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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Comment Back To The Federal Operative Posting Beneath How Wash., D.C. Murders American Citizens Without Getting Caught by Erasmus of America - Nov. 6, 2012

One question from Erasmus of America. Are you an operative of C.I.A., Justice Dept., or what psychological warfare branch of the presently high treason government of Wash., D.C.? When the Omni Law wins, you will be tracked down as who you really are and if you prove to be a federal operative as smells likely of you, you will be put on national trial and a team of legal brains will figure out how many criminal charges to bring against you. 
     Your attempted cunning use of words is to cover for Obama, cover for Obama, cover for Obama, and of course cover for other traitors in Wash., D.C. 
     It takes bait to tempt the traitors to come out of their hiding in Wash., D.C. If you were a loyal American citizen, you would want exposed that C.I.A. murdered President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. By the way, a number of witnesses are still alive and available to testify to the nation that C.I.A. murdered President Kennedy. C.I.A. doesn't know it but in their own files they have the listing of the C.I.A. personnel that murdered Pres. Kennedy and though old, some might still be alive and should be prosecuted for high treason for murder of the President of the United States. C.I.A. murdered Martin Luther King. Don't you want the criminals in C.I.A. if still alive to get arrested for murder of Dr. King or do you just love the C.I.A. murderers so much, you will go to any length to protect them from ever being investigated? I was invited by the head of Liberty Lobby years ago to be one of six trustees who knew about the Secret Service agent who smuggled out of the White House a copied tape of the conversation of Lyndon Johnson where he talked to the two New York bankers who ordered C.I.A. to murder Pres. Kennedy. This was Col. Curtis B. Dahl, one-time son-in-law of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I contacted members of Congress about this smuggled out tape from the White House. Only one responded and he said he would not touch this with a 50 foot pole this was so hot. 
     You must hate America and the American people. I gave official references including the U.S. Congressional Record of the U.S. Congress which reported on my father's Vatican endorsed food process, Vatican endorsement and support for it, U.S. Army tests on it, and even the official endorsement of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson that this should be backed in America for the national health of the American people.
     Deep knight is small fish in the ocean. He was dumb enough to put the U.S. Justice Dept. in a very bad legal jam. He issues 4 murder threats against me which you apparently love and legally approve of. By the way, are you deep knight pretending to be just an unknown private citizen and not working for corrupt and treasonable elements in America? Deep knight by making public murder threats in the name of the federal government and Obama is either a great con artist or issued authorized threats on behalf of Obama in the White House. If the U.S. Justice Dept. does not criminally prosecute him now for four public murder threats against my life, then I prove to the nation that the U.S. Justice Dept. is criminal as all hell and all their pretended legal righteousness is just a con game to fool the public. I publicized deep knight because that puts the U.S. Justice Dept. in the hot seat if they don't legally prosecute him now for four publicly issued murder threats against me. I am after the U.S. Justice Dept. not really small fish deep knight, but I am using him to harpoon the big whale called the U.S. Justice Dept. And every trick such as you are trying now plays right into my legal trap and ambush. I am after the big whale and if they had any brains, they would shut you up fast before you totally legally hang them. 
     I once asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff to terminate the oral charter originally given me by an earlier roster of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon. They did not terminate it so I still act with technical authority in military intelligence given me by the original Joint Chiefs of Staff who liked my style and backed me. We had four contact agents between us to avoid paper trails or obvious signs of our connection. Lt. Gen. P.A. del Valle, U.S. Marine Corps whose home at Annapolis, MD I used to visit with another of our intelligence group coming with me to Annapolis. I had Dale Draper who changed his name from Orville D. Barnes when Sectional Chief of the Cartographic Dept. of the Pentagon in World War II. He prepared the Normandy Invasion maps for Gen. Eisenhower, etc. He was Head of the War Map Dept. of the Pentagon in World War II. I like to state it in words the public can understand rather than get too technical on the public. The son of a colonel who was an aide to the Joint Chiefs of Staff was another secret connection for us and he once brought me some of the favorite jokes of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the current White House they did not think much of militarily. Also, one of the dozen or so top intelligence operatives for U.S. Army Intelligence was also used. 
      You are using baiting tactics of military intelligence. You take words out of context and make claims and statements for me that I never officially said. I answer certain things that you claimed I said and I give you intelligence information on what hand I really have. We  will see how the election turns out before I show what aces I may have hidden up my sleeve. Isn't it amazing though that even a retired Major General of the Army had said Obama was planning an October Surprise with a military takeover of America and kill off a planned 25 million or more Americans in the process and many other military sources were confirming his charges were true and you don't want Obama ever investigated for high treason do you!!!
