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Sunday, November 4, 2012

CIA Poll was Hacked By The BAD GUYS

I had a poll on my blog entitled

Should the Criminal & Corrupt CIA be dissolved?


The voting numbers were reduced big time. The actual numbers last week were about 10 times what it finalized at.

Yea - I know - me is hallucinating but --

Geeee after about 50 polls on this blog --- the only one messed with the one about the CIA.

At least this confirms who has been messing with me.

No comment!



  1. John,

    Can you explain how many votes were for the other options, and how many votes total were cast? Also, how were you able to distinguish between legitimate votes cast by non-Cabal members/agents versus which ones were done by the Cabal/CIA/whoever you think hacked it?

    1. As I remember when I browse thru the polls last Thursday. The total vote was over 150 and the proportions for the others were low in the single digits. I was not expecting to be hacked.

      No way to distinguish votes.

    2. Okay, sorry I just have one more question to clarify the events. There were over 150 votes, and then when you re-checked they were down to roughly 18? Or there were 150 votes leaning more towards the "Don't Care/Nonsense" option and you had to remove those?

      I'm not sure if as an Administrator over this blog, you have the permission to remove votes from polls. If that is the case, it could have been someone who hacked your account and then removed them. If Administrators cannot remove votes from polls, the vote removals were performed by the Service Provider of this blog, which is Blogspot, which is run by Google.

      If by chance most of the votes were for "Don't Care/Nonsense", and it can be assumed that the people who visit this blog would never vote for those options, it leaves us with a different scenario which cannot be termed hacking, but instead would be using a script (computer program) or physical users who would use different I.P addresses (internet connections) to submit votes over and over.

      Let me know which one this falls under :)

    3. I do not or have not removed votes from any poll. That is immoral and unethical.
      The 150 votes were in the top category.

      I do not know how these votes were removed, just analyzing based on the available data.

      It is all right, I posted another CIA poll. Let's see what happens.

    4. Hi John, I didn't mean to question your ethics or morals, I was just asking a general statement to if Blogspot lets Administrators remove votes, so I would be able to determine the possibilities, nothing further. My apologies if the wrong intention was put forth. Good luck and thanks for everything.