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Cosmic Awareness concerning Obama

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Cosmic Awareness concerning Obama: I have transcribed four minutes of CA's recent comments
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Date: Saturday, 3-Nov-2012 19:22:35

This is a transcription of from 7:40 to 11:36 of Part 2 ofCosmic Awareness's recent comments, this section discussing the "standing President", clearly Obama, though he is not actually named:
That this awareness sees the much deeper implication of the attack that has started on both the eastern and western coastline. It is to precipitate this event in the middle region of the United States [New Madrid earthquake] which will then force the declaration of martial law, the plan being that this would suspend the election, that the standing President would stay in power. He is unfortunately not in service of the Light, even though there are many who believe he is, many who channel information that he is. Unfortunately this is not seen as entirely credible or correct, for if it was so, then you must look at the last four years of his presidency to see what he has actually achieved, what actions he has taken, what bills he has introduced, and thus you would indeed see that his actions have not been of a high nature but quite the opposite. That this individual is at this time still being used to further the agenda of the Archons, the reptilians, the Orions, the Powers That Be. But it is also seen as a sideline that he too will experience much upheaval and disaster, and it may be through this process that he may eventually still be of greater service to Spirit, but at this time he is not in service in a way that will assist the people of the United States, but rather he is in service to the Powers That Be, his true masters. He is entirely aware of what is happening, what is going down.
This awareness spoke of a moment several weeks ago, indeed just in front of the first debate, where the entity was summoned to a gathering of world leaders, a secret conclave, where they were informed by their masters of what was about to begin. They knew that is was coming. They were simply given the timetable, and the timetable has begun. He is aware of this. It will be interesting of course to see where he goes with this when he himself experiences personal disaster and crisis, especially around his family, but it is something that has not yet been locked in. This awareness sees timelines where he might still rise to be that enlightened being that he has the potential to be, but it is not yet guaranteed. Furthermore, each individual in their experiencing of their own timelines will determine in their own timelines the role this man plays in their timelines, and energizing a positive result is important, but recognize that he is not the one many wished him to be, hoped him to be, at least not yet. 


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    Answers are always interesting. Just scroll back up to see questions submitted:

    Here some samples:

    Has President Obama Sold Out To The Elite?

    Questioner: We'll carry on with questions then. There is another from Zoey Zen.

    She asks, "While I'd like to still believe in Obama's desire to be a force for good, it has occurred to me that perhaps he has bought into being among the Elite and having a safe place such as underneath the Denver airport for his wife and daughters.

    Can Awareness comment on this please?"

    Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would say that he bought into this well before he became the president.

    He bought into this in the years where he was being groomed to become eventually the president of the United States of America, and he had always known that as a willing dupe for those in charge and in power that he would be occasioned privileges and status that would make his life a wonderful life, not only his but his family's as well.

    But even more importantly, as a member of the Elite he was conditioned to believe in his own superiority over those who are inferior, according to the way of thinking that the Elite use in their lives, and how they see the world to be - and as such he understood that as an Elite he would be given a place of safety when the shifts occur in 2012, and this too was and is important to him, so that his survival and the survival of his family and the continuance of an exalted and privileged lifestyle could continue even with the demise of humanity all around him on the surface of the planet.

    But this Awareness must still point out: this is only one possible scenario of reality that can express itself.

    There are other expressions of reality where such destruction will not take place and the inhabitants of the surface will not be ultimately and utterly destroyed.

    Questioner: Another part of Zoey's question, "Was Obama forced into having the financial team he appeared to choose, for example, Paulson, Larry Summers, all the Goldman Sachs people?

    It seems to me had Obama had free choice he would have chosen others. Is this in fact?"

    Cosmic Awareness: This is in fact correct. He had no choice in the matter nor did he care, for he always has understood he is but a pawn, and as a pawn he will do as he is told.

    He may be a high-ranking pawn, he may have the potential, should his handlers disappear and allow him freedom to do the right thing, to do proper governance for the people of the United States of America.

    But unless and until they disappear, he is part of the problem not part of the solution, and he is working with his own best interests at heart and has bought into the whole elitist way of justifying themselves, understanding themselves and portraying themselves.

    Is this clear?

    Questioner: Yes it is. Is it likely he will be reelected?

    Cosmic Awareness: At this time it is not seen that he will be reelected, but it also does not matter for he will be President of the United States still at the time of the Ascension.

    Even if he is defeated he will remain the president until the inauguration of the new president in January a month after the Ascension occurs.

    For all intents and purposes on this present timeline scenario of reality that exists on this planet at this time, this individual Barack Obama will be the president at the time of the shift, at the time of the collapse, at the time of Ascension.

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