     My friend Frank in Roanoke, VA who had a top secret clearance with the U.S. Air Force had many repeated threats over the phone that he would soon be sent to the hospital and this threat over the phone was heard by maybe two others over the phone at the same time. Then this reinforced car smashes into him at high speed, he comes within inches of dying, and after this other person shows the Roanoke Police his federal I.D., he is told to not worry as they will take care of this. They issue this federal operative not even a traffic ticket for ramming Frank's car at high speed. How crooked things are with Wash., D.C. and you love this dishonesty and high treason going on in Wash., D.C. Your words and trying your hardest to cover up for federal murders of American citizens including Pres. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy tells you must be with the bad boys as you certainly are not on the side of the American people. Your act of twisting words shows you are a hardened enemy of the American people and wish them all the ill possible as you will fanatically defend all evil acts of Wash., D.C. against the American people. You left an electronic trail as to who you are. When the Omni Law is passed, we will have quite a legal conversation with you.   
     You are a clever B.S. con artist apparently well trained by federal psychological warfare how to lie like hell using words falsely and incorrectly to see if you can sucker the public into your campaign of deception and seeing if you can sucker me into revealing hardcore intelligence information I am not going to share with you at this time. You could take the words of Jesus Christ and make Jesus sound like Hitler or Karl Marx. Or take the words of Hitler or Joseph Stalin and make them sound like they were Jesus Christ on earth. You definitely have no ethical code to you badly abuse of  statements and facts and inventing  words of deceptions with your well trained version of sophism which is pseudo-logic pretending to be honest and honest logic. 
     You smell obviously of a federal operative. You are using the old Communist trick of the plants in a crowd and a few Communist plants not identifying themselves what they really are speak like they are part of the people which they are not and seeing if they can sucker the public into being crowd controlled by them. 
     You play these asinine mind games on the American people which only a very highly unethical person would pull. Now you engage in high treason by your attempted con games on words. Your key intelligence sources know that I have the kinds of military intelligence information I claim to have. Some while back, I made the official stand that I would inform the current Joint Chiefs of Staff once my Omni Law was passed of a military ambush left by the Soviet Union during the Cold designed to annihilate America if they ever used it. From elementary information I have at my disposal at this time, it looks like the old Soviet nuclear ambush of America is still operational and can annihilate America anytime Moscow decides to use it on America. Jackass traitors like you are stalling the time until I can tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff what they need to check out so America does not suddenly get itself nuclear blasted off the face of the earth. I was forcing the issue because I won't turn this information over to Wash. intelligence until key traitors are kicked out of effective power in Wash., D.C. I know Obama is a Communist and a Muslim fanatic. At a minimum, he has to be checkmated by passage of the Omni Law or by my own commitment I can't help American defense with this information as I will not back an American Stalin into power to stop a would-be Russian Hitler of such as Russia or a new would-be Mohammed of the Middle East who thinks he is called by Allah to conquer the world such as the head of Iran thinks right now. 
      The reason why the defector from the Moscow Institute for Nuclear Studies turned over all the nuclear defense secrets of the Soviet Union to me is that he trusted me that I was an honorable man and always kept my word with foreign intelligence sources. He told me why he would never turn this information over the Joint Chiefs of the Pentagon or others in Wash., D.C. He spoke in a foreign accent but knew how to speak American. He said as I recall, he would never deal with those "f-k-g ass-h-es" in Wash., D.C. as their word of honor was worthless and if he turned over this information to them, then they in their callous attitude would blow his cover and he would be killed by the KGB likely in one week once they found out that he was now in America. I was told by one Defense Dept. official that one piece of information I turned over to the Joint Chiefs from this Moscow defector saved America from potential nuclear annihilation if a World War III broke out. The Pentagon had never thought of one way America could be annihilated until I showed them this Soviet angle how to do it. America has no monopoly on smart military brains. Russia and other nations also have some pretty smart military brains and it is not smart to underestimate very smart foreign military leaders. Unfortunately as this defector from Moscow was right in his evaluation of Washington leaders including in the Pentagon, I did not turn over all the information I got on Moscow nuclear plans, etc. against America. I originally intended this as a military trap on Russia. If they were so certain they could annihilate America at will one way, then they didn't have to change their plans to something I wouldn't know about and then America would be annihilated for sure. At the right time I would warn the Pentagon and tell them how to knock out this Soviet-era nuclear ambush on America and suddenly Moscow would lose her key hand for the planned nuclear annihilation of America. But with such jackass traitors as we have in Wash., D.C. right now in too many strategic positions, my hands are tied. How ironical it is! If I am murdered by C.I.A., or another Washington intelligence source, then 300 million Americans all die with me as the Pentagon has no defense at this point for the ultimate nuclear ace Moscow has to annihilate America with.
