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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

REPUBLIC - Constitutional Common Law - Grand Juries

in the states that bring the government criminals to justice in the months and years to come.
It is COMMON LAW we will return to, and you may be sitting on one of these juries to bring justice to your
local County and/or State. 

4 Short VIDEOS  and New BOOK on the 4th Branch of GOVERNMENT ---GRAND JURIES

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The Hidden 4th Branch
01-06-2012  • 
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Republic - More Expose on Tim Turner


Remember I told you I had a recording Turner did not know I had but wasn't yet free to publish it. This was a recorded call of their so called Immigration Committee (hint we are the illegals). On the recording those involved identify themselves and proceed to lay out how they will refuse all Americans the right to be Americans unless if they are not a part of this groups particular Christian ideology, they renounce their faith and get sworn testimony that they have converted. They identify lists of people and religions who are "repugnant" to the Republic and so on.... explosive to say the least. 

Here is the radio show recording...

I am writing an article on another thing which just happened. The investigator Turner assigned to investigate the missing ID machine and money thinking he could control the guy turned out to be a truly honest man. When he discovered much more than the fact that the whole story about the theft was a lie and where the money went Turner demanded he turn over the evidence to him so he could decide what would be in the findings. The investigator gave him a flat no so Turner started threatening him. Didn't work. So a couple nights ago Turner got the rest of the committee to discredit and kick out the chief investigator officially..... that is going to blow sky high very soon.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Republic - 100 Important Documents Ref.

Submitted by Terry - Thanks

100 Documents Of The Republic. Have fun.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Republic - More DETAILED INFO on Tim Turner

Submitted by a Real Patriot:

February 25, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Those ID’s are as bogus as TT himself and the FBI is onto the fraud being committed by selling them. PayPal blocks ALL FRAUDULENT MERCHANTS especially when there are U.S. ABC agencies involved. Don’t be another victim.


February 25, 2011 at 11:38 am
It was not even a theocracy, that was just smoke and mirrors to cover the real agenda. The real story started when TT forcefully took over RAP, then sent his “secretary of state” and another individual in Hawaii to “airlift” first by helicopter and then by private jet, two fugitives from the FBI’s most wanted list out from under the noses of the Federal Court in Honolulu. They were both due to be sentenced for “MAJOR MORTGAGE BANKING FRAUD” (and that was a plea bargain the guy is known as the Bernie Madoff of Hawaii), that week (1st week of July). Some of you may even have met them. Ever since July TT has been hiding them out in different locations in Alabama with the help of some of his closest cronies. Why? you might ask, well the male fugitive is an expert at banking fraud and document forgery and he is the other half of the Tama Puna fraud team. Together they attempted to high jack funds from a trust in a bank in Norway. (trust me on this one that trust contains money held by individuals you would not want to mess with and I cannot believe he is even still vertical). TT’s little wannabe cop janitor has been jockeying Puna around chauffeur style while they come up with a way to try it again through a bank here in the states. (my sources tell me Puna is traveling on a bogus Indian nation ID given him by TT). To add to TT’s audacity, he actually claimed on a national call that HIS money was high jacked by Bush 41 again after he tried to steal from that trust again. Unbelievable and people just keep sucking it up. But it appears as long as he hides behind the bible (the man hasn’t warmed a church pew in at least four years) the sheep will continue to follow.

The list of felonies the Feds have now will undoubtedly put TT away for a long time and many of those around him as well. It’s far past time for that and I truly feel deeply sorry for all those who have allowed him to scam them into forking over their life savings, cashing in retirements etc., and they will never see a dime of it back.

Homeland Security HAS INDEED labeled all involved in TT’s republic AND THOSE STILL WITH RAP as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS not potential terrorists. As far as the authorities are concerned RAP never split and it’s all one and the same. I will be writing a piece on the truth of everything that has transpired soon but I don’t want to hamper the efforts of the FBI by doing it now. I do feel however that if I can help prevent another person from handing a single dime of their hard earned money over to this amateur snake oil salesman by posting here it’s worth it.

