One Pissed Off American

One Pissed off American … We THE People have something to say – it is time!

Bullshit. What the hell is going on with this Global Reset, Global Currency Revaluation, Fines & Penalties, Farm Claims, JR Robinson, Herman and Herman, CMKX, Omega and all the other Prosperity Programs?

The latest information is saying next year, mid Jan. What? You know mid Jan comes, its now mid-March and the cycle continues. We are getting played! You got to be kidding, right! This is a sick joke if your playing one. You jackass are not going to pull a Kuwait again. That is just wrong.

You remember the statement made from the Whitehouse, not until I am out of office … 2016! Just great.

Why would the world, who has been ramping up for this monumental occasion (big words), working like rabbits being chased by wolverines, all a sudden put the brakes on, an stop in the middle of the train tracks with an engine baring down on thems. Its just bad wrong!

Then we get this type of shit. I understand that those Red Dragon fellows thinks, we Westerns, are not spiritual enough to handle the money. Come again, you say what? I cannot manage money, make my pickup payments! Hey, buddy, come see me in the alley, I show you some spirit. Who the hell is the one who would pull this plug? Stupid!

What an arrogant statement by some Red Dragon spokesperson to say Westerns are not spiritual enough. U understands that I know more about the bible, lived real bible experiences, and even stopped a dam storms in its track. Can you say that Mr. Red Dragon spokesperson! This is a bunch of hog wash!! You know this country sends more spirit filled missionaries around the world than any other!

What bugs me even more is the good folks here in America have been screwed or duped by Politian’s for years and now we get our time to feed our families, friends, hell the crappy neighbor if need be. We get to have unalienable rights not those privileges that the US Corp folks claim.

And you Royals think we are not spiritual! So why you Chinese Royals stop this from happening? You worried about some threat by the bad guys, hell, turn them over to us good old boys, we will take care of business. We’ll put those folks to work, we got lots of garage to clean up, they should do just fine pickup garage since they know all about feeding garage to us over the last couple hundred years.

Hell, good hard work for them will help them understand what the hell we have been doing to support their life styles of unlimited medical, unlimited expenses, unlimited travel, unlimited lies, unlimited pay and that other shit. My smart body says indentured servants … yea, that be good, I want first pick on one of those shit head presidents to work with me. I help him understand, shit, I even will let him sleep out in one of the animal barns not under bridges or over passes or in cardboard boxes.

Well, as I see it, this Pope Francis this shit is your problem too based on Secret Treaty of Verona in 1213, where you pope types vow’d to stop all representative systems aka republics; the laws of today are based on Roman Law / Canon Law (you think me stupid, hell no), and these laws set how corporations work; you got to step in and fix this crap. (for you pope) The thought that comes to me, “What would Jesus do?”

You aint no Jesus, so you aint able to figure this out. I knows. I have read the bible since I was knee high to my daddies knee. I have reads it years, I seen really bible experiences with my own eyes and even stopped those nasty storms in their tracks because bible said we can. Thanks Jesus. So pope, you need to stop all this crap from US Corp, Crown, UN, and all the other corporations from stealing, killing, torturing, petrifying our children, slavery, financial ruin, and release these wealths into our hands since wesen will do more than any Politian would ever for our people, humanity. I gots Americans who are starving, needs medical, losing their homes and needs to fix this right here and right now. Oh, I would expect you take all those funds in your bank under the names of Politian’s, Government Officials and Pentagon types, and give that money back to the world? Ok, Vicar of Christ, do yours job!

So why are those hairy legged skirt wearing sissy boys in that funny shape building not taking matters in their hands and get rid of those cabal type people anyways. At least we can be happy about something this Thansgiving! No they are afraid to do their job. Sissy boys, sissy boys!!

Hell, they can’t even stop those chemtrails, that shit is still falling on my head, land and animals. Why haven’t you guys told DOD to stop weather wars, stop Queen of Netherlands and other royals from funding … shit take their money and give it to the world for FEEDING people. Oh. No GMO shit. You get it!

And you readers understand, no public notification of why they aerial seed, cloud seed, chemtrail, etc.? What is in the release? When they will release? That this is trespassing on your unalienable rights! On your God given rights! Hell, even think it like an act of WAR against you and me. So, why aint the POPE; Pentagon Types; stop this shit … against God’s people? Hell is going to get full I see.

