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So drake  if nothing else why havent you been on mainstream media as you keep saying your going to do an express to all about The Hague Filings?

Nothing of the other topics you speak about have to be spoken on air. but wouldn't it be wise to reveal the Notification of The Hague filing, as to make all americans aware of it, then the ball would roll fromt here.

This secede nonsense would stop, it wont get anywhere anyway, they are asking permission basically, which is ridiculous and it doesn't need to be done if what ou say about The Hague Filings is true, So why isn't this exposed an aired nation wide / world wide.

If all are made aware of this then it would collapse everything right away.

Everybody keeps Banging on about the constitution all the time, as if that will save you, they have already made it clear they dont care about it and take no notice of it, so why fight just for that to be restored, the idea of freedom goes way past that, and it only applies to corporation anyway why dont you state this?

As you should know full well this isnt just about americans, their love of guns and restoring the lie that is meant to be the american way of life, this is about world wide freedom, unalienable human rights for all.

I feel there is more to the picture that is painted by most blogs dealing with this which come from america more than anywhere else, yes arguably America the land mass is the last stand, that where this battle will be decided but it still comes across half the time that its only americas issues and rights that are more important than anyone else's, we have to get past this join a Militia, get some silver and a gun. it way bigger as you know.

Yes people have to be prepared, but unless Nation wide people are made away an i mean like 60-70% of your population then those, lets say 2 million who are aware will be prepared anyway and those who dont know will never know an wont be able to because they just wont wake up form the illusion no matter what. so i feel that to just keep telling people join a Militia although is a good thing to do, wont make an impact on anything, because if the fight came to their door, they would stand on the side of the Militia anyway.

Personally if can understand the concept of them an feel it is a good idea but the time has come where just joining and sitting around waiting is pointless, defeats the point dont you think?

I mean im doing the exact same thing, but im not in one, so what is the difference between us none.

I feel that if the Militia is going to hold any worth an stand up for what they promote they want then it already way past time the literally stand up and fight, do you think the Milita of revolutionary days gone by would be waiting / waiting for what ? when is enough enough ?

Surely the time for the MIlitia to take action is right now isnt it? what Militia would wait for "permission" from the corporate army first before acting  because obviously they are going to say not to.

If not then what is the point, there is none and they should disband if they are no going to do anything, this is a war for our souls an all regular game plans must be disgarded, the old ways havent done anything to help the situation so far have they?

Simply i feel that the head unit of this cabal needs to be taken and all the rest will fall into lace, its no good starting from the gound up that is and will take to long an get knowhere, the head must be severed, we know who they are where they live etc so why is it so impossible for units of good guys in decent positions to just go get them ? one that is done all the rest bar a few little incidents will fade away and we can get on with sorting this planet out in real time not just talking about it.

Yes caution is needed in many things, but for me, this year has now passed and promises deadlines an dates have come and gone and yet still no definitive action taking the head of this structure out, many have stated there is masses of evidence collected an stored that can deal with these evil entities, so why yet still have the top figures not been arrested, just tell the good to arrest them.

The good guys are way to cautious, hence them being in the positions they are in, its their nature, they are cautious, talk a lot, make plans, scheme etc but nothing ever happens on a grand scale, we need men an women of actual physical action not those who talk a good game. The time is now, you know it, we know it, were are all with them, can and will back them up in the ways we can. S o action must be now or never, we cant keep waiting and striving for that one extra little thing, that one more day etc etc, There is a deadline for this and we are so close to it, that if nothing is done, then all would have been in vain, and then what will they say about their failure ?

The people of the world are ready, waiting and becoming so disenchanted by this because the main actions stated, promised, promoted and agreed upon never materialize, its always just another scandal in the paper that nobody is held accountable for and thats it.

If this Plan/ Event doesn't come by mid December then i can assure you that they will be cut out of our loop, and the whole planet is going to erupt an take matters into our own hands an deal with it however we need to and they will not be able to stop us.

Everybody has had enough, simple as that, so you can pass this on an tell them their time is limited too, do the want respect, do they want, budgets, do they want to be able to do this peacefully, do they want they say in how this is executed?

or do they want to be sidelined and considered to be irrelevant then decommissioned?

It is our energy and time that creates their revenue to function, without us they are nothing!

This can be sent around the world to all Militaries and Militias they need to understand, they work for the people to at least they are meant to, we are sick an tired your compliance to the cabal, no action / silence is agreement and compliance.

How is it that you know where they live, where they work, where they dine, where they vacation, see them walking around in plain sight etc etc, and you cant just send a handfull of Soldiers to each location and slap the cuffs on them. All of us find this completely ridiculous! and give's no credibility you the "info' that we are given.
If you cant even do that then how do you expect to be able to take this cabal down worldwide?

Your time is up, you had your chance and didn't deliver, you are obsolete.

Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?”

Thoreau replied, “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?”

[ Edited on Thu Jan-08-09 07:13 PM by underpants
This account says that Thoreau's one night in jail was due to refusal to pay the poll tax because of slavery.
Other accounts mention his opposition to slavery as well as
"Polk's War"- the Mexican-American War which is eerily similar to the War on Iraq.

“Civil Disobedience” is an analysis of the individual’s relationship to the state that focuses on why men obey governmental law even when they believe it to be unjust. But “Civil Disobedience” is not an essay of abstract theory. It is Thoreau’s extremely personal response to being imprisoned for breaking the law. Because he detested slavery and because tax revenues contributed to the support of it, Thoreau decided to become a tax rebel. There were no income taxes and Thoreau did not own enough land to worry about property taxes; but there was the hated poll tax — a capital tax levied equally on all adults within a community.

Thoreau declined to pay the tax and so, in July 1846, he was arrested and jailed. He was supposed to remain in jail until a fine was paid which he also declined to pay. Without his knowledge or consent, however, relatives settled the “debt” and a disgruntled Thoreau was released after only one night.

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless.
According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?”

Thoreau replied, “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?” ]


  1. If you really want to know why the military has not done anything yet, go to and listen to the 50 minute audio. Then if you REALLY want to do something get involved with the project.

  2. Want to see a real notice? Check this out!

  3. Excellent point however your first mistake is addressing Drake as tho he actually knows something or a messenger for someone.

  4. yaws crazy!

    Everything you 'know' came to you by word of mouth.

    A friend, a good friend, a vetted top military person, from deep in the rabbit hole, all kinds of sweet titles but hearsay.

    What was done and what you were told was done CAN be different. What was said, and the situation that led up to what was said can be totally different.

    The people on the inside are so deep cover you can't tell who is the good guy and some are doing both good and bad and still can't be figured out if they are on the cabal side or the people side.

    It's not time to go to war.
    No militia has a central command to outlast fighting any force that comes in from all sides.

    It doesn't matter how many guns are in a country, this whole place will be destroyed and rise from the ashes if the militia thinks they are going to take down a government they are electing into office.

    It'll be like those movies, the enemy is all around and there are some survivors or trapped people and the military will send a team to extract those people and take down the rest.

    They know who is peaceful. I am peaceful.
    I expect to be extracted when this mess starts. The rest of you can fight each other with your one bullet at a time war.

    You aren't being hurt nor tortured. YOu don't know the full story behind any harm or torture that has come to another.

    Yes people within their ranks are 'disappeared'. If they are following the lieber code as I believe they are, anyone harming an innocent in their capacity is removed and dealt with based on the contract they agreed to, and sometimes their oath and contract is on penalty of death because of the power that is handed to them and the lives they affect by what they do.

    Just know, in Sodom and Gomorrah there was an extraction, the family was peaceful and not participating in that chaos and deserved to be extracted so they can 'go out and replenish the Earth'.

    It has been said, these are the times people will center where they vibrate most.

    It's too late to talk someone who wants to kill anyone out of wanting to kill. The purchase of the weapon is the beginning of the energy to destroy life.

    What God has put together, let no man put asunder.

    Th corporeal body and soul was put together by God. No man has right nor power to separate a soul from the corporeal body it is experiencing life in. No man has the right nor power to judge the deeds of another man. They know not why that man does what he does. That's why you forgive yourself when you think something of the other without knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of the matter.

    In cop shows, people do things to rise in the organization to get to the 'Mr Big' of the organization. Some are born in and have to do things to be at the table with Mr Big. You don't now why, you are getting hearsay.

    I'm expecting a bashing for this post. I don't plan to defend what was mentioned. If anyone can think outside the box, they'll know I'm mentioning another side to the story.

  5. The POINT is to let Obama and D.C. know the HUGE NUMBERS of people out here who are FED UP. If you are AFRAID, then by all means forget it! We all know that the White House petition is not a legal document, but perhaps with the number of people casting a simple "vote" for it, actions may be taken to START a REAL secession. People are angry enough to go for it.

  6. Good Grief, part two: If you really want people to take your comments and opinions seriously, please put together coherent sentences. The grammar, spelling and thought patterns are poor.

    And to your topic of secession action being nonsense, I say BULL. Anything that awakens more and more people to the crimes of these soul-less criminals, the better. Shine a light on the dark cabal by all methods available.

    I think your comments belong on Dingbat Jean's blog.

