Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beck Explains Obama/ Petraeus' Gun Running Ops in Benghazi

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Breaking!! Beck Explains Obama/ Petraeus' Gun Running Ops in Benghazi
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 14-Nov-2012 02:08:10

I have some strong problems with Glen Beck but I think he means well.. This is a worthy video to watch for info alone.. Let's all stop paying so much attention to the dog and pony show and peek behind the curtain they don't want you to see.
Getting a little on the side pales in significance to the Obama/Petraeus gun running scam in Libya. Having an affair is NOTHING.. Who gives a rip!!!
Obama and Petraeus were direct partners with Al Quadea, first in arming them to overthrow Quadaffi and then stealing those same weapons back to send to the Al Quaeda rebels in Syria to take down Assad.
Most of the buildings in Libya have Al Quaeda flags flying from them. Al Quaeda is stronger than ever.
This is a carbon copy repeat of "Fast and Furious". American supplied RPG's and laser guided mortars were used to kill our own ambassador and the seals. Something in the gun running deal went bad, somebody was chumped, and our Al Quadea "Allies" turned on us like rival drug dealers on the Mexican border.
Obama was in over his head, he has no military or intel background. Petraeus has a military background but is a little weak in the intel area. His gut probably warned him that the cockamamie Obama deal was stupid, but Petraeus has blind ambition and wanted to move up to five star general status as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and then even on to the White House. His ambition (and nether regions) clouded his judgement and brought him down.
He most likely refused to take the fall for Obama on Benghazi and that's when Obama sicced the FBI on him, telling them to take him down any way they can. Hillary isn't going to go down without a fight if more info comes out.
Like Paula Broadwell's father said, there is a whole lot more to this story. Well, no sh_t,dad!
scroll down for the video link. Watch it before it's taken down.

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