One Pissed Off American

One Pissed off American … We THE People have something to say – it is time!

Bullshit. What the hell is going on with this Global Reset, Global Currency Revaluation, Fines & Penalties, Farm Claims, JR Robinson, Herman and Herman, CMKX, Omega and all the other Prosperity Programs?

The latest information is saying next year, mid Jan. What? You know mid Jan comes, its now mid-March and the cycle continues. We are getting played! You got to be kidding, right! This is a sick joke if your playing one. You jackass are not going to pull a Kuwait again. That is just wrong.

You remember the statement made from the Whitehouse, not until I am out of office … 2016! Just great.

Why would the world, who has been ramping up for this monumental occasion (big words), working like rabbits being chased by wolverines, all a sudden put the brakes on, an stop in the middle of the train tracks with an engine baring down on thems. Its just bad wrong!

Then we get this type of shit. I understand that those Red Dragon fellows thinks, we Westerns, are not spiritual enough to handle the money. Come again, you say what? I cannot manage money, make my pickup payments! Hey, buddy, come see me in the alley, I show you some spirit. Who the hell is the one who would pull this plug? Stupid!

What an arrogant statement by some Red Dragon spokesperson to say Westerns are not spiritual enough. U understands that I know more about the bible, lived real bible experiences, and even stopped a dam storms in its track. Can you say that Mr. Red Dragon spokesperson! This is a bunch of hog wash!! You know this country sends more spirit filled missionaries around the world than any other!

What bugs me even more is the good folks here in America have been screwed or duped by Politian’s for years and now we get our time to feed our families, friends, hell the crappy neighbor if need be. We get to have unalienable rights not those privileges that the US Corp folks claim.

And you Royals think we are not spiritual! So why you Chinese Royals stop this from happening? You worried about some threat by the bad guys, hell, turn them over to us good old boys, we will take care of business. We’ll put those folks to work, we got lots of garage to clean up, they should do just fine pickup garage since they know all about feeding garage to us over the last couple hundred years.

Hell, good hard work for them will help them understand what the hell we have been doing to support their life styles of unlimited medical, unlimited expenses, unlimited travel, unlimited lies, unlimited pay and that other shit. My smart body says indentured servants … yea, that be good, I want first pick on one of those shit head presidents to work with me. I help him understand, shit, I even will let him sleep out in one of the animal barns not under bridges or over passes or in cardboard boxes.

Well, as I see it, this Pope Francis this shit is your problem too based on Secret Treaty of Verona in 1213, where you pope types vow’d to stop all representative systems aka republics; the laws of today are based on Roman Law / Canon Law (you think me stupid, hell no), and these laws set how corporations work; you got to step in and fix this crap. (for you pope) The thought that comes to me, “What would Jesus do?”

You aint no Jesus, so you aint able to figure this out. I knows. I have read the bible since I was knee high to my daddies knee. I have reads it years, I seen really bible experiences with my own eyes and even stopped those nasty storms in their tracks because bible said we can. Thanks Jesus. So pope, you need to stop all this crap from US Corp, Crown, UN, and all the other corporations from stealing, killing, torturing, petrifying our children, slavery, financial ruin, and release these wealths into our hands since wesen will do more than any Politian would ever for our people, humanity. I gots Americans who are starving, needs medical, losing their homes and needs to fix this right here and right now. Oh, I would expect you take all those funds in your bank under the names of Politian’s, Government Officials and Pentagon types, and give that money back to the world? Ok, Vicar of Christ, do yours job!

So why are those hairy legged skirt wearing sissy boys in that funny shape building not taking matters in their hands and get rid of those cabal type people anyways. At least we can be happy about something this Thansgiving! No they are afraid to do their job. Sissy boys, sissy boys!!

Hell, they can’t even stop those chemtrails, that shit is still falling on my head, land and animals. Why haven’t you guys told DOD to stop weather wars, stop Queen of Netherlands and other royals from funding … shit take their money and give it to the world for FEEDING people. Oh. No GMO shit. You get it!

And you readers understand, no public notification of why they aerial seed, cloud seed, chemtrail, etc.? What is in the release? When they will release? That this is trespassing on your unalienable rights! On your God given rights! Hell, even think it like an act of WAR against you and me. So, why aint the POPE; Pentagon Types; stop this shit … against God’s people? Hell is going to get full I see.

