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Friday, August 17, 2012

Military Set To Evacuate Coasts

Coming in from the southern hemisphere like a sneak attack but to be seen by many others. The dates are right except for a big detail it goes past again in the September, first encounter is August and then again another hit in September, this is what I have from my sources.   Finally somebody besides me warning about this, it takes some of the pressure off with some other verification and others noticing.  Pass this back to sources, ask them to get on email list joncburdick@yahoo.com ASAP.  Thanks

Subject: Fwd: Military Set To Evacuate Coasts

Guess what I just got from another friend!

Subject: Fw: Military Set To Evacuate Coasts

Heads up. 

Nibiru…..or Planet X eventfor the past few years.  Seems there is (now) a "date certain".  I've been watching the .gov earthquake maps for several years.  What I've noticed is that while the amount of quakes in the geographic U.S. has remained relatively constant (under 1,000), the magnitude of quakes in the North America Region has increased. 

Sent:  Sunday, August 05, 2012, 2:51 pm, PST:

Note from Susie: 

I read another notice (besides the one below) of this event who said the “object” NSAS saw is a planet some call Nibiru…..or Planet X.  This article said this planet is going to pass very close to the earth.  Close enough for the gravitational pull to cause the earth to tilt on its axis. It said when the earth tilts, one of the results will be the oceans coming inland at least 50 miles (both coasts), which also means that the ocean will be going North up the mighty Mississippi and will cause that river to spread ocean water the same 50 miles to the east & west of the river’s current location!   A map they showed in the other article showed THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA UNDERWATER!  The other article also said the coastal military bases ordered military DEPENDANTS to come on base to a “meeting” where they had to sign a “non-disclosure” document before entering.  At this meeting, there were told to keep their gas tanks full and to prepare a “bug-out” bag and to take with them any important papers, photos, changes of clothes as they may not be able to return!  They were told that the military would give them as much notice as they could; that it might be a week, or a couple of days, or maybe only 30 minutes. They were told not to talk about it as it might cause to much of a public panic. 

    Oh well….We all gotta go sometime, right?  And, you can’t do a thing about this (except maybe pray & when has that ever worked).  Now, keep in mind that this is NOT from me, your favorite conspiracy theorist!  Of course, if I lived on a coast, I think I’d consider visiting someone inland for a month or two…..Good luck…..Susie

Subject: Military Evacuating Coasts


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  1. This is absolute BULLSHIT! If this were going to happen in the next 30 days, Washington DC would be pulling out right now and politicians would be bailing out of all coastal areas. Not just the military. Just more hype and disinfo. The scuttlebutt from the military would be out by now regardless of any non-disclosure agreement.

  2. I thought this passed by yesterday?? Anyone else hear that??

  3. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/06/120614-asteroid-earth-planet-close-watch-online-space-science/
    Large Asteroid to Buzz Earth Tonight—Watch It Live
    As big as a city block, the newfound space rock 2012 LZ1 will pass close to our planet tonight—find out how to see it

  4. They say that as the invisible Planet X gets closer we will all start wobbling. Its not the Jack Daniels. Its Planet X. Tell that to the office who pulled you over for suspicion of DUI.

    If you have a metal plate in your head .. your head will blow up so don't buy any hats.

    If you live in California and your name is Pedro you will disintegrate. On the plus side crime rates will drop and welfare costs will plummet.

    Other than that I'm hearing all good news for California.

  5. This is fear mongering. How in the heck would the Military know what a planet would do? Who is detailing out the maps? oh, wait... a channel that be spewing out things through a human that can't get 100% accuracy, right? Look, when we came into the planet, we were NOT suppose to know out end date. There is a reason for that. So why in the world, would people put out this stuff? Oh... wait a minute... they get a sense of power don't they? This is beyond ridiculous!

  6. The last time this happened there was a great flood and most of the earth was destroyed. This THING comes about every 3500 years and is due again. The KOLBRIN explains what happened in great detail, it is older than the Bible and Jesus studied from it. When the DESTROYER passed Mars it sucked all of the water from the planet and dumped it on the earth which caused Noah's flood. The BIble speaks of the DESTROYER. It is not a bunch of talk. IT WILL HAPPEN.

    1. No it won't. Wanna bet?

    2. Lmfao!!! Lrn2science. Sucked all the water off mars and brought it millions of miles to earth? AHAHAHAHAH

  7. Well...............

    This is the perfect example of FEAR MONGERING.

    Too many Galactics and Masters have told us that they will have NONE of these shenanigans.

    Check yourself BEFORE AND AFTER this so called event.

    Are you gullible or not??

    We are encouraged to 'KEEP OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE', stay in Love and Light and spread it FAR AND WIDE.


  8. Agreed. This is fear mongering. Let us be full of joy as this is not part of our world if we don't allow it to be. :)

  9. I agree this is just fear porn. This will NOT happen, at least not on this timeline. This is part of the old set of prophesies, which are no longer in effect for the timeline we are on now. There will be no catastrophic events of this proportion in our future. There is no longer any need for them, the battle has been won.

  10. This incoming planet story is highly without any believability. It shows the "truth" community at its worst: lacking in reason, without discernment, having lost any and all prudent wisdom.

    And, no, I am not a cabal member or minion.

  11. sure am getting tired of all the conflicting stories. some say our ET pals will keep X from causing us any harm. and now we're all gonna have a fun day at the beach. will somebody get their stories straight?

