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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John Hutchinson work progress report and message to Globe Institute from Nancy

Folks that have been copied on this email:
A bit of history--
John Hutchison sold the anti-gravity portion of his lab to Gobe Institute in Germany. John used the funds to get to the Gulf of Mexico and to live, and he was able to use his technology to help clean the oil and dispersant Gulf of Mexico water for FREE. Then the Japan Nuclear disaster happened. The entire Northern Hemisphere is enveloped in radioactive contamination and it is GETTING WORSE.
John is using his technology to create a SHIELD against the radiation.
The Gobe Institute has the only other complete set of equipment, on the planet, that can duplicate the shield against the radiation.
The Gobe Institute has the plans and instructions on how to create the protective shield, but they have done NOTHING, and want John to go to Germany to work on anti-gravity.

Welcome to the conversation with "Timo" from the Gobe Institute.....email from Timo at the bottom, my response on top


Veiled threats? really?
Oh...let me be VERY clear in this email. 

Let me explain how TOTALLY IMPATIENT I am of greedy idiots that refuse to help others.

Please give this email to your "board of directors".
And as you have not had the courtesy to give us their names, then I will refer to "them" as
"Jerk Off Nazis with their heads up their Asses".... "JONA"

1. There is a plume of NUCLEAR CONTAMINATION enveloping the Northern Hemisphere, and it is getting WORSE each day.
2. John and I are BUSY trying to save a few lives using John's technology to create a SHIELD against the nuclear contamination.
3. I gave you the info on this shield.
4. I verified John's ability to do this with the document that was presented to MIT in 2005...to use John's technology to eliminate radioactive contamination.
5. I GAVE YOU the plans on how John is creating the shield to protect against the radioactive contamination.
6. YOU and JONA have the ONLY other complete equipment on the planet that can create another shield. In fact, you have enough equipment to create sheilding in THREE separate locations.
7. Do you (or JONA) even ASK about saving your own lives? or the lives of other people?
8. Do you ask what you can do to HELP?

John and I travel NOWHERE unless we have the equipment and frequency shield WITH us and RUNNING.
I don't like the idea of dying of cancer caused by radiation.
My brother IS DYING of cancer specifically caused by radiation.

There is OIL again coming ashore from the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster.
People are asking us to come back to the Gulf. John and I specifically told you and Gobe that we would not come to Germany until we were finished in the Gulf of Mexico.
And now we have to think about TWO problems.

The oil and the radioactive contamination.< Radiation levels in Europe are spiking. You and Gobe have the equipment and ability to DO SOMETHING to help the people in Europe. DO IT. Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison P.S. My maiden name is KAYSER. I can smell a Germa3A black; font-family: "Arial","sans-serif"; font-size: 14.0pt; mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";">If you and JONA (Jerk Off Nazis with their heads up their Asses) want to make an issue about this, I will do a special report for my TV show about how GOBE Institute has the ONLY other complete equipment on the planet that can create the Hutchison frequency shield. AND GOBE REFUSES to do anything to save the lives of people in Europe.

Given the tone of your last email. I think I should just go ahead and do that TV show.
Maybe after the TV show airs, I can find out the real names of the "Jerk Off Nazis with their heads up their Asses."

Also, Gobe received over $500,000 worth of equipment. If JONA are more concerned about the $50,000 that was spent, than actually DOING something to save yourselves and other people in Europe, then JONA should SELL the equipment.

Your email says the JONA expect you to "clarify the situation" by November 28th.
Have I been clear enough? Or do I need to be more direct?

Radiation levels in Europe are spiking.
You and Gobe have the equipment and ability to DO SOMETHING to help the people in Europe.

Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison

P.S. My maiden name is KAYSER. I can smell a German asshole a mile away.

P.P.S. If the "Board of Directors" are able to get their heads out of their asses, they are welcome to come here and visit. Although, taking a plane across the Atlantic with the radiation as high as it is, it not a very good idea.


  1. Yesterday afternoon I met with longtime friend John Hutchison and his partner Nancy L., and on the way I saw new friend Timo J. from Germany..... http://changingpower.net/articles/john-hutchison-experiments-with-free-energy-power-cells/
    Nancy Lazaryan's videos ... UFO, strange clouds...Hutchison Effect? ... Feb. 10, 2011. More bizarre happenings ... on Vimeo ** vimeo.com/19910061** http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca/ ***
    John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan: Cleaning the Waters of the Gulf of ...Hutchison; Effect; Nancy; Lazaryan; Tesla; clean; cleaner; cleans; cleaning; water; waters; synthetic; bacteria; corexit; BP; oil; scientist; scientific; 528HZ; electromagnetic; energy
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEwGxxiWi98 - ///
    Lazaryan &Hutchison cleaning the gulf machine upsets police and others ..... yet lucky peswiki reports on these effects wikipedia is still lost in a cyberwar in reporting anything real ? check out peswiki hutchison effect for info nancy ...
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxGiIImcNoM - ///
    The Hutchison Effect - Hutchison Levitation Lab Sold. From: john hutchison [mailto: johnkh25@yahoo.com] ... on the hutchison effect along with dr peter kokoshinegg and bredow, dr amon and many others i include this letter to investors done by nancy ...
    Sent: 29 July 2010 10:24 To: Sterling Allan
    http://www.thehutchisoneffect.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=41&Itemid=33 -///
    Directory:John Hutchison - PESWiki. "The Hutchison Effect, discovered in 1979, occurs as the result of radio wave ... for Earth Radiation Shield from Japanese Fallout - John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan ...
    http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:John_Hutchison ///
    John Hutchison's interferometer. Here's a video posted on Nov. 19: "A conversation with Nancy Lazaryan regarding preliminary lab tests applying the Hutchison Effect to clean the oil-laden water - reducing ...
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    Hutchison-Lazaryan frequency generator clears polluted Gulf waters... Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect ...
    pesn.com/2010/10/27/9501716_Hutchison-Lazaryan_frequency_generator... ///

  2. Re GOBE INSTITUTE: Mrs. Hutchison is probably referring to Goede Stiftung. http://www.goede-stiftung.org/