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Notice to all those who work in and/or for the UNITED STATES corporation Government and those who carry badges:

You are aiding and abetting the enemy known as the B.A.R. association!
Be warned !
You will face the wrath of the people you have assisted the enemy in oppressing!

~We the people

Friday, November 2, 2012

An open letter to Secretary Napolitano

An open letter to Secretary Napolitano
From: James Smith
To:  Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
Via: The American People
Subj: An open letter regarding FEMA camps
1)      Secretary Napolitano, it is with great hesitancy I write this letter to you. This is a letter that no American should have to write. It is a letter with great expectations and little hope of those expectations being met.
2)      It is known that the Department of Homeland Security manages several thousand camps throughout the United States and territories. From what can be learned, these camps are set aside in the event of a great emergency or for protection during mass civil disorder.
3)      As an American citizen, I request the following:
  1. Be informed of the exact nature and purposes of each camp;
  2. To schedule a meeting with the camp administrator from my area;
  3. To be granted access to all living, recreational, and administrative spaces for a cursory inspection;
  4. To be granted access to all policies and procedures manuals, flyers, and email updates that pertain to:

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