Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Remedy to Restore Our Constitutional Republic

Dear Friends:
If you are reading this letter, it is likely that you are one of the millions of Americans who have realized that the recent election between the two establishment parties will not change anything. We were not offered a legitimate choice. The same people will be in control and they will continue to take us down the current path of destruction - guaranteed. As Ron Paul said in his farewell speech, we are no longer on the cliff of financial ruin. We have left the cliff, are falling, and are in an extremely critical situation.
Despite all of this bad news, we are extremely optimistic. We believe we are in a unique situation where we the people of this planet have the opportunity to free ourselves from ruling elites who have kept most of the world at war and in a state of perpetual servitude for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We are writing to you because we must unify all those who believe in liberty and the extraordinary philosophy that built this great nation. We can no longer afford to be divided. We must unite and we must have a plan.
Based on thorough research, it is clear that our original Republic was effectively replaced in 1871 by a federal municipal corporation called the “United States” This structure was taken to another level in the 1930's. This corporate system now includes all the States, counties, towns and cities. They are all part of one big corporate structure owned by the International Monetary Fund. Do your own research and you will find the truth. We recommend beginning with this article, ructive_fraud.html.
There is currently a secessionist movement growing in this country. We are encouraged by this sincere desire to decentralize and restore lost freedoms which have been usurped by a totally out of control federal juggernaut. However it is not necessary to secede from the United States corporation. This entity has no control over any individual who is not in its jurisdiction. So there is no need to secede when you learn how to remove yourself from the jurisdiction of what is posing as our lawful government. The ‘United States’ corporation used fraud to get you to sign documents which placed you in its jurisdiction. A contract entered into through fraud is not valid.
―If man, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up any natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation. The right to freedom being the gift of God, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.‖ - Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution
The process to restore our republic is not going to be as difficult as you might believe. With proper education we can enlighten millions of people very quickly and inspire them to leave the current corrupt structure posing as our government. We can then become involved locally and help create a lawful local, county and state structure. Once we do this the current bankrupt entity will fall away and we will have restored the fundamental principles our country was founded upon. Then we will be ready to enjoy the full blessings of true freedom for many generations to come.
The effort that we are all so diligently pursuing is one that is larger than any citizen, office or organization. We are aware that the millions of people who believe in liberty arrive at their conclusions from many different angles and viewpoints. We must honor and respect these differences and work together. That is the true essence of Liberty: Listening to people contradicting our highly valued opinions while honoring their right to express that opposing opinion--this is liberty.
The restoration of the original Republic appears to be our best and only viable chance to brake the nation’s breakneck gallop toward complete tyranny, and to reverse direction toward individual liberty. Free America Now (FAN – was formed about 16 months ago and is committed to help the People to seize the reins of this runaway stage, and provide a leadership role in this effort. We hope you will be inspired to join us in this monumental challenge.
FAN's first effort was helping Sheriff Richard Mack produce the first ever Constitutional Sheriff convention in Las Vegas in January, 2012 (
That project was an enormous success, with over 115 county sheriffs receiving Bill of Rights training and hearing how other sheriffs successfully stopped unconstitutional intrusions by federal agencies in their counties. FAN continues to work with different organizations that are dedicated to a bottom-up political organizational system, with the individual and the family holding the supreme voice and power within that system.
It is imperative for everyone connected with the various freedom organizations to join together now in a coordinated effort to gain international recognition and the support of established individuals and organizations. Our mission includes providing a structure of stability that will help mitigate the unrest and chaos that will occur when the current economic system collapses around us.
There are other organizations engaged in equally important actions to ensure that a Republic, or Assembly of Sovereign States, emerges when the dust settles from the imminent disruptions to economic stability. It is unknown which organization will be successful in establishing a legitimate internationally recognized entity. FAN is fully aware that such an entity will attract both the necessary national and international support. This support will be necessary to make the transition to freedom and liberty as smooth as possible.
We, as FAN, are currently supporting an organization called the Union
States Project. Their primary website is Please research their site and join one of their conference calls to learn more. We are attaching a brief message from one of their organizers with this letter.
Your participation in these efforts is not only appreciated, it is absolutely necessary in order for the People to regain control of this country.
It is our sincere conviction that we are being presented with an opportunity that is absolutely extraordinary. Since the 1700's, we have evolved, and now have over 240 years of historical experience with the first and most comprehensive experiment in history to guarantee liberty for all. It certainly was not perfect and has had many flaws, but there never has been a country that offered as much freedom and upward mobility to the masses as the USA.
