What Is Really Going On With The RV

Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 12:13 PM

A new Historical Bond Tax Treaty went into effect at 12:01 AM EST Friday in the USA. This was the last piece of the international law and compliance puzzle because it restored the dignity of the Chinese people, as well as settled their past due international gold commitments.

- The treaty was altered to include Euros and Pound Sterlings along with the new USA TRN/ USN.

- The Admiral received his release authorization sometime before sunrise Friday in the USA. There is a methodical process now in place to disburse reevaluated funds, known only to the Admiral and the Elders. Expect them to be very methodical and calculated in their funding payouts, as not to place unnecessary stress on the new algorithms designed to regulate/monitor the global money supply.

- The X-Stream software platform (Nasdaq) has been tested and is operational to prevent high frequency trading from egregiously taking advantage and/or crashing the new system.

- The global gold signatory physically was in Zurich and London for vault SKR sign offs.

- All universal administrative holds were lifted (we cannot emphasize strongly enough how significant this single event is for the world's long-term prosperity), when two generals from China witnessed a Treasury Department Head Representative, along with the Admiral and a Chinese Elder Banking Representative, perform release protocols that ended the universal administrative hold via Elder SKR gold approval. Together, they literally threw the switch launching the new parallel banking system that was decades in the making.

- The birth of the Global Currency Revaluation officially began at 12:01 PM CST Thursday 10.16.14 (12:01 AM EST Friday 10.17.14 in the USA). The Chinese have long said this would be a day time event ... and it was.

- This same day time event was originally scheduled for Wednesday, 10.1.14--but the delay of two weeks was exchanged for additional removals of US military bases and weapon systems in Europe and Asia. You see, whenever there was a delay in pre-agreed GCR implementation protocol, the planet was intentionally made more peaceful and/or healthier.


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Monday, April 11, 2011


Rumourmill News


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Date: Saturday, 9-Apr-2011 20:21:39


1. An Analysis of the World

2. The Life and Career of Sheldan Nidle

Here is a link to two very interesting interviews with Sheldan Nidle. David Gibbons asks Sheldan questions about consciousness and world events. There are two interviews. Click on the link and select "playlist" for a drop-down menu for access to Part 1 (An Analysis of the World) and Part 2 (The Life and Career of Sheldan Nidle) of these fascinating interviews. Enjoy!

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  1. Why are Christians dabbling with the channelings of Sheldon Nidle? The following is about the hexagram, the symbol he is using. The number 666 ought to tell us SOMETHING about Nidle's beliefs!
    "In the Hexagram are not only contained the mysteries of Fire and Water, but also of Air and Earth. Notice that when you combine the symbols for Fire and Water to produce the grand symbol of the Hexagram, you also make the symbols for Air and Earth, which are the same as the symbols for Fire and Water but with a cross bar or line in each triangle which is formed in the Hexagram."

    Each line of the Hexagram or Hexalpha indicates the number 111, since a single line of the Hexagram contains three equal parts, each of which may be represented by the number 1, so that the number 111 can symbolize every line. There are six lines in all, so that 111 x 6 = 666, the Most Holy Number of the Sun. Each angle of the Hexagram is 60 degrees. 60 is the number of the Hebrew letter Samekh, which is the letter of the Holy Guardian Angel. Six angles of 60 degrees each equal 360 degrees, and 360 is the number of the Hebrew letter Shin spelled in full. Shin is the letter of the Spirit of the Sun and it is esoterically composed of three Hebrew Vavs. Vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, so that three Vavs indicate the number 666. 666 is the number of Sorath (SVRTh), the Spirit of the Sun. It is also the number of Shemesh Yahweh (ShMSh IHVH), the Sun of Tetragrammaton.

    The Hexagram of Magick further represents the operation of the Seven Planets under the presidency of the Sephiroth and of the seven-lettered name ARARITA. ARARITA is a Notariqon. In other words, it is a word which is composed of seven letters formed from the initials of a Hebrew sentence meaning: "One is His Beginning: One is His Individuality: His Permutation is One."

    Concerning the word ARARITA, Aleister Crowley wrote: "The use of this Name and Formula is to equate and identify every idea with its opposite; thus being released from the obsession of thinking any one of them as "true" (and therefore binding); one can withdraw oneself from the whole sphere of the Ruach."

    Again...Aleister Crowley?, the one some claim was the most evil man ever born?? How can we expect God's blessings as a nation when we associate with and perpetuate the teachings of people like this?

  2. The Sirians help put together the earth's history the christian religion stole everything from the pagans 666 is not evil at all look at your history the christian religion is mostly ran by freemasons to control people just like project monarch.The christian religion is full of hate and lies and made up stories and missing books the bible is a hoax and you cannot ascend believing the lies in the book mankind will get a wake up call very soon from our benevolent starfamily and about ufo disclousure this year enough with the fake lying church and religion,its all about control.Namaste