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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Are we absolutely nuts??????

Thought all might find this interesting.  Here is a note I just received from a friend.........

"I'm returning now from being in Gatlinburg. I was shocked to notice that many of the shops are replaced by new ones. The owners have foreign accents. I would guess 80% are now run by Indians or Pakistanis and now Ukrainians! I asked one lady where she  was from  and she said 'Ukraine'. I asked 2 other shop owners where they were from: 'Ukraine'. I jokingly asked "Did you folks buy up the whole left side of Gatlinburg?” She, with barely veiled hatred and disdain, said "Yeah, pretty much".

I tried to ask a vendor, whom I asked first if he was American, about what was happening with all the foreigners. He refused to even talk about it. I asked another group and they seemed afraid but one woman spoke up with an attitude of careless determination and told us that the Chamber of Commerce were Iranians, that there was nothing they could do but try to stand. The others looked at her and each other nervously.

I spoke to a young lady in a busy shop and she carefully began to open up a little.  She said the town was being bought up by a rich lawyer called 'Joe Baker', and that he  is renting the shops out to foreigners because they can afford higher rent since they don't have to pay taxes for 5 years. She said the foreigners change the business name and sell it to a relative and it continues tax free for 5 more years.

It's destroying Gatlinburg. It feels creepy. I asked what the religious affiliation of most of the foreigners was--they said: MUSLIM!!!!

A Muslim foothold in the mountains of Tennessee!

Very scary and poignant! 

And we just voted for a Muslim to have a second term as our 'President'!  

Are we absolutely nuts??????


  1. The answer can be found in Ezekiel 30 through 39, this must all come to pass.

    Once the gates of Jerusalem are locked up, the shameless and evil Sword of Islam who is declared as "Peaceful" will come to spurn absolute chaos.

    I recommend if you see Islam as no better than the others, lock up your states now and barricade them down. Be prepared.

    If you don't want to deal with this, flee the United States right away. Do not look back.

    The Sword of Islam is the evil controller even behind the city of Jerusalem, and when the Beast comes unhinged - there will be no debates.

  2. If you want to hear a frightening synopsis of what the muslims and islam have in store for the USA, go to Youtube and type in Jack Van Impe (11.3.12) and listen closely to what he has to say. It'll bring you to your knees. America is doomed!

  3. yet again more racist pathetic unconnected bull shit do you even read the stuff you post from the GFL or other ascended ones either you dont or you just dont understand what we are all connected and one really means they are your brothers and sisters and they have a right to set up there shops any where they want and if you spent as much time as you do bashing other culters reading tax law you would realize no american owes an income tax so americans are better because they are stupid enough to be tricked and intimidated into paying an unlawful tax and foriegners arent good for them fuck you and your commy government thank god people like you will not be allowed to hold any positions of power in the new age !!!

    1. Though I agree that this article is indeed racist and very unbecoming of someone wanting to transition into a world of love, I don't agree to the approach taken by Anonymous 11:19. You can't meet hate with hate. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. John, I stated this on a previous article you posted about Muslim stamps, but you should stop posting this nonsense. These articles are purely offensive and do nothing but spark resentment towards the one who wrote the article, and the one who allowed the article to be posted.

  4. I find this posting pretty ignorant. It reflects the common attitude towards Muslims from a Dark Cabal generated propaganda campaign. Muslims didn't do 911 it was American and Israel, Christians and Zionists. Christians and Zionists were the ones who attacked Iraq and Afganistan. It is Christians and Zionists who invade and destroy countries with their war machines killing innocent woman and children. Who are the real terrorists in this world?

    Also what is all this fear about immigrants coming from other countries to live in America? 99% of this population in America are from immigrant bloodlines. The true American blood are the Native Americans who, again were slaughtered, raped, and pillaged by Christians, Protestants, and Catholics.

    The mind set of self righteous Americans are absolutely deluded and brainwashed by these evil dark cabal entities. I find it quite sad. Wake Up. Muslims are not the problem, immigrants are not the problem, and if you cant figure out by now, you are lost indeed.

  5. This post is a total lie ! I live near Gatlinburg and no such thing has happened here ! This person had a bad dream !

  6. HOW IS IT 'RACIST' to point out TRUTH to those WHO REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE IT? There is NOTHING 'racist' about pointing out the TRUTH about Obama and, for that matter, Romney. Those who make such comments as yours are the ones who are 'racist' - exhibiting very limited and uninformed thinking and understanding of this nation's history and of current events. BOTH Romney AND Obama WORK FOR THE NWO NAZI ILLUMINATI. BOTH WOULD BE CHARGED TO ABIDE BY AND WORK THE PRE-PLANNED AGENDA FOR AMERICA - TO TAKE US DOWN TO RUBBLE. IN THIS ELECTION BOTH FACTIONS WERE WORKING TO CHEAT EACH OTHER TO 'WIN' THE ELECTION. ROMNEY WORKS FOR ONE CABAL FACTION (BUSHES) AND BO FOR ANOTHER (SOROS), SO YOU HAVE TWO DIFFERENT SATANIC ILLUMINATI FACTIONS FIGHTING OVER WHICH ONE IS GOING TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THE FINAL STEPS TO TAKE DOWN THIS NATION. NOW, UNINFORMED COMMENTERS, UNDERSTAND THAT THE 'PRESIDENT' DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU AND ME! THE PRESIDENT AND HIS CABINET ARE EMPLOYEES OF THE PRIVATE CABAL CORPORATION WHICH HAS BEEN OPERATING FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS UNDER A CONTRACT KNOWN AS AND OPERATING AS "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION," EXTENDED TO IT BY YOUR OWN FORMER 'GOVERNMENT' 100 YEARS AGO! LOOK IT UP AND LEARN!!!!! THE 'PRESIDENT' IS APPOINTED BY AND ANSWERS TO THE LEADERS OF THE CABAL. THE 'ELECTIONS' ARE TOTAL FRAUD MEANT TO CONTINUE TO FOOL AMERICANS WHO DON'T HAVE A DARN CLUE. Talk about not knowing you are living in a well designed MATRIX!!! When the commies/marxists start the PLANNED civil war in this nation shortly via riots in the streets over food shortages, job losses, martial law, roadblocks, gun confiscation, and families being put out on the streets, and then you see people being rounded up and boarded on busses to go to the camps and are never seen nor heard from again - and perhaps YOU are among those on the busses - remember your uninformed comments on this blog and weep. Be sure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE you open your mouth and make a fool out of yourself, especially with such lowball stupid remarks as accusing people of being 'racist.' HOW DO YOU KNOW I AM NOT BLACK???????????

  7. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick and twisted society."

  8. I would like to hear more about the tax issue here. If I open a store in Gatlinburg, I will certainly be taxed to the full extent of the law. If a foreigner comes here & does the same thing do they, indeed, get a 5 year tax break? And on what taxes?

    1. There are no special tax breaks for foreign immigrants. There are incentives for start-up businesses but they are open to everyone. Joe Baker, the Gatlinburg attorney mentioned in the anonymous email, went into business with some associates (all U.S. citizens) and opened a distillery--Muslims avoid booze religiously, by the way.

  9. I haven't "tuned in" to you for some time--I see you are still posting racist rants--I have no more to say except I agree with the last three comments--nice to see most are dropping the hatred and fear -as we know it feeds the "beast" Please look for the love in your day rather in fear and remember--we all chose to be here at this time--and we are all together.