“The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will
become corrupt, our people careless...From the conclusion
of this war we shall be going downhill. It will not then be
necessary to resort every moment to the people for support.
They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded.
They will forget themselves, but in the sole faculty
of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a
due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore...will
be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or
expire in a convulsion.”
Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1781
For the sake of our children and grandchildren, let us take advantage of this current convulsion and use it to realize the dreams of all those who fought and sacrificed for freedom over more than a thousand years, from William Wallace to Patrick Henry to Ron Paul, and our men and women in uniform; let's work together to forge a more perfect society based on freedom and Love.
In the words of Jefferson it is high time that we UNITE TO EFFECT A DUE RESPECT FOR OUR RIGHTS!
from all of us at
Free America Now
Our Plan
2. Work locally to revitalize the jural societies and grand juries in every county.
3. Establish dejeur state governments with a strong and comprehensive bill of rights that precedes and is superior to any constitution
4. Establish a lawful non-coercive national structure
5. Attract Millions of people quickly who will leave the jurisdiction of the current defacto corporation purporting to be the lawful government of this country to join the lawful dejeur structure in their respective states.
6. Create a smooth transition from the current defacto corporate structure to lawful structure based on freedom and love.
Message from the union states project:
“And then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me”
That is the last line of a famous poem by the German theologian, Martin Niem”ller, who spent eight years in German concentration camps for having an alternate point of view. Most of the population, out of fear or apathy, did not speak out when Hitler first came for the Jews, then the unions, then the sick and disabled, then, finally for the general population who did not serve their purpose.
Are you ready to join your fellow Americans and finally say “Enough”?
This country as we know it is perilously close to a total collapse. When that happens, Martial Law will be instituted, and it is customary for the UN to move in as “peace keepers” and then they will be free to move forward with their new world order business. Ask yourself, who will they come after first?
There is a project underway that you should know about. It is called the union states project - a lawful, peaceful group of people who are simply re-claiming the de jure government that our forefathers innocently and unknowingly allowed to be replaced by what is known as “our government” today. That original government has been dormant for 134 years. It was recognized by international treaties and law. It is still there waiting for us to bring it forward.
We are merely claiming what was abandoned and bringing it forward by giving notice to the rest of the world by using a lawful process. If something is abandoned or lost, the true owner must stake his claim and give notice that he is the rightful owner – that’s us.
We are following the original format that was already laid out and recognized by the other nations. First, the original thirteen states are claiming their individual sovereign status, and, then they will join together in union under the Articles of Confederation. After that is completed, the rest of the states (now still territories over which the “federal government” has total authority) will join the Union.
The stakes are high and the time is short. Many organizations throughout the world are watching, hoping we will finally set the example for mankind. Our Military is waiting for us to complete this project also. They cannot generate their own agenda, lest they perform a military coup. Right now, they have no choice but to take orders from the de facto government.
For more information, please listen to the fifty minute introductory audio at:
Please join us every Tuesday and Friday 9:00 PM eastern 218-895-0970 pin 396109#
You can listen to recordings of our previous meetings, and view the paperwork used in the process at: This project is transparent and open to everyone. It is led by nobody but we, the People.
Who is going to step up? If not you, who? if not now, when? In the name of all good things, and for the sake of mankind, please join us before it is too late.
Recommended Reading from FAN
First four chapters of Common Sense Revisited. By Clyde J. Cleveland, 12 pages
Great introduction to bottom up government, freedom, and individual soveriegnty
The Law, by Bastiat
Incredibly powerful essay on the nature of the relationship
between government and the individual; this is a
classic. This is Ron Paul’s number one recommendation 58 pages
Article called “Rape of We the People”
Good summary of the 1933 bankruptcy and difference between corporate defacto government and lawful dejeur government. 12 pages Great research on the fraudulent corporation, jurisdiction, and sovereignty This is the best book we have found to quickly bring anyone up to speed on the basic fraud that has occurred.
by Roger S. Sayles
Great research on the fraudulent corporation, jurisdiction, and sovereignty This is the best book we have found to quickly bring anyone up to speed on the basic fraud that has occurred. It is 200 pages however it is a fairly easy and quick read. We recommend studying it closely and reading it over several times.
Sovereignty by Michael Badnarik
One man's search for liberty and freedom from tyranny by the former Libertarian party presidential nominee
The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin
A comprehensive history of the creation of the Federal
Reserve and its impact on society. Long book but reads like a crime novel. It actually describes the biggest crime syndicate in history. You will not be able to put it down and it is crucial reading for every American interested in restoring a true republic.
These are the essential reading materials we recommend for quickly achieving our stated goals. For those who want more please look at the recommended reading list at
Knowledge is power, please take the time to OWN this material. Share it with family and friends and every person you know


