Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bullshit!! You have to read this you will NOT see this in the MSM

Bullshit!! You have to read this you will NOT see this in the MSM

This should piss off every American who loves this Country and as a Marine, I can only tell you that ANY Commander of troops would act the same way and NEVER abandon Heroes to die without doing EVERYTHING possible to pull them out of the shit!  Heads NEED to roll at the Whitehouse, Dept. of State, the CIA and the Pentagon...time for good Flag officers to stand up and if necessary, resign!  

A friend of mine's nephew was on the Aircraft Carrier Stennis.  His son emailed him what really happened.  This is how he told the story, and while being part of the message traffic system at one time I think the information that was given to me was real.

The ship received a Authenticated Flash Message asking for help, when Admiral Gaovette started the ball rolling to launch help when another Authenticated Flash Message from the President came in telling them to Stand Down.  (There is a special routing code used buy only the president of the United States). 

He then continued to set in motion the help mission when he was relieved  

A day later the whole communication center who handled Authenticated Secret/Top Secret Message Traffic was removed and spread around the fleet. 

We all berth in the same area of the ship and It was apparant to us there was a spy on this ship that had contact outside the fleet telling someone what was taking place.  We had time to check outgoing message traffic before getting and it was done by some other means.  Either e-mails or Satellite Phone.

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  1. I have one question! Why did it take so long for this Admiral and General to get a surge of adrenalyn in their balls and show some courage to act(in Libya) in a positive american manner of the military?;not a complicit action supporting the communist/Nazi leaders in our US Government? Here in lies the real truth I suspect people,these Top leaders have been compromised in such a fearful way that they have been commiting treason for years by supporting the military industrial complex CEO's
    with illegal wars and creating hot spots all over the world to keep them in business of manufacturing their leathal weapons and now having a traitor or actually the enemy on the inside selling the same weapons to the USA enemies
    so they can murder your son's and daughter's. serving.That is the ugly truth that they can't unwind or tell the American people. That is also the reason This cockroach commie and all of his Nazi SS-TSA is blackmailing our military and coonsequently the very reason we see no arrests!That's how I see it from my perspective.Answer,long over due to move our special oops,seals,militia to empty the trash in this country!If you really want to know what's happening,tune in to Alex Jones today,he has it right! I don't much care for him and his constant fear mongering without any suggestion to or plan to cure the problem,nevertheless,he does give it to you straight and it hurts to listen to it! So man up people and decide what you are going to do to stop these insane commie scum!Help a militia to get into action now!