Tuesday, November 20, 2012



     As head of the Confederate movement in America with authority for the Confederate Government from three branches of the Jefferson Davis family, let me issue this warning to present leaders of Wash., D.C. It is time to lie low and let international law on genocide and land put the Confederate Government into national power over America as if international law recognizes as it is anticipated it will that the Confederate Government has lawfully acquired legal title to all 50 states of America, with title to all the land now acquired the Confederate Government is the new national government of America. Without land left for the federal government to claim as legally its own, the federal government will have lost national power and no longer be a functioning government as a government without land has no power base to it to survive on. Many in Wash., D.C. deserve to be hung for high treason against the American people and America as a nation. Having a heavy background in military intelligence, it is easy for me to hunt down these federal traitors when the Confederate Government has the legal option now to take over as the national govenment of America and then punish those who were its enemies when law legally justifies it. I am not a bloodthirsty man and prefer the ways of peace rather than harsh law and harsh punishment for those deserving it in Wash., D.C. No incidents and play ball with me now and I prefer to let you go to your homes peacefully and let you later face the Judgment of God rather than forcing my hand so Confederate Judgment will handle you first and then turn you over to God for a second round of judgment for your evil and wickedness when in power. As a Christian leader in policy when my enemies will allow me to be merciful with them, if you don't force my hand, I will try and be merciful and let you retire with your head intact and allowed to lead your life peacefully but in enforced retirement. If I am forced, then I will act with the authority of Caesar (symbolic of government authority) instead of the mercy of Christ (symbolic of a more merciful approach to your enemies if they will allow you to spare them the punishments they justly deserve in this life).
     Do not miscalculate my character nor that of the Confederate Government now getting ready to rise into national power. Any indication of later conspiracy and evil on your part if we let you just leave Wash., D.C. and retire in peace, then instead we will put you through the American equivalent of the Nuremberg War Trials of Nazi Criminals and likely hang most or all of you if the court so rules. If you don't care for peace and want to press your luck to see if you can survive the pending legal takeover of America by the revived Confederate Government, then we will likely at least practice the old Roman system of legal decimation where one of every ten of you will be executed by the law if found guilty as legal warning to the rest that if they don't behave themselves, then their heads will roll along with yours.
     If we are soon totally backed by international law and there is to be a peaceful transfer of government to the Confederate Government, then this is my policy until and unless our Confederate Government should change this policy. The military stays intact and operates as usual. The Confederate Battle Flag will now fly along with the American Flag. This will be symbolic to show that the Confederate Government is now the new national government of America but America remains as one nation under the God-loyal Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America (now increased up to 50 states belonging to the Confederacy of America). We will have remaining states ratifying formally where the people and state governments want to join the Confederacy. But with ownership of their state land, we will return title to their state land as soon as ratification unifies them with the Confederacy. And nice reward as we treat all with justice, we turn over $1 trillion to each state as it joins the Confederacy. This money is to be equally divided between all citizens 18 years of age and age who were lawful American citizens and now swear allegiance to the Confederacy as their new national government. How we acquire this money to do this is a sort of Confederate secret until we hold power. If we can obtain enough extra beyond the $100 trillion goal, we may throw in the free bonus of paying off all state debts of all 50 state governments in America. We agree to pay off all federal debts owed to foreign sources but with one condition attached. You vote for us in the UN. You vote against us and since we are not the federal government, but Confederate Government, we will invite you then to collect from the old federal government if any of it still legally exists after losing the land claims to America.We pay off the federal foreign debts as a courtesy but not a legal obligation of the Confederacy as we did not make these debts with you but another government which we will have replaced in America.