Oh, hairy legs, another think, you supposedly support this Republic General Ham? You Supreme Court, oh the non-lawful-court since you’re a corporation, you supposedly swarmed Ham in as interim president. If you jerks did, then take control and get this done by removing the cabal types.

What I laugh about all the time, when the contract is signed by good old Admiral, then the Republic will be funded and we can get rid of these shit heads. Here is the logic, get rid of the shit heads, then sign the contract, you still get the money. Wow! Since your not removing the shit heads, you Pentagon types have just declared your intent as mercenaries for hire to do any ones bidding. So you only defend yourself, no one else especially the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Hmmm.

By the way Corporations, you ever figure that corporations are property of the Vatican since they use their law “Roman Law”, “Canon Law”. In a corporation, you gots board of control, executive level, owners, investors, workers or slaves. So you readers figured where you line up with corporation yet, yep your not the executive level, your not the board of control and your not investors / owners, especially paying taxes. You won the prize “Slave”. So why do we need our federal government as Corporation when we are people. Aint that suppose to be a body politic representation of the true government which are the keys to the kingdom or better known as YOU and ME, We The People, who are living, breathing men and women that actually walk on the lands we call United States of America. Not an all caps entity or fictional entity called corporation. Go figure!

Oh by the way, You Rothschild, crown, city of London, banking cartel, and your Pope Buddy, we the people own our own birth names, small or large caps. You cannot trademark something you do not own. Those birth certificates, baptismal certificates, belong to the living breathing man or women, not you! You committed fraud to embezzle those certificates for your financial gain. Guess what, you lose! Pope Francis, another issue to address to the world, release claim, release back to the world and punish the Crown!

Enough of this shit, I need money, I got family who needs help, I got retired military family that needs help. The weather wars are screwing up my farming with all the excise water and snow. They keep starving west coast with no water to destroy the food production since 80% of the food comes from southern west coast.

The stopping of the release of wealth to his people of the world is crazy, it seems that all the parties are playing into their hands of evil. So I got to ask the question, since when “O1”, “GRANDFATHER” ever listening to and comply with the evil one’s? These characters are nuts, crazy, focused on staying in power and destroying America in any means possible – industrially, financially, morally, ethically, spiritually, and any other “ly” you can think of. The whole world see’s this happening! … Why don’t you? … oh, the media is controlling the air waves … oh, yea.

We got to have change now to rid us of the controllers, evil ones, etc. I want God’s blessing, for YOU, our land, our planet, our humanity, our overall health, etc. Jeremiah 29:11 from NIV bible, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Another meaning is shalom.

This is time for We the People to win, to all my friends around the world, we stand in one voice, it is time to rid us of this evil on planet earth. Your people request freedom from evil!

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just scared to say or do, so lets change this together!

One Pissed Off American


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A loss of innocence and a betrayal by the government


