. Anyone who creates a blog on blogger does so under an agreement to the parent company Google. I cannot complain and throw a fit if nesaranews is deleted or altered without my consent because I chose to use Google's servers and platforms host my data. If I want my own control, I create my own on my own server at my own cost. for example. I own it and I make my own policies on it. If I choose to delete someone's comment on it, does that make me liable to be sued for violating first Amendment rights? No it does not! Many people need to grow their comprehension on how free speech works. You cannot use a right to violate other's rights. That is why I have been voluntarily using my server to host certain videos that Youtube is removing. That is free speech.

  3. just some dude with dslMarch 4, 2018 at 10:48 PM

    Their censorship maybe legal but not moral.