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Friday, November 9, 2012

Agenda 21 Commercial (Seen on Blaze Tv)



  1. Disgusting.... So what is grandma suggesting.... Be sure to knock off those in the 3rd world to be sure HER family can live the good life in the next generation. How transparent must this get before sheeple wake up.

    What we need is for the UN / Cabal stop blocking REAL Sustainable Solutions with the technologies they suppress to keep their boot on our n=eck with Oil. But they will not do that UNTIL they get their CARBON CREDIT REVENUES in place for DOING NOTHING!!

    1. I think grandma is suggesting its time for her (and her generation) to go, because she's lived a good life and there's no place left for her on earth. This is conditioning and further dumbing done the masses to accept their euthanasia agenda (eg depopulation)...

      Here's another one in the same vein. Again, very sick, chilling and extremely misleading given that it's their wars, poisons, chemicals, nuclear tests/fallout, weather modification, haarp, withholding of free energy for decades etc that has caused all the environmental degradation. The even tell is its coming soon!!!! My transcript is below the link....


      “For millions of years this lake thrived but now it is dying, poisoned by humans who put themselves above nature. It’s time to stop the killing. It’s time to heal our planet. It’s time to remove your footprints. Agenda 21 is coming soon”.

  2. These are sick twisted people...SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!

  3. Freaked me out too. But This is likely just an ad for Glenn Beck's new book. He's on blaze, this was on blaze.