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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Corporate Cabalists Have Designed A Chaos Bill To Deliver The “Coup de Gras” To The United States

Veil Of Politics

Urgent => Behind Closed Doors, Corporate Cabalists Have Designed A Chaos Bill To Deliver The “Coup de Gras” To The United States ~ TPP! Because In 2013 The Federal Reserve May Have A Charter Issue.

Posted on November 17, 2012

Did you know there is a soon-to-be-passed trade deal that’s being called “NAFTA on steroids”? Did you know over 600 corporate lobbyists are being giving the keys to a backdoor around our laws? You probably didn’t know about it because it’s being kept top secret.
Behind closed doors corporate America is implementing a stealth strategy to consolidate its rule. As Public Citizen‘s Executive Director Lori Wallach explains in the new issue of The Nation, the mechanism is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, whose negotiations have been conducted in extreme secrecy and whose essential function seems to be to act as a stealthy delivery mechanism for policies that could not survive public scrutiny.
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Branded as a “trade deal” by its corporate proponents, the TPP would actually establish new corporate rights to undermine environmental and health laws, offshore millions of American jobs, flood the US with untested food products, and extend the duration of medical patents.

Fed’s Charter Ending 2013 Along With Obama’s Tryannical Legislation

Sign Public Citizen’s petition imploring US Trade Rep Ron Kirk to stop the secrecy and publicly release all TPP proposals. Tell him it’s a simple request and that transparency matters. Then, go to to find out how you can get more involved. After you’ve made your voice heard, please share this post with your friends, family and Twitter and Facebook communities.
This timely report from the Vancouver Sun shows how even the countries involved in negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership are highly skeptical about whether it is a good thing.
With apologies to the Jackson Five, this new music video created by Public Citizen makes clear why the stakes are so high and what we can do about TPP.

Here is the letter you can cut & paste to email your representatives.

The letter I sent:
I am very concerned about the TransPacific Partnership treaty (currently being negotiated) especially given the following troubling information:
First, the treaty would be permanently binding even if future administrations wanted to repudiate it, and would be binding in its entirety on countries which haven’t even joined yet, so it would supersede other, better treaties and agreements we have now if those countries joined the T.P.P.
Second, the treaty negotiations and provisions are being kept secret, because the negotiators realize that THE PUBLIC WOULD DERAIL IT if we knew what is being signed away! (A small part has been “leaked”, and has already caused an uproar.) If transparency would “kill” a treaty, if letting the public know what was being planned would result in outrage and protests enough to end negotiations… perhaps that means that THIS WOULD BE A BAD TREATY!
Third, despite the lack of open-ness to the public, and even to members of Congress, a number of corporations are directly involved in crafting the agreement and are privy to its details. We the People didn’t elect our representatives and senators so that world-changing trade treaties could be written in secret by corporate lobbyists!
At the very least, ALL provisions of this treaty should be made public BEFORE the U.S. agrees to it. Better still, NO corporate representative should have access to information which isn’t also made available to ALL our Representatives and Senators.
Please do your best to end the secrecy on T.P.P.! Thank you.
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