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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Galactics

Submitted by Patti - Thanks again


Some Insights Written from 1994 -2004 Regarding
Benevolent ET's Assisting Earth

Nasty ET's Shenanigans

Galactic History

Can Be Found On This Website
Defending Sacred Ground - The Andromedan Compendium

Maintaining Impeccability
This whole project involving the work of Alex Collier has been more than a year in the planning, and has taken literally hundreds of hours to accomplish.
Every effort has been made to capture the essence of the message that is being brought to us, in that we may make use of it for self-empowerment and for planetary evolution. In order to preserve that message, with its commentary, in an intact form, we have now copyrighted the material in this book.
The release of this book in 1997, it is hoped, will assist the process of planetary change in a positive and progressive way.
You are encouraged to buy this book, and not to copy it, as a significant portion of the profit goes to support
Letters from Andromeda.
For those who are impeccable in this way, we thank you for your support and encouragement.

SO, WHERE ARE WE NOW ? - Galactic Interventions & Solar System Changes

Some Reportedly Current Updates can be found here:


Andromeda Council: Molecular & Cellular Transformation to a 4D Earth

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
September 30, 2011 -

This is the 3rd article in a series of articles on information of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.
ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR - The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Exopolitics.com. Thank you.
In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released Sept. 30, 2011 a self-described representative of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council whose membership consists of star systems and includes representation from the galactic governance council of our Milky Way Galaxy, discussed the purported timing and nature of a transformation via dimensional shift of our Sol solar system from a 3rd dimension to a 4th dimensional state, along with key aspects of life on a 4th dimensional Earth.

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