A loss of innocence and a betrayal by the government

The Vietnam War for all the good intentions we were told, left a trail of broken lives, a dispirited military that lasted until the Reagan Years, a decade of global instability with expansion of tyrannical government leadership, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and chaos. With the US military cast in a shadow of defeat and the US out on a drug-induced, flower-power hippie trip, there was no global leadership. The remnants of war-torn Southeast Asia left a wake of destroyed lives and countries.
Some will have to scratch their heads to remember the POST Vietnam period accept those who served and those who were the innocent victims of a government policy gone haywire. Just to mention a few of the global conflicts that occurred while the US was “out-to-lunch”:
  • Soviet Union expansionism
  • Cambodia Genocide
  • Vietnamese “re-education”
  • Fighting in Peru, Argentina, and other South American countries
  • Jordan-Palestine Civil War
  • Turkish invasion of Cyprus
  • Lebanese Civil War
  • Political unrest in Turkey
  • Islamic Uprising in Syria
  • Egyptian Bread Riots
  • Iranian Revolution
  • Consolidation of the Iranian Revolution
  • Saudi Eastern Province
  • Grand Mosque Seizure
  • Turkey Coup d’tate
  • Iraqi Shia Uprising
  • Iran-Iraq War
  • War in Chad
  • Uganda Coup d’tate
  • Second Chimurenga/Rhodesian Bush War
  • Nigerian Civil War
  • Western Sahara War
  • Yom Kippur War
  • Egyptian-Libyan War
  • Shaba I and Shaba II Wars
  • Burundi Genocide
  • Angolan Civil War
  • and on and on
·         Nobody American wants the US to be the “Global Cop”, particularly those who have seen the horrors of war, but history has proven that without US leadership and a strong US military, the propensity for tin-can dictators and piss-ant tyrants to exercise their influence into dastardly treatment of their citizens, and for non-democratic countries to try to expand their influence by invading other countries, is as predictable as the rise of the sun in the morning. In short there can be no global peace without a “global cop”, and it is evident that even with a global cop, there are those willing to test our mantle.
My purpose in writing today however, is not to discuss that horrific piece of US history that ended up lasting two decades included in the post-Vietnam war period, but to discuss an injustice to a veteran of the Vietnam War and those like her, that never wore the uniform, fired a weapon, or raised their voice in anger. The story today is about Lesli Moore Dahlke, and those like her whose only mission was to provide support for our troops and our partners in the Vietnam War.
Lesli’s father, Del Moore, was an entertainer and celebrity of note back in the Sixties. In September 1970 he died unexpectedly and in her moment of loss, she was looking for a way to minimize the tragic loss as many who have been in that situation would recognize. She “had to get away”.
1970 was a turning year in the Vietnam War. The American citizenry, for the most part, had turned against what was seen as a never-ending conflict that had taken the lives of tens of thousands of our troops. If you were in Vietnam in 1970, it would have been easy to lose morale with letters from home talking about the civil unrest, the flight of draft dodgers headed out of the country, and college campuses a bed of protest against the war. With the Jane Fonda’s of the world, our troops didn’t really need an enemy in-country, Ms Fonda and many of her ilk, became the symbol of military hatred right here at home, and by association, “the enemy at home”. Her seditious behavior, which should have been totally directed at the government if she wanted to protest, was directed instead on those serving in Vietnam at the bidding of the government.
Johnny Grant, the Honorary Major of Hollywood, was preparing for a Christmas tour of our troops on the front lines, to boost morale and spirits, in the fashion of the many Bob Hope Tours. Mr. Grant actually made 14 total tours during the Vietnam War. He accepted Lesli’s willingness to volunteer, and her photo became the official publicity photo for what became known as the 1970 Christmas Handshaking Tour.
The Department of the Army cut her Invitational Travel Orders dated 7 December 1970, which were require for official authorization to enter Vietnam under military sponsorship. She was issued a temporary civilian GS-15 status which would protect her as a civilian if she had been captured by the North Vietnamese or Viet Cong.
The Hotel Meyerkord in Saigon became the home base for the small touring group which ventured to the front lines in Quang Tri on the DMZ, and extreme fire support bases, all across Vietnam. The Huey became her taxi cab, moving around the country like a Rolling Stones concert tour. Like the Bob Hope tours, there was a bounty on those who volunteered to entertain the troops, so this wasn’t a cake-walk by any stretch of one’s imagination. The tour was tiresome, dangerous, and I am sure grueling, but absolutely essential to bring a piece of home to the troops at Christmas.
According to official travel reports, the Christmas Handshake Tour visited field hospitals, evacuation stations, and extreme remote fire support bases, swooping in on a Huey for a fast visit, and then leaving as fast as the Lone Ranger riding off into the sunset. Regardless of the brief whistle-stop tour at bases across Vietnam, using government reports, we found the amount of Agent Orange sprayed over Bing Hoa at 8,220 gallons and 63,073 gallons near Bong Son. It should outrage every American that some 35 years after the end of the Vietnam War, the federal government has yet to establish a system to handle medical claims made by the estimated 100,000 civilians who may have worked for or on behalf of the U.S. government in Vietnam affected by Agent Orange.
Upon her return to the US, Lesli attended college, completed her education, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Television, Radio and Film with a secondary emphasis on journalism. She created a successful career in television, got married, and started a family…the dream of nearly everyone in the Seventies. And while the future looked bright, there were many unexpected shadows on the horizon.
In June 1990 at the young age of 38, the first shadow over her future came to light when she was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma, retroperitoneal liposarcoma: A rare, slow growing tumor that develops in the retroperitoneal cavity of the abdomen and tends to displace organs rather than destroy them. The tumor generally contains fat and soft tissue.
In Lesli’s case the tumor was about eight pounds and the invasive surgery required to remove it was by no means simple. The surgeons removed 80% of her stomach, a complete splenectomy, and removal of her left adrenal gland. The surgical procedure also included a partial pancreatectomy.
·         These radical procedures, reminiscent of the Whipple procedure perfected by noted surgeon, Dr. Allen Whipple, for pancreatic cancer, leave the patient with a radically different life. The extensive recovery from such an operation takes many months, and many foods are off the table for the rest of the patient’s life. To say life is inexorably altered is to put it lightly as most patients live in fear of a reoccurrence which occurs in the majority of cases.