Oh, hairy legs, another think, you supposedly support this Republic General Ham? You Supreme Court, oh the non-lawful-court since you’re a corporation, you supposedly swarmed Ham in as interim president. If you jerks did, then take control and get this done by removing the cabal types.

What I laugh about all the time, when the contract is signed by good old Admiral, then the Republic will be funded and we can get rid of these shit heads. Here is the logic, get rid of the shit heads, then sign the contract, you still get the money. Wow! Since your not removing the shit heads, you Pentagon types have just declared your intent as mercenaries for hire to do any ones bidding. So you only defend yourself, no one else especially the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Hmmm.

By the way Corporations, you ever figure that corporations are property of the Vatican since they use their law “Roman Law”, “Canon Law”. In a corporation, you gots board of control, executive level, owners, investors, workers or slaves. So you readers figured where you line up with corporation yet, yep your not the executive level, your not the board of control and your not investors / owners, especially paying taxes. You won the prize “Slave”. So why do we need our federal government as Corporation when we are people. Aint that suppose to be a body politic representation of the true government which are the keys to the kingdom or better known as YOU and ME, We The People, who are living, breathing men and women that actually walk on the lands we call United States of America. Not an all caps entity or fictional entity called corporation. Go figure!

Oh by the way, You Rothschild, crown, city of London, banking cartel, and your Pope Buddy, we the people own our own birth names, small or large caps. You cannot trademark something you do not own. Those birth certificates, baptismal certificates, belong to the living breathing man or women, not you! You committed fraud to embezzle those certificates for your financial gain. Guess what, you lose! Pope Francis, another issue to address to the world, release claim, release back to the world and punish the Crown!

Enough of this shit, I need money, I got family who needs help, I got retired military family that needs help. The weather wars are screwing up my farming with all the excise water and snow. They keep starving west coast with no water to destroy the food production since 80% of the food comes from southern west coast.

The stopping of the release of wealth to his people of the world is crazy, it seems that all the parties are playing into their hands of evil. So I got to ask the question, since when “O1”, “GRANDFATHER” ever listening to and comply with the evil one’s? These characters are nuts, crazy, focused on staying in power and destroying America in any means possible – industrially, financially, morally, ethically, spiritually, and any other “ly” you can think of. The whole world see’s this happening! … Why don’t you? … oh, the media is controlling the air waves … oh, yea.

We got to have change now to rid us of the controllers, evil ones, etc. I want God’s blessing, for YOU, our land, our planet, our humanity, our overall health, etc. Jeremiah 29:11 from NIV bible, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Another meaning is shalom.

This is time for We the People to win, to all my friends around the world, we stand in one voice, it is time to rid us of this evil on planet earth. Your people request freedom from evil!

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just scared to say or do, so lets change this together!

One Pissed Off American


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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elite Resignations. Wow! They are dropping like flies! Full list inside. SHTF bigtime!

Elite Resignations. Wow! They are dropping like flies! Full list inside. SHTF bigtime!

Lots of top executives and Ceo's / chairmans resignations past 48 hours:

CIA director David Petraeus resigns in wake of extramarital affair:
[link to]

Lockheed Martin's incoming CEO resigns; replacement named:
[link to]

Laval’s scandal-plagued mayor resigns:
[link to]

Applebaum resigns from Montreals's executive committee
[link to]

Rona's top executive resigns:
[link to]

Frank Stronach steps down from Magna board chairmanship:
[link to]

Roger Ortiz' resignation official, Cameron Co. searches for replace...
[link to]

KU VC Sharma resigns:
[link to]

PetroShale Announces Resignation of Director:
[link to]

Hoskins, Sousa resign from cabinet, opening door for Ontario Libera... :
[link to]

Hillary Clinton stepping down:
[link to]

Eric Holder (Attorney General):
[link to]

So whats the real story behind this?
Whats going on?

are they scared and running/hiding?
do they know something we dont know.... yet ?


  1. Oh boy, here comes the train!

    You slaves and zombies literally demanded this, don't shirk your responsibility.

    He's going to arrest Holder, Clinton, Bush, Rothschild and all the bankers with unrestrained fury. Then Obama will clear out all the rest of the Jews who supported them, in any of the U.S. agencies guaranteed.