      American news may be heavily censored, but Putin of Russia has made very strong statements how he is going to save the world from Wash., D.C. and its domination over the earth. He thinks he can win in a nuclear war. Through this Soviet defector I had him train me like a Soviet general in nuclear warfare. I received the same military training as Putin of Russia in Soviet-era nuclear tactics, weapons, Russian way of military thinking which is very different than Pentagon style. Moscow has modernized many Soviet nuclear concepts but the same nuclear thinking is still dominating in Moscow military circles. Let me throw back a curve of psychological warfare on our federal psychological warfare experts of Wash., D.C. trying to figure out how to stop me from winning America to passage of the Omni Law. I have secretly received word on a new Moscow breakthrough in nuclear warfare. If they have got it, the only thing that can save America from annihilation in nuclear warfare is building the top ultimate weapon system of Nazi Germany that was successfully hidden from American and Soviet intelligence. I tricked the exile scientific clique with this Nazi ultimate weapon technology and got it from them without them knowing it! The most brilliant defense engineer of America during the Cold War and I jointly completed this Hitler Ultimate Weapon System designed to conquer the whole world as soon as it was built. I know how to build it. Wash., D.C. does not. I will never deal with the present traitors controlling Wash., D.C. Passing of my Omni Law is the only way you can get me to strengthen American defense with the powerful answers I have and Wash., D.C. does not! Stop the federal propaganda B.S. your dumb little plants have tried to play against me and pass the Omni Law. You can never win my goodwill or cooperation without doing this.
     I had not planned to write this answer to a federal plant who tried to play his B.S. psychological warfare games with me by the asinine comments he left to pseudo-try to answer my report How Wash., D.C. Murders American Citizens Without Getting Caught - Nov. 5, 2012.
But since Wash., D.C. did not get the hint and still tries to be totally asinine, new total to be paid to me this coming Friday - $4,400,000 to me and $20,000 for the other person whose computer business setup was smashed to pieces by deep knight who knows C.I.A. style computer hacking tactics, etc. but still does not have a measure of common sense to him. I won against a Jewish lawyer who had never lost in any state court and Wash., D.C. is just as arrogant as this Jewish lawyer was until he got smashed in court by me. I won and the boy was in deep shock how this could happen. If the U.S. Justice Dept. does not settle with me out-of-court by Friday morning, then I go to all out total legal war against the U.S. Justice Dept. and if the officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. begin to panic as they see how I tie the legal noose around their necks, I will not listen to their appeals for mercy and will proceed until the U.S. Justice Dept. is totally wiped out with all the nation wanting to hang alive all of the officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. The U.S. Justice Dept. will try to rely upon corrupt courts to save their legal necks. I already know how to make sure they will have no wall of legal defense left and when they see plainly their coming destruction charging towards them, I will proceed until I legally wipe them out and may even cause a UN army to end up occupying Wash., D.C. briefly to arrest Obama and others for violations of the Nuremberg War Trial standards of 1945-6. If it goes this far, many Wash. officials may end up  executed abroad under terms of the Genocide Treaty President Ronald Reagan signed as a legal treaty of America.                 The Genocide Treaty is my secret ace how I will keep outflanking the U.S. Justice Dept. and all the B.S. con words of Wash., D.C. won't save their necks from hanging! And I will let Washington, D.C. in on one of my legal secrets. I won't release the authority of the Confederate side until Wash., D.C. pays $100 trillion dollars in damages to the people and states of the South that were the Confederate States of America. The price of legal reunification of Confederate authority with Wash., D.C. will be $100 trillion in damages paid to the South. Much smarter to pass the Omni Law and I forget my plans how to legally cancell Wash., D.C. as a national government by forcing it into world bankruptcy by the $100 Trillion Damage Claim which will hold up under international law. I am for national reunification of law so long as the South is now treated as a partner in America instead of a conquered vassal nation of Satanically run Wash., D.C. Under the Omni Law, the South will be blessed economically as well as the rest of America and I will then be the Christian leader and let the Antichrist federal government be forgiven its wrongs against the South in exchange the South is once more a free people under law and sound economics.  
     It would be wise of Wash.,, D.C. to mend its fences with me starting with now using this out-of-court settlement as listed here for this coming Friday. You have to meet with me partway or give me no way of ever meeting with you. By the way the Russian style of military thinking. Russia will recognize my Confederate authority if I push it. What this means is the rest of America will be nuclear annihilated if Russia attacks under Putin. The South will not be nuclear attacked and by default of nuclear annihilated Wash., D.C. will be a free nation and people since no Wash., D.C. will exist any longer which hates the people and states of the South. I save the people of the South from nuclear annihilation if things get out of hand between Wash., D.C. and Moscow. I hear that Putin now thinks he can take Wash., D.C. on in nuclear warfare and win!
     My Omni Law may be read in the search box at the top left of the website of Nesara News. My nearly 80 national reports now may be read by putting in my pen name of Erasmus of America in this search box. If I begin this legal war to abolish the U.S. Justice Dept. after Friday morning if none of my federally stolen money is returned to me then, then the U.S. Justice Dept. will learn why I do not need the money of Friday morning in order to fight a legal war with the U.S. Justice Dept. I am ready for legal war or else the opening door for peace. Let's see if reason or stupidity reigns Friday morning. Those wanting to send in your email address, etc. to me send to fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com . I plan to release future national reports.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the only Christian leader who intends to see Christianity once more become the leader of America as we become once more One Nation Under God With Jesus Christ As The Recognized King of America. God is pulling strings to cause the downfall of the Antichrist Satanists now in control of Wash., D.C.)


