Thursday, November 22, 2012

An anonymous insider reveals poistions of Antichrist, Sananda, St. Germain, ect

"Sananda Immanuel Esu is the Antichrist , the beast from the land . His false prophets are Germaine and Prince William , the beast from the sea , who has his own false prophet , Meitreya , who assumes the title of president of the theosophical society after he kills Rael or Claude Vorilhon . Meitreya's false prophet in turn is Benjamin Creme . Satan the devil had a demon child with Lilith , one named Yurii , and the other Sanat Kumera , and the other Germain . Yurii became ancestor of the pre-germanic Scandinavians , and his descendant , Freya , had Baal the demon , who was incarnated as Baal the king of Babylon.Satan and a fallen angel named Madonna " the queen of heaven " had Astarte , who was incarnated As Astarte , wife of ninus , and later wife of their grandson , king Baal.Sanat Kumera the demon had Athena , and Sananda the demon had Pindar . Pindar and Athena had Pindara , who with Germaine had Alepha . Alepha the demon and Baal had Incubus , who with demon astarte had Astar . Pindar was later incarnated as king Pindar of Sodom.Now Incubus and Lilith had Jedi , who had Annunak , progenitor of annunaki , with Atlanta . Atlanta was the daughter of king chronos of Atlantis.Chronos was the one who broke off Atlantis from asia originally it was landlocked . Atlantis used to be called Enoch , prior to chronos's reign ( which began three months after his daughter Atlanta was born , hence Atlantis . ) Enoch after Enoch , father of Irad , father of chronos , who was the son of Cain , the son of satan . Irad also had Prince Mehujael , who had Duke Mehushael , who had Sir Lamech , who had Feudal Lord Tubal Cain , whose daughter Sedeqetelebeb was good and married ham but they became evil after the flood and had Cush , who had Nimrod . Meanwhile one of the annunaki Tebiris had Semiramis with misra son of ham and Sedeqetelebeb . Semiramis and nimrod were progenitors of all satanists . Meanwhile An Annunaki alien king Lam reigned . His son prince endri-Gakama became the father of Fairenai , ancestors of the fairies . the original Atlantis was destroyed because of the sins of the kenites . A fairy named Alba however found it and remade it near the coast of Portugal . The inhabitants of this new atlantis , Alboin , were destroyed , but Domjov was taken in the heir during the flood . During the flood albino moved to the north west of the European mainland . Domjov's son Atlas I sunk 90 percent of alboin so it could not be destroyed again , and the other 10 percent later became known as england . Now the sunken part of alboin was known as atlantis again . One of it's queens Attica was the mother of cush's children . One of their progeny was Neptune and another was Baal whose daughter was Athena the selfsame demon incarnate . Athena married the son of misraim and his sister Maza , named Caphtor . They had Phillisti , who had Chua , who with neptune had Atlas . Atlas had oceanus and Tethys , and they had Tethys . Zeus a demon incarnate was the mortal son of King Thoth of Egypt . Zeus and Tethys had Alice , who mixed with the descendants of the Britons , ( who were the seed of Latins or of Iberian celts , and of the trojans , descendants of the tribe of dan.) Iberian celts were a branch of celts . Celts are a mix of descendants of the tribe of ephraim , descendants of the tribe of dan , descendants of Japheth , descendants of Egyptians , who were descended from nimrod and Semiramis , descendants of demons , and descendants of Babylonians ( of nimrod seed ) . The Britons and them created the current atlantean race . But anyway Sanat Kumera , Germaine , and Sananda arrived as demons on earth in 1954 . Until 1990 , the demons were nomads and in 1990 they settle in Rome . In 1994 Prince William and his future gilfriend and wife Catherine Middleton were forced to have an affair , producing the secret princess Mary Diana , who on June 1 2006 had a child with Meitreya . This child was Sanat Kumera incarnate , who the moment he was born became an adult . He was incarnated as a female . On June 6 2006 she became pregnant with satan's child , Sananda Incarnate , and gave birth the same day . Sananda immediately became an adult and works near Utah in his human state with the satanist Mormons . I am NLT sure but be aware I believe Sananda Immanuel Esu is the antichrist ."


  1. most ill informed smear campaign by rote ignaramous

  2. The world you live in is devoid of any truth , love or light,,,Your in misery,,,Your day is done,,,go back into your pit of darkness.

  3. Oh my, this is very strange and interesting. I always thought that this sananda calling himself Christ was a demon. And we all know the Mormons have likely the best geneology archives on the planet. My sister married a spooky Mormon and her quest has been to gather generational data on our large family.

    And what is nlt please???

  4. Sanada Immanuel Esu antichrist...hmm.
    Well, it's nothing to rule out, just because of the value that the theosophists and the new agers and channelers and so forth have put on that name and the names included in your writing. However...just that whole list is really really out there. When I say that, I mean that the tracing is even more out-there than some of the craziest conspiracies I have ever heard. Could you please provide some references or sources? At least, the information that allowed you to reach this conclusion. Thanks. But wow. Just absolute edge of the conspiracy world. Believe absolutely every conspiracy ever, and this conclusion is possible, from what I have seen. John, may I ask, I'm just curious, but what's your take on this?

  5. Well, there you have it..

    The shit has finally been stacked too high.

    I'm outa here!

  6. i have read some of the channeling of sanntanna and the phoenix journals that shows up on fourwinds10 and i must say they reek of arrogance, intolerance and a total lack of love for those who do not shallow everything hook line and sinker. he says he is coming back to evacuate those who are ready and if no one boards his ships , too bad all will perish. a I could care less attitude is not the God i have a relationship with. the another translation of anti christ is the instead of christ an impostor who comes in his own name showing false signs and lying wonders and will deceive many. according to Daniel and revelation this world leader reveals himself as God in the middle of the 7 years. then there is 1295 days until the real Jesus returns with his armies to set things right.

  7. Interesting words BUT by my understandings, the chronology of statements are aparently all over the recorded historical map.
    If you want to present your case in a more convincing manner, you will have to try again with better sequential order.
    Declarations would be better received if additional information of a supporting nature was included. As it stands, your position does not warrant receiving any cigar of mine.

  8. As real as this stuff might seem to some of us,
    It is just another dissolving mythos...
    Trash blowing in the wind.
    Hierarchies, names, and bloodlines...
    They all add up to nothing.
    Seek the magnificent life which is always already living you.
    - NOW.
    It's never too late to be restored to TRUTH/REALITY.

  9. hmmmm I can't wait till this article is shown for what it is, and it will be proven wrong. I just don't understand people sometimes. I would not even put that negative fearful junk in my spirit if I was you all. St. Germain is hardly the anti-christ, religion is, as I see it. But oh well, think what you may. Most have no iota of what really is and wow, what a school/eye opener this will be to most. Hence, I betcha even when the truth is out, some won't even believe it, because change is not a part of their being. hmmm good luck all...

  10. This is only one accounting of what happened, and not the whole story by any means.
    Do your due diligence of research to find out.