Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dinar Intel - Terryk comments

[LEO] Thank You For Joining Us Tonight For Another GET Team Conference Call ~ Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out To The Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

 [kaycee] We want to dedicate this call to the victims of Hurricane Sandy

[kktwahoo] terryk now

[kktwahoo] Thanks for prayers for victims of hurricane sandy I had to help my inlaws do several things in WV Did not have serious damage in their area

[kktwahoo] I have a lot of information actually  Got a phone call from one of sources ask me to not spread this information - there is a chance our blessing could come in the next few days

[kaycee] Some things going on overseas as well  Trying to figure out what I can and can't tell you     Exxon and Chevron are walking away from a $60m project

[kktwahoo] Stock market went down today Some wonderful things out there if the market drops

[kktwahoo] Actually 2 articles concerning Iraq     ExXon Chevron are walking away from oil reserves in Iraq/Kurdistan  Bagdad is the central agency to deal with all the oil deals  Due to conflict between Iraq and Kurdistan - these two companies are walking away   BP is already there to pick up back side of these contracts   Demand payment by end of year of 650 billion - NOT USD  don't know where that would come from
 [kaycee] A lot of money that has to be paid out by the end of the year

 [kaycee] The dong last night in the wee hours of the morning showed 78 cents for about an hour   Saw a letter that says they want to get back to where it was

[kktwahoo] Dong - dong - alot of questions - in wee hours of morning - presented itself for 45 minutes to hour for 78 cents  Because it had been running such a negative number - it is what it is - they said not sure it would show up I heard we are looking at a $2 + rate on the dong Dong years ago was at $2.22

[kktwahoo] Before I get a phone call, I will stop at that - lot of articles floating around

 [kktwahoo] Shabibi is retired, he is gone, etc. M is trying to position himself to receive everything - bank, military, country I will bow out a little bit - will turn it over to Historian Nobody else here tonight

[kktwahoo] Historian is on stage now - has a couple articles to talk about First article - update on LIBOR   This big financial scandal gets bigger and bigger  LIBOR goes global

[kaycee] Not just happening in the UK, the US,  All the countries are reviewing this

[kktwahoo] Worldwide - rigging rates - may all charge penalities  Also in WSJ and others Was on Forbes Looked up - dozens of articles about scandals  from Great Britian Just wanted to update that for you  carries on and gets bigger all the time

[kktwahoo] 2d article - from Financial Times - found it in round about way Heading - Chinese System undergoes Stealthy Reform   Lots of details - few things that are interesting

[kaycee] Goes into a lot of detail about why China is doing things a certain way  China's financial system has undergone significant financial transformation has done so quietly    All under the radar

[kktwahoo] With little fanfare - central bank has been active

 [kktwahoo] People's bank has made little comment on why China  has made such a big shift

[kktwahoo] Leads to one final explanation for open market operations   Substantial changes in the way China and US Treasury were operating  Finally came to light this year - Reuters went in and reported on it   I don't pay too much attention to what they are saying Below the surface bigger things are happening

[kktwahoo] That's about it as far as articles I don't want to say too much - I think we are in a very good position Good that we are past the election Everything is ready go as far as I can tell Because we are hearing so little about technical changes - that is why I think everything is ready

[kktwahoo] terryk has migraine now

[kktwahoo] Q & A for a little bit Tina

[kktwahoo] Posted we would have trivia but due to circumstances we will do that next week

[kktwahoo] Q & A    Anonymous caller

[kktwahoo] For terryk    You seem to have inside track on WGS and PP - anything you can tell us and not get in trouble?

[kaycee] That's one of the things they told me not to talk about  I will say it's good information

[kktwahoo] AC 352 - Historian

[kktwahoo] Q - how is life in Canada?

[kaycee] A- I'm sure life in Canada is very well

[kktwahoo] Looking for someplace to move

[kaycee] It can get cold in Canada; even the mildest portions can get very cold very stable country - very tolerant   Census figures  speak over 200 languages

[kktwahoo] terryk   - have 2 real good friends who are from the south of Canada and speak at least two languages

[kaycee] A lot of different cultures that mix and mingle  they seem to get along very well When they had the olympics in Van Cover there were times it was so crowded The police were relaxed very little fear

[kaycee] every now and then there were people that would trash places but the people aren't generally that way Winters are very cold; sometimes extremely cold; part of the country does get hot they have grape orchards  and fantastic skiing

[kktwahoo] terryk - heard 70% of Canada is still not explored?

[kaycee] Most live near the border of the US Taxes are good there A lot of intermixing on their border is a lot of people with relatives in America  Canadians are hard working, innovative but mostly are very laid back

[kaycee] terryk - first place I ever saw where you had to put a nickle in to go to the restroom ] kids could climb under the door

[kaycee] If you're thinking of Canada as a place to live in, you will find that people are very accepting of you; should not be hard to become part of a community

 [kktwahoo] terryk and historian

[kktwahoo] I am part of mr and mrs c on the board

[kktwahoo] Just finished the Creature from Jekkyl Island - very scary

[kktwahoo] After this happens - what is safest place and safest way to store your money?