In 1992, she underwent a second surgical procedure which was required to remove about four feet of jejunum (the middle portion of the small intestine). This again resulted in almost two years of recovery.
Here we are some twenty years down the road and she is hasn’t been able to live a single day without the knowledge she may once again have to go under the knife or fight off cancer reoccurrence with radiation and chemotherapy.   It’s not just the possibility of reoccurrence that plays center-stage in Lesli’s mind, it’s the many other health problems that can be brought on by an immune system weakened by chemotherapy drugs and radiation. For those not educated about chemotherapy, they are very effective cell-killing drugs made from arsenic, cyanide, e-coli bacteria, platinum, botulism (caused by botulinum toxin) and other cytotoxic components.
You’ve all heard the cautions on many of the drugs used to treat deadly diseases on the television commercials you hear every night…diseases like lymphoma, leukemia, and other cancers. With the make-up of “chemo” being some of the most toxic materials medical research can dream up, it is no wonder Lesli’s diagnosis of T-cell leukemia that settled into her blood, and the lymphoma she was just diagnosed with two years ago have come to pass.
Today, as Lesli’s endless battle with cancer continues, she like many others, have been tossed under the bus. Her injustice, like that being promulgated on the veteran, is proof the government is doing everything in its power to shed responsibility for caring for those exposed to Agent Orange.
Memo 53, was added to the Federal Employment Compensation Act (FECA) on December 13, and 1967 said, “Gratuitous Entertainers With The Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas would be “employees” for the purposes of the FECA and, while on tour with the Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas, would be entitled to benefits under the Act in the event of death or disability.”
·         FECA 5 U.S.C 5.81 (22) (COMPENSATION FOR WORK INJURIES) states, “For permanent loss or loss of use of any other important external or internal organ of the body as determined by the Secretary, proper and equitable compensation not to exceed 312 weeks’ compensation for each organ so determined shall be paid in addition to any other compensation payable under this schedule.” Dahlke has lost several internal organs to cancer in 1990- because of surgery done to remove a life threatening cancer; filed a claim under Memo 53; was denied her claim, and received a final denial on July 1, 2011. To Veterans dealing with Agent Orange problems, denial by the government has become rhetoric we’ve had to deal with so we can understand her frustration.
Promises made by our government to those who volunteered to support our troops, in reality, are just like the promises made to veterans.  “Liposarcoma is a presumptive disease the VA recognizes as being associated with Agent Orange and those presumed exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam between 1962 and 1975 (including those who visited Vietnam even briefly).”
Shamefully even the American Legion Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division turned its back on her. “It’s been a difficult process (for veterans), so it’s not going to get any easier for a civilian,” said Barry Searle, director of the American Legions’ Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division. “She deserves our sympathies, because she supported the soldiers, but we can only focus on veterans.” Sympathy my butt! She went when others had turned against the war; she stood tall when others cowered because of public pressure, and now even the Legion runs the other way, and gang…that’s disgraceful.
Past Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen earlier this year heard her story and decided to assign his special assistant, Army Col. David W. Sutherland, to help her, but that too has failed to provide results. Sutherland calls Dahlke one of the most courageous women he has ever met and said she has become a voice for the veterans. Additionall, a retired Marine who now lives in Vietnam, stated, “For all of us who spent time here during the war days, Vietnam changed our lives forever, but it was people like Leslie and the USO teams that brought much needed laughter and relief from the pain and sorrow of war.”
·         I ask each Veteran who reads this STORY OF BETRAYAL to take a couple of minutes to write a quick letter to your Congressional Representative and State Senators about the plight of Lesli Moore Dahlke, and then copy the President (whoever wins the election tomorrow). It will only take you a minute. Please go to and click the fifth LINK at the top of the home page (Contact Congress). There you will find all the information you need to send an email or letter to your elected representatives. Then print and send a copy to the President at the address below:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
Fax: 202-456-2461
We cannot allow this injustice to stand!

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