  1. Look at a State;
    Do they have a Corporation with a CAFR?
    Did they Declare their Sovereignty as Drake mentioned?
    Did they submit a Petition to Secede?

    Well, maybe those people that have done each of these are NOT working with the others and may believe that the Corporation can STILL exist to run the finances!

    This is NO different then Obama declaring himself a Muslim and a Christian at the same time!

    Now the PLAN is to REMOVE ALL Government Corporations, and working both ways is still good; that is from THE UNITED STATES, INC. down and from the cities UP!

    How can the FEDERAL RESERVE still continue as a Corporation when its Charter has EXPIRED?

    Who are the secret board members and secret stock holders of THE UNITED STATES, INC. as they are the ones to be arrested?

  2. Thank you for the reference to Roger Sayles book, From SOVEREIGN to SERF: GOVERNMENT by the TREACHERY
    and DECEPTION of WORDS. Here is a link, which will allow your readers to order either an eBook or printed version.

  3. The author of this post is confused or making distorted remarks

    "We were not offered a legitimate choice. The same people will be in control and they will continue to take us down the current path of destruction - guaranteed."

    They seem to not want the ensuing destruction that is needed to get to the Constitutional Republic, and seem to think the election was real. Maybe this election and the things that happened, people being disenfranchised, and people switching sides and votes flipping when the voter can see it and not after it was cast is INTENTIONAL?

    People want to know the truth and someone is going through a lot of trouble to show it to us and I just don't get it, what happens in return is a bunch of complaining when we should be rejoicing in seeing the curtain and knowing trickery is happening behind the scenes.

    It's easier to transition out of the corporate government if more people can see it's fake.
    A flip won't seem like a coup or dictatorship.
    O holds the right status to make the flip. He's not an attorney. So he's not holding a title of nobility.
    His papers that are hidden can't be altered, so he's probably holding all the qualifications the original constitution requires.
    The 1% pays the 99% and 1%'ers don't want to lose the power they have by fraud, and those that depend on them for cushy jobs or cushy salaries or cushy perks don't want to see it end either.
    Jamie Dimon has a man that holds the door open for him to get into his ride.
    Do you think that dude wants to lose his cushy job and cushy salary as a bodyguard or door opener?
    There are a lot of them walking around here wanting to keep the status quo, too.
    It's going to get nastier, the CFPB os taking force come Jan 2, 2013 and there's a lot of businesses who made money on collecting debt, and banks that rely on those deposits to be solvent, and courts relying on those lawsuits to remain active, and employees filing paperwork claiming to be owed debt but aren't owed it, they bought it and attorneys who have filed suits as holders of debt and weren't owed money that will have to answer for their deeds. FTC had 118,000 complaints in 2011. They have the names of businesses and the names of consumers who filed the complaints. CFPB handles student loan complaints, credit report complains, and mortgages too.
    The other side is so scared they are talking of taking the creation of that board into court because Congress can't affect the efforts of the board to go after people garnishing wages when they should not. Congress can't affect them because they can't withhold funding for the board to make them ineffective. In so many words, this board cannot be controlled by any of the three branches of government. The board is operating under 'The Rule of Law'.

    WE know the courts and Congress have not for a long time.
    We are returning to the Republic and people are getting their status as 'creditors' back.
    Folks just have heard so much stuff they haven't learned the law of the land their self.
    I mean they are still following people who haven't been able to do anything to change anything and they are frustrated.
    They don't know what to look for.
    Did you know JP Morgan could not trade in the energy market for six (6) months? Look up "JP Morgan suspended energy markets" to find out more. That's as of last week.
    A lot is happening.
    Reading some of these posts is like someone waiting on a single butterfly to come of of it's chrysalis and complaining that it's not happening or taking too long, when in other locations a variety of butterflies are emerging early and in mass and pollinating flowers; but the complaint is on THIS butterfly. It's a distraction.