[kktwahoo] Eye opening - wow wow wow

[kaycee] Terryk- makes you want to go put it in the ground

[kktwahoo] I am 58 yoa - very good age

[kaycee] terryk - Rodney does some work with a company called Bank On Yourself

[kaycee] Kind of got away from that because people said we were trying to The Evil word that should never be mentioned again people out of their money

[kaycee] But it's a way to protect your financial investments

[kaycee] Call in next week and I will have Rodney talk about that I am not licensed to deal with that Someone called me last night - asked if I would consider running for office I have this site to try to protect and educate you 99% will be broke in a year A friend won a $320m lottery 8 years ago and he is broke does not know where it went

[kktwahoo] ARe you going to have a get together after the RV?

[kaycee] Yes, we will have one for the general members, another for the TCB donators

[kktwahoo] Have information on the site yet?

[kaycee] Don't have it available yet

[kktwahoo] My brother used to be in military - thanks

kktwahoo] Thanks for coming out  Q & A over

[kktwahoo] Historian - one comment about last caller

[kktwahoo] Creature from jekkyl Island book

[kaycee] If all occurs as planned, the rv is also part of the financial system  It's the clean up of all of that part of the delay

[kktwahoo] If all the changes are made that are supposed to - the banking system may not be as bad as it has been Those things were being put into place as of yesterday - terryk  

[kktwahoo] 1. Don't put it in any federal reserve banks

 [kktwahoo] 2. Have more than one bank   3. Diversify

[kktwahoo] 4. Try to use more than one country if you can too

[kktwahoo] Al is not here yet  Al is moving tonight  Thanks for being on the call

[kaycee] A lot of people disappointed  after last night

[kktwahoo] Lots of hurting people after election – deflated ] USA is still best country Canada is good too Historian

[kaycee] We have rights and privileges other countries don't have

[kktwahoo] Have right to choose religion so far We will get by this - life goes on

[kaycee] I appreciate everyone

[kktwahoo] Thanks Tina, Historian, DI and DB, Dwight, Sam

 [kktwahoo] Sam is here  Benediction  PQ is here too

[tina] Benediction Precious Lord remember us once again as we close another conference call. We know that our lives, our plans for the future and the plans for this great Nation of ours are under Your constant watchcare.

It is You who sets up governments and it is You who causes prosperity in the land. We long for that day when the sky shall roll away to reveal You in all Your Glory and Majesty.

Until that day of Your soon return, May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make His Face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you , And give you peace, Now and Forever. In Jesus Name… AMEN!

LEO] We Appreciate The Time You Spent With Us Tonight On The GET Team Conference ~ Our Members Are The Best ~ Come To Us RV ~ Good Night


[tina] Dear Heavenly Father, We come before Your Presence requesting guidance, affirmation, protection and peace of mind. We request guidance for You are the Great Almighty and Righteous One who controls and directs the affairs of the Universe.

The tiniest atom to the most powerful kingdom on this earth is under Your constant and immediate watch care. If You care so much for a sparrow that falls on the ground, how much more You must care for this great country of ours  that stands for Freedom, Liberty and Equality.

So today we Your  seek guidance. We seek guidance in the affairs of our personal lives. We ask that You guide us safely through whatever the future might hold for us. We know that as we abide in Your care and seek Your counsel each and every day, we would learn more of who You are and what Your plan is for us in our own personal lives.

We seek guidance in the affairs of this great nation as we embark on yet another journey. Today, We ask for Your Affirmation. Nothing matters in this earth except that we are constantly affirmed by Your acceptance of us and we are surrounded by Your Presence each and every day.

We bask in the knowledge that we are the sheep of Your pastures and that even if we stray, Your affirming Presence will seek us and restore us back to the state that we once were when we were in the fold of Your care.

We ask that You forgive all our sins. May nothing separate us from You. May nothing block the free affirming grace that flows from Your Presence to us who are week and frail .

So today may we realize that though the future seems uncertain and we are surrounded by more questions than answers, may we hear Your affirming Voice tell us , “My Grace is sufficient to You.”

Today we seek Protection. We seek protection from the confusion that surrounds us like the rolling winter’s fog. We pray for those who  have been affected by the hurricane in our land.

We pray that You would protect them and provide for them. That You would comfort them and sustain them. Grant them Your protection from harms way and restore their broken lives and shattered dreams and provide for them as only You can.

Comfort the grieving families and keep them under the shelter of Your All consuming Grace.

 We also pray for protection for those who  are  far away in different lands serving the interests of this great nation.

We pray for our embassies, our troops, our government workers, our volunteers  and those in strange lands, that You would build a wall of fire and a wall of stone around them as they carry out their mission with truth and integrity.

Today we pray for peace of mind. As we examine this investment and the twists and the turns and the rumors that we hear each day, we ask that You grant us a steady mind and an unwavering trust in You.

May we realize that You will cause this investment to blossom in  Your time and that all we need to do is to rely on You. Grant us Peace of Mind until then.

[tina] Today we come before You . We request You to lead  us and we rest in the comforting assurance that even when we cannot see the way, Your unseen Presence hovers over us.

Even when we seem to be faced with insurmountable odds, You are leading us each and every day. Even when the road is beset with trials and we are tossed in a sea of despair, You are intimately aware of our journey.

 Even when gloom and darkness cover us, our plans are clear to You as bright as the noon day sun. Tonite, we come before You and lay all our plans before You with boldness of heart and calm assurance.

Walk with us in this journey as we await Your promise to those who have trusted in You. In Jesus name we pray… AMEN!

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