There is an answer to all of this, YOU ARE THE ANSWER!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republic - Awareness perTim Turner

Submitted by a Utah Convention Attendee

Utah Declaration 


The purpose of this document is to raise awareness regarding a devious and dangerous plot to subvert the Government of the United States.  A man named James Timothy (Tim) Turner, of Skipperville, Alabama, is the supposed President of a cult-like movement known as “The Republic for the united States of America”. Refer to the attached “Overview” document for a brief history of this movement.
Mr. Turner is a self-proclaimed oracle of God, and presents himself as a strong Evangelical Christian who has been appointed by God to free the nation from its bondage to the Government. Membership in the movement numbers only a few hundred confused souls who truly believe Mr. Turner’s claims, but the potential damage goes far beyond the small group of adherents. Mr. Turner intends to hand-deliver a Declaration of Sovereign Intent to the World Court in The Hague, The Netherlands, on or around the 20th of this month (December, 2010). Attached is the foundational document from which the present Declaration was developed.
The Declaration is a secret document and has not been read or viewed by anyone who has not signed it. It was finalized during a recent meeting of the movement’s delegates in Utah (see “Overview”), but one of the delegates took notes that had to be smuggled out of the facility. The note’s author states: “Please remember that this is an abbreviated version of the document that was signed in Utah. The notes were made just so the items could be remembered later. We were under strict rule to NOT take any form of this document out of the building we were being held in.”
The stated intent of the Declaration is: . . . for the abolishment of and to bar The United States Corporation and all sub corporations and agencies from any actions against members of the Republic within our borders and to give the non members a place they can go outside of our borders. The key points of the final Declaration are as follows:

1.    Adopt the King James Version of the Holy Bible as the divine law.
2.    We claim, accept, and adapt jurisdiction over all things in our jurisdiction.
3.    Adopt the Legislative, Executive, and judicial branches as lawful government structure.
4.    Accept and adopt Article 3, utilizing courts and supreme courts as the only lawful national courts.
5.    Accept the America Rangers as duly authorized law enforcement with the powers to arrest by Article 4.
6.    Accept the current Military as our Military.  
7.    Adopt the Name "The Republic For The united States Of America."
8.    Adopt the Post office as means to distribute mail.
9.    Accept and establish a National Treasury and National Banking System.
10.  Make it unlawful for any agency to collect Taxes without the permission of a 2/3 vote of congress.
11.  Unlawful for any agency or elected representative to collect an unlawful debt.
12.  Abolish the authority of The United States.

Any such document submitted to the World Court has the potential for serious repercussions.  Specific concerns are:
·         Item number 12 constitutes an open aggression against the United States Government and could be viewed as an act of corporate treason leading to the declaration of martial law.
·         They have twisted and adapted the Constitution for the United States of America to suit a hidden dictatorship.
·         The people conned into believing this man and signing this document have placed themselves at serious risk of reprisal unaware of what they have done.
·         Mr. Turner’s organization has put up a web site, created fraudulent sovereign ID’s and are selling them for $125.00 each, claiming each person needs all three ID’s being made available.  We are appalled at this scam and even more concerned for those people who in their desperation, try to use them.
·         Every person who has spoken up and questioned Mr. Turner has been publicly attacked, vilified, and in some cases threatened.
·         Mr. Turner has convinced the people that he is backed by 80 other countries and our own military joint chiefs of staff. He also claims to be using the CIA.
·         Mr. Turner has frightened the people into compliance by claiming that if they do not do as he says the Chinese will invade America and their children will die.  This is all verifiable on recordings of national conference calls.
Many who were originally involved with Mr. Turner have separated from him by filing duly witnessed and/or notarized documents rescinding their prior involvement. We believe it is imperative that the American public be made aware of Tim Tuner’s dangerous sham and that the filing of the Declaration is halted.