  12. I always wonder when fear BS is put out there, start looking for hidden things going on as that is how the fear group works to divide and concur works to cover it up so what is behind this sensationalism or maybe they just need another excuse to push martial law or other abusive policies for overt control.

    1. Did you mean divide and conquer?

  13. Then explain the droughts,increase earthquakes,Volcanic activity,Sink holes, increase military movements acoss the U.S. (research it) you will find many things have been strange increase in fish kills, strange animal behavior, I have never seen this much rain in North Florida unless \tropical storms were in our area. SOMETHING is causing all of this. Is it Nibiru/planet X ? I don't know but I'm damn sure watching the skys we live at about 15 feet above sea level.

  14. O.K., I'm gonna lay it on you; hard core Truth, that is. The only one of the above that makes sense is Eric-Gunther. Has anyone read of the great earthquake that is foretold in the Holy Writ?

    And, how about Matthew 24:21,22 where it says, "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved; but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

    Now, for all the "happy, happy, - joy, joy" people in la-la land, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. However, the fact is, we (you and me) worked hard for our position on this "time-line." We've earned what we're going to get. Yes, there is a "rescue" coming - - there's, also, destruction on the horizon. Your "Just Rewards" are coming to you. I know where my "Trust" lies. Do you?

    I suggest you all see Sylvester Stalone's movie, Demolition Man, to discover your happy, happy, joy, joy scenario wrapped around us.

    Well, you may as well know who you're cussing out. I AM Doug Duff

    1. Doug, I hate to bust YOUR bubble, but the Apostle Paul said " Do not be a minister of the letter, for the letter kills" This means, do not take the Bible literally! If we really research the Bible, we would find that it has a wonderful hidden message, but religion has twisted it, by taking it literally. You can not take something that is mystical and allegorical and make it literal.
      Did you know that the person who gave us the emerald tablets, which became our modern New Testament Bible (source http://www.crystalinks.com/) was called Thoth. He (Thoth) came here in a spaceship around 26,000 years ago) look it up and it can be verified. Thoth later became known as, Zeus, Hermes, Mercury etc... and eventually who we call Jesus today. The story's character changed, depending on which culture was copying it. If you look each one up, they story is the same.
      Do you know why Jesus was called "The Amen"? Because he was the Sun and Amen Ra is the Egyptian Sun God. So, every time you say Amen, you are paying homage to the Egyptian Sun God.
      Did you know that Christ was not the only virgin birth? The nativity story from the Bible, is the exact same story from the Hare Krishna story and the Hare Krishna story took place thousands of years before Christ?
      Did you know the verse in Matthew 3:17 that is supposed to read " This is my sun whom I have begotten today" was changed to " This is my son whom I love and am well pleased" so as not to dispel the Virgin birth? We would not want the people to know the truth, would we.
      You probably are not aware, that Christianity originated in Iraq and Iran. Or, that the Ten Commandments came from Babylon.
      Did you know that the crucifixion never happened in real life? It is an astrological event only. The Church made it real and people believed it. Look it up.

      The whole Bible is full of astrological signs, extra terrestrial events and mysticism.

      What is important to understand though is, the text of the Bible was written from beginning to end as a Greek document. From Genesis to Revelation, it is a Greek document, written around 300BC in Alexandria Egypt, under Alexander the great. The Bible is a Mystical book, written by ancient mystics. It is not a history book, or a geography book. Once we understand this, we can begin to understand it's hidden meanings. The only true way to God is through meditation. You must activate the pineal gland to find God. Jacob knew how to find God. Read Gen. 32:30
      The Church would have us believe, the only way to God is, to come every Sunday, give them your hard earned money and receive your reward when you die. How pathetic is that.

      To find God, we Must understand the hidden meanings of the Bible. God said that the Kingdom is within us. It does not come by observation. He has already come back in the spirit within us. The only way to him is to meditate. To "Meet him in the air" means the third stage of conscientiousness. Air in Greek mythology is the third stage of conscientiousness, which is right above the carnal mind. Christ told us "My kingdom is not of this world" so why are we looking for him in the sky everyday, when he is in US!
      Even the whole book of Revelations is not about God coming back to destroy the world. It is about him attacking the things that hurt us and keep us from him. It is about our body. The book of Revelations was taken from the Kabbalah, which is Buddhism?
      You will not learn the truth from Religion. Religion kills!
      The reason we are having all the planet changes right now, as in earthquakes, tornado's floods, etc.etc. is, we are being governed by Uranus right now. It was prophesied thousands of years ago. The bridegroom (Uranus) is on the way back to claim her bride, which is Mother earth! Have a great day.

    2. Wow!! I don't know if I should laugh or cry!! Prayin for you buddy!!

  15. I bind the destruction of America by finance or by any other means such as: H.A A.R.P. included disasters, chemtrails, military takeovers, fake evacuations and dictatorial rule by The United States Government IN THE NAME OF THE LIVING CHRIST JESUS!

    Pray and win,

    Aside from the prayer of salvation, the prayer of agreement is the most powerful prayer that can be prayed.

    (Matthew 18:18-20) - "Truly I say to you, whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (19) Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. (20) For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst."

    Stop trusting in aliens and give your heart to Jesus & begin trusting HIM!

    Jackie Blue

  16. NO BS Check here