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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Notes from Drake's conference call

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7/25/12  9:00 PM    Drake Radio Interview Tonight.        Radio Show
                              Drake said:

* Fox News is saying that they don't think the Arms Treaty will not pass the Senate.
* Senator Harry Reid says that the Audit the Fed bill will not be heard in the Senate.
* 56 million persons were rounded up in the world and exterminated AFTER gun controls
   on them were put into effect.
* Someone in the audience is preparing a standard Affidavit to arrest county directors
   of Homeland Security for treason. This can be made available for others to use.
* Neil Keenan's suit and liens are about to come to fruition.
* If the small arms treaty is not passed we still need to arrest those that pushed for it.
* He believes that the Aurora shooting is too strange to have done that on his own.
* We may see one or two arrests per day for awhile before the mass arrests.
* Most of the false flags events planned have been taken care of.
* There are several people working on standard Affidavits.  They are working with
   attorneys, U.S. Marshals, etc.
* The most powerful thing we have going for the people is Neil Keenan
   with his ability to cut off the Cabal's money.
* Neil Keenan says the Euro can be taken down in one day.
* He does not feel that foreign troops will invade the U.S. due to lack
   of cash by the Cabal.
* He is having contact with various Congressmen, so hopefully that will be a big help
   in what we are trying to achieve.
* The Federal Reserve has been shut down from printing money at this time.
   No money can be printed without the approval of Neil Keenan.


  1. What does that mean? they don't think the arms treaty will not be passed. That's a dubbel negative. Not trying to be annal but that means you think it will pass. Second if their working with attorneys and marshals their working with bad guys.

  2. Not ALL attorneys and U.S.Marshals are "bad guys". Affidavits are a VERY POWERFUL part of due process of law. ANy American with a notarized affidavit in hand can lawfully and peacefully effect a "citizen's arrest" of any official for good cause & take the arrestee before a magistrate immediately. WtP have much more power than we have been aware of and/or used. Perhaps it's about time we each took more personal responsibility for bringing about Solutions and lawful Remedy...

    Learn more about this by listening to free recorded May 24, 2012 Conference call entitled "Enforcement" and other info available at:

  3. Not only do you have more power than you think, you are the power. This statement is not idealistic, it is as clear as the weather. You as citizens are the government. Stop complaining about the "government"-- under social contract you are the goverment, and you are complaining about yourselves. Stop whining and being passive aggressive. Instead, do the most powerful thing, which is to function as the only permanent rulers, since the politicians in Washington are only the transient rulers. They come and go, you as citizens are already considered the permanent government.

    Wake up and start fulfilling your natural and civil responsibilities.

    Stop acting like children. Start respecting the rights of each and every other person. Start owning the means of production with fairness and equity. Stop abusing each other. Stop mindlessly laboring and accumulating wealth, raping and stealing and watching too much television. Start reading and educating yourselves in the ideas and arguments that underpin our great country.

    You have the most powerful solution right in front of you. And it is not about protesting or complaining. That will get you nowhere but worse off and wasting your precious minutes of your life. Stop berating each other. Start praising something larger than yourselves for the blessings of peace and democracy that you've been given.

    Stop thinking so much about money and health. And start thinking about what is good for yourself and for others. Start learning the difference between natural and political law, justice and rights. Stop thinking that the constition is the supreme law. Stop playing at religion. Start talking to each other respectfully about the questions that matter most. Start having a firm set of priorities. Start expecting more from your children, not less.

    Know that chiarity is not simply political, and cannot be mandated. It is not a service that can be rendered up at the whim of a tyrant.

    And you now have a tyrant. Make no mistake about that. Tyrants surround themselves with bodygaurds and come into office as a friend of the people. They leave when they are assassinated.

    Learn to think more comprehensively, with the freedom that you have as human beings. Stop overspecializing and narrowing your own horizons, suffocating yourselves and your children with ever narrower horizons.

    Stop complaining. And start being polite to one another. That's the beginning (the only beginning it seems) of a brighter future.

  4. I agree with 7Freedom. The affidavits are also behaving like Liens, statement of facts. Once you have it notarized, only the claimants are able to take it off. That's the reason why the Liens (commercial liens) filed by Neil against all these central banks are so powerful. These liens are all statement of facts that are all substantiated by all valid documents. The crooks are locked in and got no where to hide now. What a wonderful process. Winston Shroud is the brain behind setting up the liens the way they are. Neil got some nice folks working with him in making all this happen! Job well done Neil, Winston and Keith Scott!

    May the Supreme bless you all!

  5. To answer Anonymous 8:05's question, Drake said that Fox news said they don't think the Arms Treaty will be passed. There's a typo in the first note in this posting. It should say "Fox News is saying that they don't think the Arms Treaty will pass the Senate."

  6. Re: 8:05 A.M.-1:26 P.M.-2:16 P.M.-2:36 P.M.
    I'm going to asume you guys are real and not agents.Affidavits and liens can be as pure and correct as they get.In fact the more correct they are the better your chance of going to jail. Now I'm talking from experience. I know what the law says, But the law no longer exist in the world of Amerika. I STUDIED long and hard,had exilant help also. All of us in My group now have federal records and have lost almost every thing. With out power to inforce or keep the brain dead agents at bay,paper means nothing. The courts are corrupt,the cops will attack you. That includes Neil. P.S. Our paper!!!

  7. A legal solution can solve only a legal problem. We need to stop this oppositional thinking in which the government is someone else against all of us. We are the government in good standing. Sovereign will lies with the citizens. Stop complaining about yourselves. You cannot have another 1776, the circumstances are radically different now. You must study these matters more.

    The lawsuit will only fix the surface.

  8. Re: 6:17 P.M.
    Yes we study they take! I am not a citizen! We have no government! The corp.IS against all of us!
    Gun control is here, you WILL get a huge taste of legal!