Attachments to this letter include:
            - Foundational Declaration of Intent
            - Photograph of the actual signature page and title of the document taken in Utah, held            in the hands of Mr. Turner.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Republic - PAC . E Letter ~ Tim Turner Exposed \ FEEDBACK

Submitted by TH - Thanks
Both sides are being presented on this blog in this land of Free Speech.
I am for a Righteous Republic Under GOD!

There is nothing De jure about Tim Turner you are either DECEIVED or are a deceiver.  God does not use freemasonry to accomplish his yourself a favor GOOGLE FREEMASONRY watch the results. 
It only took one man in the bible to bring a curse on all of Israel so that aprox 20,000 men died.  and you have far more than one in key positions.   

Tim Turner had John REMOVED FROM THE ASSEMBLY in south florida under Exum"s ranting to vote a member of florida's republic out of free speech, his right to assemble', and his right to state his grievances to those, like Exum, for acting as hitlers. 

John made the mistake of speaking the truth about masons being in leadership positions and Exum was offended and had the jury pool vote John out of the republic!  I know, I protested the vote on the conference call as a violation of his 1st amend rts.  the next day Exum  and Warren Palmer had me removed for not voting with him and Tim (Exum," I told you NOT to vote if you couldn't vote John out") ask Steve White he was present and witnessed the dictators work!  


SO SHUT YOUR LYIN FACE, VITAL  I CAN PROVE THE TRUTH,,   Vital,  and you ain't speakin it.  YOU WILL NEVER SHUT ME UP  I intend to "shout it from the house tops!"   

Further.Exum was residing in Alabama when FUHRER TURNER MADE HIM COORDINATOR OF FLORIDA.   Now the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION OF FLORIDA states that NO ONE who has not resided in Florida for 2 yrs prior can hold office, vote, or be on a jury UNTIL they have made florida their residence 2 yrs    WHEN Exum left FLORIDA HE OBTAINED AN ALABAMA DR. LIC. AND WHEN HE SIGNED ME UP IN MAR or April 2010 he STILL was holding an Al Dr Lic and resided in Al. when
I told him the law and that He was a lawbreaker, his response was Exum said "I don't care about the law!'  

STEVE WHITE WAS THERE AT HARDY'S along with Warren Palmer and my wife.   THAT FOLKS IS YOUR "De jure" leaders at work!!    to top that, John learned that masons were demonic from TIM TURNER at his seminar!! AND a lady on the CONF CALL rebuked Tim saying "I was there and you Tim said that masons could not hold office in the restored republic!"   Tim said "I don't remember
saying that"  but it's all on record folks, someone I'm sure has tapes.  

Most of his original group in AL DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM. SOME TO HIS FACE AN MANY TO HIS BACK.  it's you, Vital whose involved in lies!  "Come out from amongst them and be ye separate and repent!", says the Lord    had enough vital? I got lots more and lots of WITNESSES to expose a lot more I'm just warming up!   

An American Freeman, Howard     PS:    Led by God??? whose god ?  the Mason,s god?  He wouldn't recognize Jehovah if he rode into to Skipperville, Alabama on a white war horse in a white uniform!
(which he will one day! maybe sooner than later!)  



John's Opinion - What are we doing with a 'self appointed' president and 'TT appointed' Vice President both from Fema  serving during bush cabal administration. Remember New Orleans!
Wake Up Folks! You are all being railroaded and you don't care to ask the probing questions about this. Use your brains! 

I am for the republic with righteous men at the top! 
TT has NO military support and NO financial support - check it out?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Submitted by PC - thanks

I was Called by John from Pam Bondi’s office today.

