Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Republic - Republic Roundtable - Week 16 – October 20, 2011

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Republic Roundtable - Week 16 – October 20, 2011
6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern
712-432-0075 Code: 594637#
Host and Moderator: Robert Zuluaga
Producer: Jeanine Stewart
This week's agenda and guests:
Introduction: Robert Zuluaga
Opening Prayer: Bruce Dietler - Kansas                          
Assembly Voice:  Newly elected Governor, Charles Gutweniger  “Chuckers” – Oregon will share the website he has devoted to The People of the Republic for about a year.  The purpose of his site, has been to be a one stop place for research materials and recorded calls. “Chucker: will explain how to navigate the site.
Showcase a State: Gary Leachman – Jury Commissioner/Ambassador from Louisiana will join us to let us know the exciting things that are planned.  He will speak about: the need for Constitutional training on all state websites; Telephone and email service from Google voice and Gmail;   Business cards and other services using ; Media advertising using videos, print, and commercials using celebrity endorsements and Freedom Music Festival for spring 2012 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Judicial Updates:  Nathan Peachey – Chief Justice of the one supreme Court will review Common law courts and the structure of the Grand Juries.  Justice Peachey will have an extended period to explain these very important subjects.  Please have pen and paper handy.
Call to Action:  Many of you are doing great things in your respective republics.  We want to hear about it!  Please send us your story so we can contact you about being a guest on this call.
Actionable Focus: Robert Zuluaga
Closing Prayer: 
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  1. In looking up who Nathan J Peachy is, the following was found at -

    an excerpt statement by a Pa free state Grand Jury Foreman reads-

    Our Official Notice should be sufficient evidence of Nathan's unlawful activity in Pennsylvania free state as all charges were itemized.

    We can tell you that regardless of the number of folks that attended, left or stayed at the unauthorized, unlawful, attempt at usurpation of a Pennsylvania free state Jural Assembly that Nathan Peachey invited Jural Assembly members to attend on July 9, 2011 ...
    the fact remains, that was nothing more than a social gathering.
    There is no lawful standing for any Pennsylvania free state business coming out of that gathering.
    Notice was given to Nathan and the whole Jural Assembly prior to that gathering by the Officials responsible for calling a Jural Assembly together, said notice having been
    Additionally, Nathan Peachey was a key participant in structuring the operating documents and By Laws for this type of meeting in this state, giving him first hand, source knowledge of our requirements and prerequisites.
    Had that meeting been correctly convened, it would still have failed to meet lawful standards as;
    Nathan had no authority to call the meeting or to call it to order;
    Nathan called to order a non-existent entity called a National Jural Assembly for Pennsylvania free state;there exists no Covenant for this fictitious entity.
    Thus, there is no argument or consideration for any authenticity or standing for any action, resolution, or any business pertinent to Pennsylvania free state stemming from that date and time.
    Nathan Peachey is renegade and has been identified and dealt with thusly in Pennsylvania free state.
    We the People of Pennsylvania are committed to be in Republic for the united states of America as a member nation/state in union, one nation under God, as originally intended and newly reinhabited by the people, for the people and of the people in the hierarchy outlined in the Constitution where the enemies of the Republic are not identified by their disagreement.

    A Statement by Wil Spencer
    Pa free state Grand Jury Foreman

  2. I find it interesting... no disgusting, that the only comment you could find to post, is posted by anonymous. Where is the proof of these statements? Where is the balance?

    I and several hundred thousand Americans that have hung their hide on the fence for the protection of this land, that gives you the right to post anonymously. We are losing an average of 5 soldiers a week in the sand box that have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution which includes your sorry back side. In my opinion if you are not man or woman enough to belly up the the bar, and back up your comment with fact, I will not consider your post as anything but slander posted by coward.