Looks like Alabama election off the shelf and into the fire

Due to Alabama Election fraud

A Democrat installed
4D chess in play

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Scenario Update

Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being and more...

In This Update...


  1. Obama is a piece of crap, and I'll believe he is our 'love and light' savior when Bush jr. achieves an IQ of anything over 45. TYJM frj

  2. I really hope all the channelers really go away soon. I can;t wait for 2012 to be over, and things to go back to normal.

    How can anyone believe this crap about Obama? Seriously?

  3. He celebrated his victory by sending some more cowardly drones to do his murdering for him. Quit trying to polish this turd. It's impossible

  4. LOL this is laughable.. Already proven to lie about war, closing quantanimo to name only a couple yet it is of love and light? hahahahaha get real!

  5. Anyone with such a non transparent background and a forged birth certificate is hardly a light worker. Good thing marijuana is going to be legal is a couple of states - Archangel Michael will be able to toke up legally.

  6. I am so elated that I am now of the light!!! ... and the accompanying clear understanding and true realization that this is all a big pile of crap!!!.... and it stinks to high heaven!!!

  7. The 16m sat home. By the RNC hacking the primary vote and throwing Ron Paul under the bus, they committed political suicide. Now they can stew in their own juice