     We will want federal laws enforced through Nov. 20, 2012 and remain operational until we confirm their continuance, modify them or else cancell them. This among other things means that social security runs as usual and pays as usual. When we are ready, we will turn the social security system from an effective Ponzi Scheme into a very sound monetary system for the retired in America and would not be surprised if later the retired receive even two to three more times more money under Confederate management than prior federal management. The Bush tax cuts remain in force until we make whatever changes required. This means no new tax increases starting in 2013. Also, the Obamacare national health plan will be on hold as it was designed to bankrupt the American economy by undermining the financial soundness of American business. When we come up with a much better national health for the people, we will set this Confederate retirement plan up and people and businesses will be far more happy with it than the Communist designed Obama sounding good until carefully analyzed and then super deadly to the American economy. Also, we are not going to have people take the microchip under their skins which C.I.A. in secret session long ago wanted as the trick way to put the Ameican people under a total federal electronic police state where the government would automatically spy on all the people 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We don't believe in national police states, so this policy is dead as law before it even gets started.
      As we systemically change from the unsound federal monetary policies to sound monetary policies, we will honor federal money until we retire it with a far better monetary system. If any nations try tricks of financial war on America while this monetary change takes place, we will consider this an act of war against the Confederate States of America and will set up monetary policies against that nation whereas they will maybe find out that their economy may go bankrupt instead of ours. Don't try to take advantage of the situation while we change government, etc. as we will at no point be weak while changing government in America.
     The Confederate States of America never joined the United Nations, so we are not bound by authority of the United Nations nor treaties of Wash., D.C. until we decide that we will legally approve them or else reject them as treaties we will not agree to be bound by. And in our Confederate Constitution to be written by delegates from the original Confederate States, I will insist that we never make treaty agreements as higher in authority or as high in authority as our Confederate Constitution. We do not give away the legal righs of our citizens to foreign sources through treaties contrary to Wash., D.C. today. We will agree to a Permanent Observer Mission with the United Nations where our views may be showed to the UN, but we do not vote in the UN until we are satisfied with the terms we will have offered to the Confederate States of America.
     It is to the interests of the UN to back the Confederacyand fully. If we are not backed, we will sponsor a separate international body to later replace the UN as an international legal source for all nations to appeal to in international legal issues.If we are not backed, then my father's Vatican endorsed food process is not available to the human race and university tests of long ago said the entire human race will shortly die like the dinosaurs on earth if this unique food is not soon offered to all nations on earth. Regardless of which national government will shortly represent America and the people of America, our national market is still huge and to have chaos in our economy would probably trigger off the collapse of all economies in the world and bankruptcy for most to all national governments on earth. And nations hostile to us in the UN and not on our side, I hold the Vatican endorsed trade secret food process and other technology which will skyrocket the world economy. I bless with the food and other technology those who are the friends of the Confederacy. Those who are our enemies, you will not share in the great prosperity we can bring to nations who are our friends and trading partners in the world.
     Some nations should be automatic to back us in the UN from the very start. If we have a way we are going to deliver to Russia from $10 trillion to $20 trillion at current purchasing power of American money as of Nov. 20, 2012, of course Russia is going to be on our side in the UN. If we are going to boom the economies of France, Great Britain, Italy, and Ireland with $1 trillion each plus other West European nations acting in time to our incredibly cheap $1 million offer listed in a previous report for UN reading and filing, why not nations going to get $1 trillion in return not going to back us in the UN? And if acting quickly, I will let Poland join this $1 million offer for later $1 trillion in return from the Confederacy, but if you do not ask fast and the committed fund is used up, then sorry Poland no $1 trillion for you. The $1 million amounts are to help pay our expenses to set up our Permanent Mission Headquarters in New York for working with the UN. Also, cover some other expenses not mentioned here but advance the interests of the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America.
     From this hour forth, if Wash., D.C. makes any moves to try and interfere with our mail, internet communications, money we receive, etc., this will be considered as legally an act of war against the Confederate States of America. We will then want arrested Obama of Kenya and Eric Holder of the U.S. Justice Dept. arrested by the U.S. military and when the Confederate Government is in power, we will put these two federal leades on trial as American equivalent of Nazi War Criminals held on trial at the Nuremberg War Trials starting on Nov. 20,  1945. We reserve the right to add more names of federal leaders if more want to engage in acts of war against the lawful Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America.
