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Bombshell: Obama Regime Accused of International Cyber-Crime...

"Since the November 6, 2012 American election, many analysts, bloggers, and at least two editors of online newspapers, The Post & Email and WorldNetDaily, have stated that they believe the results were arrived at by cheating on the part of the Obama campaign.  Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, appeared confident that Obama would win re-election when she said that there would be “payback” for those who had not supported them. In March, Obama had whispered to then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would “have more flexibility” after the election, appearing to indicate his confidence that he would be returned to office."
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by Sharon Rondeau
Janet Napolitano is former governor of Arizona and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Has she or someone else in the Obama regime committed an international crime by hacking the private computer system of the government of France?

(Nov. 20, 2012) ­ The Hill has reported by way of a French cyber publication that American computers hacked into those of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy shortly before the election which unseated him and installed a socialist.
Fox News has also reported the accusations.

The French magazine, L’Express, contains an article titled “Cyberguerre: comment les Américains ont piraté l’Élysée,” which translates to “Cyberwar:  How Americans Have Hacked the Elysee.”

The cover of the magazine reads after translation, “Cyber War:  How the Elysee was Pirated.”

The subtitle of the article beginning with the word “ Exclusiftranslates to “EXCLUSIVE. In May, the team of Nicolas Sarkozy was the victim of a cyber espionage operation hypersophistiquée. The sources agree Express: kick just … American friend. Revelations about an attack that is part of a global battle.”

It appears that the word “hypersophistiquee” does not translate, but one might conclude that it means “hyper-sophisticated” or “highly sophisticated.”

The second paragraph translates to “The Express can reveal that hackers have not only managed to get to the heart of French political power, but they were able to search the computers close adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy. Secret notes were recovered from hard drives, but also strategic plans. Real work pro worthy of James Bond, Skyfall. And, as so often in this type of attack, human negligence is the cause of the disaster.”

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