    1. Dingbat Jean's Blog, where Obama is King. I like that name for her coven.

  7. You are all a bunch of sit back cowards pontficating your ignorant self grandiesment of your
    suspected knowing of what is not going on relative to our freedom! Iam sick of the shills that patronize this site simply to stir the pot of hate and discontent.I am not a shill,just a patriot soul searching for truth as to a resistence from tyranny and frankly,I don't see one! Everything is so layered with lies and deception,all the stories here are spy,double spy,triple spy horse shit,but one thing rings clear,there is no active force,IMO,going to take down these filthy vermin in Washington DC. The entire DC should be uncreated,because it is all corrupt 100%.The problem is simpler than we think! Yes,These criminals are acting in anti-constitutional criminal behavior.First off they are illegal,they not only don't represent the USA,they have no authority over any of us. What is needed is a simple declaration that they are Null and Void as of the year 1871 and we the people of these US of AMerica are taking our government back as it existed prior to the enemy usurping it in 1871 with the creation of the illegal corporation.We the people of this country known as the United Staes of America 2012 do herby releive all politicians,both congress and senate imediately,Scotus,executive,legislative,judicial branches of this defacto government and demand of them to cease
    and desist NOW! Arrest the key traitors and make them all know they are under house arrest until further notice and indictments are prepared and served on all treasonous to the USA constitution.Place temporary essential leadership in place and start dismantelling the alpha bete criminal enemy agencies that work to destroy America.The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights gives us the necessaary authority to take these vipers to jail and to be tried for high crimes against our 1776 organic constitution that includes the thriteenth amendment! So be it! Get moving Militia! The Military Generals are complicit in treason and all need to be arrested as well! They either worked for the industrial military complex,via the Rothchilds,British,or the Rockfellar,Bush crime familys,traitors all of them!

    1. You can't kill someone for belonging to a corporation. Neither can you house arrest them for performing the obligations of a contract.

      That's the point I'm making.
      Do you know how many people are still registered in the corporation, and voted for the next leader by selection or writing in. This is whether they won or not.

      To kill the people performing the obligations of the corporate contract is to make guilty by association the very people who participated in the elections that was selecting the next office holder.

      Can't depose one without finding guilty of participation the other.

      A church with no members has no power.
      A company with no employees has no product or service to provide.
      A corporation with no shareholders etc...(you get the picture).
      Hearing all this hatred is incomprehensible it's as if people want everyone to make the same decision at the same time. That's a democracy. Really it's each one making their own choice and allowing others to make their choice that we say we seek but don't really know how to live that life.
      The republic will require people used to being in a democracy to be re-educated to know that they can make up their mind but they can't get upset if others don't go along or don't do as they say do.
      Cease and desist will work for you if you mean it, but you can't make it work for everyone unless you are their God. They chose their leader and you can't take it from them. When they are ready for better leaders they will choose better leaders or not participate at all.

  8. I just can't say how irritating it is to have someone post as if they're speaking for everyone!!! Oh and then sign it "Anonymous" . . . It is cowardise to say the least!!!
    SassyNC at UniversalVoice Chat (if you're brave enough to respond)

    1. Nobody cares who you are, cutie.

  9. You people are really thick in the head! Did I say kill? NO! The entire coporation is a fraud,you can't have a legal contract with an enity that is fraudulent!Plus the people in contract have commited treason in spades against we the people! They have done crime and need to be punished. If you are an imposter pretending to be a president and write executive orders to kill and to protect your crimes as well as by E/O take away constitutional rights of Americans,what kind of insanity is that? Complete insanity is what I see and this criminal in the W/H who is currently dodging another crime of treason that is punishable by death,by controlling the media with all the stories of false flag wars in the middle east,to cover his murdering of Americans and aiding and abetting the enemy with weapons.First the SOB gives them 1.2billion in tax payer aid to the muslim brotherhood then he arranges to sell them weapons that they buy with the money.Obama is prancing around the world checking in with one of his Boss's Putin, planning who knows what against the American asleep sheeple.This is my opinion!Obama should be placed under arrest immediately.The CIA and alpha agencies are run by the enemy people,the evil banksters,rothchilds control our government.That is why we see no resistence to the horrific crimes of treason that go on 24/7 by these traitors!We are as a dumbed down brainwashed society,so conditioned to be told what to do we automatically take abuse from these dirt bags.They are all fraudulent criminals that have murdered and have stolen trillions of dollars from the US treasury.When you take a crap,do you do the paper work first or last.Well that in a crude way of putting it, but that is what needs to be done! Arrest these bastards,no worries,all the coward attorneys that have sttod by for years and done nothing, have all the proper legalease to prepare the correct documents and listing all the crimes of treason against them all! I have read about it for four years,hello white hats,white dragon society etc.The dumb asshole that says hearing all this hatred,what are you druged? We are at war you stupid SOB! We need to get mad,mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore!You don't ask permission for freedom,you take it or suffer enslavement! Like most liberal idiots think,there is no middle ground when it comes to owning freedom! It's all or none! IMO! Iam pissed and you should be too!

  10. This guy I believe has it down,Watch the two videos!