     Americans, copy and send this report out nationally and worldwide to break the censorship of the corrupt news media of America. Their censorship can't stop us, but create such ill will with us if they think censorship of the news will stop us, then we will pass laws of taxation, etc. that will teach corrupt news media to play it honest the next time and not corrupt in America. I descend from a strong newspaper family including one of my forefathers founding the first newspaper in Texas which was the Bonham News if I remember the name right, my father was an executive with Randolph Hearst of the American newspaper empire, and others of my forefathers and I have all believed in journalistic integrity in the reporting of news to the American people, not censorship of pertinent major news in order to try and politically control the American people by hiding the truth from them. I have worked for several newspapers in my life including The Wall Street Journal and I have no use for prostitute journalists trying to trick the American people out of control of their government and nation by censorship, distortion of news, propaganda slants to reporting of news, etc. The newspapers will need to have goodwill with me as they don't need to make me their hardened critic in American society and heard and believed by all the American people in the future. Play it honest and you are smart!
     Position of law of the Confederate Government. We need to have it as international law that hacking of financial accounts or any form of personal accounts on the internet is a modernized version of Piracy On The High Seas and can be punished by even hanging as was common law in older times. In South Carolina in America, nearly 4 citizens of South Carolina had their private personal information stolen by an international hacker apparently from Russia.This means up to 4 million citizens can have their bank accounts stolen from and other mischief done to their lives including they pay credit card and debit card charges for the hacker or those he sold their private information to so sources all over the world could steal from them even potentially for the rest of their lives. I want no legal protection given hackers in any nation of the world. We can have soldiers or authorized legal agents assigned to arrest them able to go to any nation to arrest them and bring them back to the nation where their victims live, put them on trial, and then carry out the legal ruling of the court involved. I also suggest that in security systems for private information or private accounts of people in any nations of the world, there be added an additional software system so all people entering these security threatened accounts have to be verified as to where they are and from what internet service they are using to approach these accounts. We have to see back a signal from the source approaching any security account to verify where the electronic signals came from so we can arrest the would-be hacker if would-be hacker is involved. Also, that all bank accounts in the world also have a paper system whereas if the bank account holder insists then their account can only honor paper checks, not electronic instructions, for payments to be withdrawn from their accounts. And where the bank account holder insists, then they must be called or effectively contacted first before they authorize large bank checks to be honored to be withdrawn in amount from their private or business accounts. It is time for a bit of common sense in international banking and national banking all over the world!
     For UN members or private citizens wishing to read over 80 of my national reports posted nationally and internationally over the last 7 plus months now with Nesara News which covers a large national and international audience monthly, put in their search box at the top left of their website my pen name of Erasmus of America and you can read the reports listed there. For those wanting to back my drive to finish our legal work of filling, etc. with the UN and other activities which will soon bring the Confederate Government into national power, send to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 296789 any financial support for the Omni Law which will be national law for America soon regardless if under the federal government or else Confederate Government of America. If Wash., D.C. had met me halfway and passed the Omni Law while they could, I would have been forced by moral force to accept compromise and let the federal government survive. Now it is too late for that! The Confederacy arises now because Wash., D.C. was so dedicated to tyranny, they could not stand to give back the God-given rights of the American people to the 50 states of America.
     I may receive communications at fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com . Public, say "Add to List" for coming reports.
     Yours for God and the Confederate States of America, Martin Hunter, Erasmus of America (pen name), President of the Confederate States of America


  1. “There exist a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading; a law which has come to us not by theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  2. NOW YOU'RE TALKING, ERASMUS! My research indicates that a confederacy is the very best system, leaving honest and moral men to their own devices with no interference from the central organization now known as government. Damn, it's good to hear you now, kick some federal/vatican ass and take names for the trials ! TYJM frj

  3. Talking and getting it done are 2 seperate things.....GOOD LUCK.....