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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality

Veil Of Politics...

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality: “We Got F**ked” ~ General Motors Moves To China After U.S. Taxpayer $80 Billion Bailout And Old G.M. Buildings Being Converted To Active FEMA Concentration Camps!

Posted on November 13, 2012

Note: If you are local please investigate and send more picture and information to:tips@theintelhub.com
As you are reading this a massive FEMA camp “tent city” is being erected north of Woodbridge, military guards are present and reports of black helicopters circulate throughout the town.
By Shepard Ambellas

November 11, 2012
NEW JERSEY — According to local reports, near the Linden Airport north of Woodbridge a massive FEMA camp is being constructed in plain sight as military guards and officials downplay the activity as normal.
Inside the camps perimeter there are water tanker trucks, tents, building supplies, and portable shower and sanitation facilities causing concern to say the least.

1.  U.S. $80 Billion Taxpayer Bailout Of General Motors Now Becomes China Motors!

It was reported by the Woodbridge Patch that a few of the guards admitted the new construction on the site was indeed a FEMA project.

FEMA spokesman Scott Sanders denied that the project was in anyway connected to FEAM stating in a report by Deborah Bell, ”We might provide provisions, but we don’t run shelters,” Sanders said when asked if the tents were to be used for people displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Across the Arthur Kill from Woodbridge, Staten Island residents who were devastated by last week’s hurricane and storm surge are still homeless.

The report goes on to read;
Officials in Staten Island have been looking at several possible sites to house Sandy victims, including reopening an old prison facility, according to the Staten Island Advance.
Sanders pointed to the Red Cross as a source for finding out what the tent city is for; the Red Cross did not return repeated phone calls.

A spokesman in the office of Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka said the tents were to be used for utility workers from out of state who had flooded New Jersey after the hurricane hit.

It is true that many utility workers were working in the central New Jersey area to restore power since last week. But in a conference call Friday, the last one of the Hurricane Sandy media updates, PSEG President Ralph LaRossa said that he expected the workers to begin leaving by Sunday or Monday.

The tent city was put up only in the past few days, so it wouldn’t seem to be needed for out-of-state utility workers whose emergency work here was largely completed.

The Union County Office of Emergency Management also said the tents were to house utility workers, but they, too, had nothing to do with it, according to spokesman Sebastian D’elia. As of Friday, “ten percent of the county still doesn’t have power,” he said, so he wasn’t anxious to see the utility workers leave before electrical service was restored.
  1. Rothschild’s British Concentration Camps: Way Back When, It Was A Means To Usurp/Destroy The Gold/Silver Standard ~ Only Then To Be Replaced By Rothschild’s Keynesian Economics ‘Derivative Fiat Paper’
The camp appears it will be for an overflow of Staten Island residents that have been displaced from the storm, signifying the possibility that FEMA plane on relocating displaced victims out-of-state. However, a Linden police officer stated that it is for utility workers, but yes, FEMA is in charge of the camp facility.
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  1. For once, would someone please have FAITH in people working together to HELP each other instead of DOOM & GLOOM...

    There are TOO MANY AWAKE that would NEVER allow this to happen...

    WOULD you rather people be "homeless" or living in broken down homes?

    After every wild-fire storm that raged through southern California, they turned old schools and all of the churches into safe havens!

    WHY aren't ALL OF THE CHURCHES in New York and NEW Jersey doing the same?

    PLEASE HAVE FAITH and ask all of the angels for divine assistance instead of constantly being negative which btw, the cabal FEEDS off of (the ones that are still left)!

  2. This is stupid!

    FEMA camps will never succeed, this is a bad idea run by a group of moronic psychopaths in New Jersey who are insane. Most likely after the trial runs the idiot who created the camp will be court martialed, with everyone involved tossing this junk out and making it into a food warehouse.

    FEMA camps are the idea of insane psychos, they have no room in free society! They will no longer exist, unless New Jersey wants them. Also they look like terrible food shelters.