 He stated that the AG’s office did not prosecute government agencies or
employees and that in the cases such as the Fernandes, McAllister, Buckles,
Chen, Echols, Hodgecis, Hasty , Thomas, Ramsey, etc. and literally dozens
and dozens of other cases related to the evil actions of government staffers
selling their nation out to implement the UNs agenda 21 and the other larger
more sinister programs that most seem to ignore. PAM BONDI’S OFFICE WOULD BE

 To go after agenda 21 and not the creators of it is to set out bowls for
the rain rather than fix the roof. To not see that it is such an
insignificant part of a much larger plan is to only put out one bowl for 100
leaks. These people use the art of self fulfilling prophecy. They have their
sites set on 2012 for foretold doom.  Martin Lees of the Club of Rome has
plans to kill all of you and has the connections to pull it off.

 Pam Bondi stomped a trail around the state crowing she would go after
specifically some of these cases and all others like to them... IT WAS ALL A
LIE ! And the patriots including myself bought it hook line and sinker. It
appears it is the same story for Rick Scott.

 The various tea parties are telling me that Rick has no idea what his
staffers are doing behind his back.   Let us not forget that was his defense
in the stolen millions from the people of the state of Florida in which he
worked a deal with McCullem’s office. The state got 6 million and he kept
the rest. No person as accomplished as Scott is this oblivious to the
machine that feeds him.

 The march toward agenda 21 and other programs is now in dbl time. The
November shallacking put in in high gear.  The only satisfaction we may see
is that the promises of to the grave wealth will not be delivered by those
who promised the treasonous ilk in return for selling their fellow Americans
and their own children into slavery.
Payroll for the strongest of states, counties and municipalities are failing
as we speak. The facilitators that made these deals are lying to hold off
the inevitable.

 Even global government has no use for anyone void of any useful skill.
The parasite has killed its host and now it shall perish.

It has been suggested that I broke the law when I recorded Ryan Tyson.
Please have a little faith that I am not as corrupt as my government foe and
that I obey the law. So let me explain

 I am only one person. I do not belong to any collective. I never will. I
work alone. Kathy supports all of our other basic needs. She faces
incredible danger right along side of me. The couple of things you guys are
seeing on the net is nothing and not one tenth of one percent of the events
we endure.
 Though we come running every time we are summoned, we know that no
collective will ever come to our aid. It is the nature of any collective.
They will find security in mutual denial and group think. These are the very
tools used by the Perception managers and public relations infiltrators that
have infiltrated them like fleas on Pavlov’s dog. The patriots reactions to
created fear were predictable and therefore they were controllable. You have
been used like a pedofile uses a child and keeps him from telling his

 As one person I can only comondere the weapons our enemy uses against us.
Their reactions can be predicted. Therefore they can be controlled. I did
not break any law.  Those of you who watched the You tube will know that
Ryan Tyson more than gave his consent. Further there is much Supreme Court
of Florida and USSC case history to support my innocence. As well the Senate
phone system clearly states at the beginning of every call that the calls
are recorded. Further there is a history. Ryan has acknowledged many times
that he is aware that I record all calls to government offices beginning
after DEP destroyed the first recording I requested through the public
records statutes. Further I am able to record and document evidence of any
crime in which I am a victim and I am apartheid to, much as you do not need
permission to capture video and audio of someone breaking into your home car
or business. To video a sex partner without consent is quite different and
that is the purpose of the law. It is not to protect those committing
criminal acts against you. On that video is evidence of Ryan Tyson
committing crimes that seriously endanger me, my family, my property and my
liberty. It is no different than the capture of corrupt Acorn staffers.
 His intent was for one to prevent me from further exposing his co
conspirators. He was acting to benefit Associated Industries of Florida,
ICLEI, the UN, Communist International government employee unions and
others. All of the missions of these orgs sound wonderful! Dig deeper! It’s
Utopia... He was on the clock for the tax payers of the State of Florida.
The State of Florida accepts funding from the federal government which opens
hundreds of other doors. Ryan is to inexperienced to understand what he has
just stepped into. FDLE investigators are to careless and slothful to do the
footwork needed to keep themselves out of the takedown. Skip Jarvis would be
wise to pull out all Emails he ever sent me on the McAllister case. He is
going to find himself as an accessory after the fact in the McAllister case
and go down for obstruction of justice by the abuse of yet other color of
law authority who wish to paint Rick Scott with a terry brush. Its not as if
I did not carefully consider all of this and do the footwork before taking
lawful action.

