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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Drake: Emergency

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Drake: Emergency
Posted By: igots2no
Date: Sunday, 4-Nov-2012 13:43:43

1 Many people are trapped in high rises.
No food, water, and heat.
Extraction teams need to deploy NOW.
2 New York needs WATER.
6 to 10 Semi loads of water ASAP.
This info comes from contacts of friends
who have been called pleading for this help.
Anyone who can make this happen…
do so now please.


  1. yea, right;like we the people have the resources to deliver. Drake wtf is wrong with you...?

    1. He's asking those who do have the resources to step up, not you. Foul language isn't necessary.

    2. Anon 3;17p.m... he is only asking people to step up and help others in need and you have to slam him?? Really.. WTF? is wrong with YOU? So that's what it's boiled down to these days?? Wow you trolls are getting seriously pathetic at this. I certainly hope for your sake that you never need anyone's assistance because with your stinky attitude you may not get any.

  2. If anyone is arrested for bringing in any needed items like; water, food, gas, and generators, or if they are shot at by bad cops then the militias should go in and file criminal charges against all government officials that are involved!

    Maybe power has been shut off manually and NOT caused by Sandy, yet the Cabal had it shut off!

  3. compassion, That's wtf is wrong with him. Those folks need any help we can give. Hell we have no problem sending supplies overseas, some that still hate our guts. If anyone needs help 1st it is Americans.

  4. So maybe it was planned food poisoning to the elderly in the high rise, so maybe some of them will die as a result!

    Therefore the FEMA personnel, or possibly their management that specified that that food go there should be placed under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, and even murder if someone dies!