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Monday, November 5, 2012

Callers to Drake's show describe repeat of some aspects of Katrina - Help being turned away, etc.

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Callers to Drake's show describe repeat of some aspects of Katrina - Help being turned away, etc.
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 5-Nov-2012 04:10:24

Hi, Folks -
On Drake's show Sunday we heard from a fellow called Angel and again from the woman called Sweets, each describing situations in the aftermath of Sandy that are not being well handled.
It's "Katrina deja vu" in some ways, according to what they described:
- Requests for help from FEMA are being rejected. (Perhaps there's some good reason for the rejections, but it kinda misses the point that folks are in need.)
- In Sweets' area in New Jersey, there are live electrical lines still down in the streets - yet, we're hearing, electrical workers who have come to provide help from outside (e.g., from Alabama) are being turned away. The word/rumor continues to be that the reason given has to do with whether or not those who've come to help are union members.
- Seniors in a high-rise were provided with a hot meal by FEMA and came down with food poisoning - meanwhile, water is in short supply or not available at all, leaving those seniors in condition to suffer from dehydration, made worse by the food poisoning.
- Churches who have gathered up blankets and other needed items and are prepared to transport them there are being advised they would be turned away. "We have things under control," they're being told.
- Gasoline remains in short supply. Folks are allowed access to the few operating gas stations by license number (even/odd), wait in line for hours and then are told there's no more gas.
All these things, and more, can be viewed as understandable, given the size of the catastrophe. And yet, it once again indicates a lack of preparedness on the part of FEMA and any other agencies being _allowed_ to help. It's not as though no one saw Sandy coming.
(Drake indicated he knows someone to contact who can "put his foot down" with regard to all this.)
Blessings, all.

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  1. the seniors are purposedly poisoned and volunteers are turned away because they are trying to KILL the east coast off and eventually the US, it will help with population control so that they can control the masses easier.... But yet we don't fight back, we allow them to kill us with their man-made hurricanes and disaster. Remember, the easiest way to weaken a country is to destroy from within, thats right, to get us to turn on each other or starve us out.