 I hope to do all of this while the collectives waste all of their money and
time traveling to DC to shake their fist at buildings. Its silly, especially
when the millions wasted could be used so effectively. They have the gall to
call the Government wasteful.  Just as Ryan is going down because of his out
of control emotions. The Tea party is failing on healthcare SB510, SB550 and
hundreds of other fronts to which they are oblivious. It is heart breaking
that we can not help them overcome their emotional impulses and understand
that emotional condition is being taken advantage of just as I am taking
advantage of all involved in the attack against me. If only a few of us did
what I am doing here it would bring our enemies down in buckets.

By the time I am done they will be turning on eachother to save themselves.
Just as they have pitted us one against the other. As many of you know I
have infiltrated many liberal groups. You so called conservatives would be
shocked to know that they too are against SB550 SB510, Agenda 21, Monsanto,

 There is no right and left, yet you hate eachother. Hate is an emotion and
it does precipitate shootings of Congressmen.  Ryan tyson fabricating lies
that I threaten the life of DEPLE and supporting it with yet other lies that
there are sworn affidavits to that effect brought a hostile force to my home
that only with great control on our part were we not massacred. At least now
his lies are known widely and maybe we will not be in as great a danger in
the future as we are approached by LE. But there are many other slanders
creating danger to myself and others that must be retracted and punished.
Yes the rhetoric and hatred gets people killed. I have been disgusted by it
from both sides. United we stood. Read Hamas Charter Article 20. You will
see that the harvey ruvins and martin lees of the world are great masters of
this evil.

 I am a Christian. I get many Comments that I am not. It is because of those
calling themselves Christians spreading and fuling satans hate that I
decline to speak of my faith. I am not alone in responding with distrust the
second someone calls themselves a Christian. I hear often we will prey for
you, but when it comes time to do Gods work they are nowhere to be found. To
further the hate on the other hand. If you read your Bible you will find
that this is the devil’s handy work and very few can resist his temptation.
You would think we would have learned after all of these years. I know our
enemy has mastered this evil. I will not pray for you but I will be there
when they come for you. I will fight along side you and your family, if you
are Palestinian,or Jew Anglo or Native American, African American, or just a
plain Florida Georgia cracker as I am.

 I wonder what they did to those around Reverend Write for him to fall to
the temptation of such great anger, I do know what they did to the flock of
Reverend James Sykes of AME Church in Ocala. Kathy and I fought along side
them. Maybe I should come to Ocala and introduce you to your neighbors. Just
as Rotary did to many primitive Palestinians your local ilk beat for self
gratification a little old woman, almost 80 in her home without warning,
they sprayed her with mace and broke her walker. They held down a little boy
and let a dog mutilate his legs, hundreds of stitches. ( Heros) The
attackers identify themselves as conservatives. I wonder why they would do
that??? I don’t think I would go in their uninvited. But with brother Bob
and sister Kathy we would be welcomed. Sykes is no longer there ,, but last
I heard his son was. I would like you activist to hear their stories. What
if we all stood together against those who pit us against one another. I
think this would be much more effective than wasting millions in DC for no
result. You are losing on every front. Time to fish on the other side of the
boat. Ever think Jesus suggested that because that’s where the fishing was

  The Bible says love thy neighbor. Only if we stand together will we
understand who our true enemy is. United we can defeat him if it is not
already too late.

 While we are at it.... I got some bold questions for Glenn Beck and his
bosses associations to Burson Marsteller and Monsanto. The very Satan that
created “Nutricide”, many of you are already sick... a vital first assault
against the enemy that divides us.  Research Codex... these are the most
notable names behind it.
 In understanding that you will see what really great danger Kathy and I are
in. You will understand why people we should not have any trouble with are
shooting at our very humble home.