  1. Alright, Erasmus, I'm the commenter who repeatedly asked you to provide ANY sort of undeniable proof you are who you claim to be. Contrary to what you may think, I'm not a government agent. I'm just one of NESARA News' many enlightened readers.

    I certainly do think the world needs a radical change in global leadership if we are to thrive as a species, but I've seen so many people claiming their position as savior of the world (recent examples: Cobra, Drake, the White Hats, Neil Keenan, so on) that I've realized it's silly to hitch my apple wagon to just anybody on the internet. That's why I wanted you to provide undeniable, public PROOF that you weren't just some screwball with a need for attention.

    Since you've failed, and instead have responded by calling me a 'federal operative' who plays 'asinine' mind games, I'm pretty much done with you.

    I was willing to listen to you, but your defensiveness is indicative of the fact that you CAN'T support this image you've created for yourself. I see no reason why the usually very thoughtful readers of NESARA News should be in the corner of someone who, when asked a reasonable and polite request, becomes incredibly defensive and posts an incoherent, rage-filled diatribe.

    However, I will offer one bet:
    I will personally apologize for my disbelief, offer whatever services I can to you and your campaign to liberate America, and donate a meager $1000 (sorry, can't really afford anything more) to your fund if I see any sort of evidence of this coming 'legal war' if your deadline fails to be met by Friday. However, if Friday comes and goes, you don't receive your stolen fortune back, and you continue to do nothing but hem and haw about how someday soon you'll get your revenge, then, well, I won't pony up anything.

    Deal, Erasmus?

  2. Speaking of Lyndon Johnson...That old boy had a dirty finger in many pies it seems! Years ago when Billy Sol Estes was charged with being guilty of fraud and many other crimes with the sale of all his empty fertilizer tanks, a family member was a business associate of the National Chairman of the DNC who lived in El Paso at that time. Through him we found out that about the time Billy was to go on trial it was arranged one dark night for a plane to secretly bring Pres. Johnson into El Paso to talk with Billy in private. The dark plane sat on the side of an isolated spot of the runway for an hour or more with no fanfare, no publicity, no reporters, nada. Later, way in the back pages of the local newspaper, I found a story of an inspector with the Dept. of Agriculture having been found dead in a field. He had been shot with a bolt action rifle and it was ruled a suicide. Interesting, huh?

  3. Erasamus, why do you defend Lyndon B. Johnson? That treasonous Democrat was the same one who covered up the USS Liberty bombing. He was the precursor, FDR's number one lapdog next to bush. They were all so twisted, sick and evil.....

    Who are you kidding with Erasamus? Prove to us you are who you say you are, by an act of good faith. A document or a photograph of you from a while ago so we can verify you. Drake wasn't afraid, so what do you fear?

    There should be no more hesitation on this respect, just furnish us with something. As much as we would like to believe you, the way you ballyhooed around defending Johnson and even getting deceived by Romney led a lot of us to think you aren't for real. Please prove us all wrong and let us begin.