    He's about to kick the cabal out and give you your lofty prosperity package. America is a nation of absolute fools.

    Because these officials in the CIA were the only ones stopping the spread of total Islamic Jihad. You have no idea what comes of this!

    You watch! His speech will be we need to move on from criticizing religion or torturing people. Islam does not deserve to be demonized anymore, and I'm putting these falsities for one final time. Islam and Hinduism are of peace.

    America, Islam and Hinduism are NOT of peace! Look up the KORAN Hadishima and you tell me if that is of peace. That religion is out in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lybia cutting people's fingers off and stoning them to death. Do you think that is of peace, please, don't be zombie fools!

    After he arrests them, America's going to call Obama their GOD!

    Are you all so full of yourselves that you don't care when Obama wipes Israel out?

    Or is the Lord of your religion no different than Obama!

    Obama: "All hold hands and join in praise of Allah and the coming age of peace. (vomit) As Galactic Citizens we have a responsibility to restore our Earth with true peace by Allah and God's grace. As we are all one, praise be his name, may the love of Muslims and our people join us forever."

    You are all sickos for wishing Israel's death. 2000 years ago this didn't work.
    People would call you hypocrites for following Obama or your Savior, or calling Obama your savior. Frankly I will get out of here if Islam becomes nationalized!

    1. Dream on, Dude! And pass me that bong you are hitting on!

    2. "His speech will be we need to move on from criticizing religion or torturing people" what's wrong with that. That's a novel idea if true. New to the US Government who is used to doing exactly the opposite. Not everybody in the world is "christian", or "catholic", etc. That is correct the world has to embrace everybody as a brother and respect their belief system. I am neither, nor am I christian, but I do believe in the only phrase the bible had and that is basically the Golden Rule. If we all lived by that need we say more.

    3. Your solution would have been Romney and the War mongers? Your trying to spread fear? All the things you are talking about is not about love but Fear and death. You claim this as the better way? We would be better off to see your brainwashed types leave like you are threatening to do... Farewell. I don't know if Obama is part of the Cabal or not but I do know Romney is for sure. Plus I do know that some presidents have been good for our country like JFK who tried to shut down the CIA because they were becoming too powerful and corrupt. Granted their are people working behind the scenes to restore our original rights back to us from our tru american constitution and destroy the CORPORATE AMERICA CONSTITUTION that has stolen our rights away from us using confusion and deceit. I know it can be very confusing so I don't hold anything against you personally but please see thing for what they are instead of spreading fear. We stand together it doesn't matter what they do. The house of cards is falling in on itself. We the people shall prevail.

    4. EXACTLY! Israel is the biggest leech and WAR-MONGER of ANY of the other religions.

    5. I don't support Obama or Romney. Both men are corrupt but please don't try to stir my emotions too worry about Israel when Israel controlled the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM since 1913! Israel is the PUPPET MASTER and has been pulling the strings in America. Obama prefers the Muslims pull his strings so whats the difference?

      We the People need to jail the whole bunch and take back our country.

  2. So what's the big deal with resignations,they are all criminals that should be arrested not just resign for treason,they will just put another puppet in their place.Meaningless article.IMO

  3. nice copy & paste with no citation

  4. It's difficult to understand what it all means. Resignation is hardly enough for the Cabal. I am not familiar with some of these people but they real criminals still seem to be slithering around.

  5. Other than Betraus, there is nothing at all unusual about these resignations after an election. They will all take their cut, party and then go on to another cushy Cabal job that you pay for. And they will all be replaced by other criminals doing the same agenda.

  6. George Entwhistle step down as Director General of BBC just now. Its happenning folks...Fishes will resign, sharks will be arrested and maybe killed...if you know what I mean.

  7. The resignation of Roger Ortiz from Brownsville, TX is no big deal as far as I know, any more than the resignation of Joe, a plumber from Anyville, USA is. Why is this newsworthy? How many others listed are just random resignations for whatever reasons? Why are we constantly bombarded with "stuff" that is exaggerated out of proportion? Why do we have all this MISinformation at such a critical time in our history when we need the TRUTH?

    1. Exaggerated out of perportion, like the BNSF automobile cars that are supposed to be prison boxcars?

  8. Don't you see the signs?

    When Obama has NO Cabinet members then He MUST become a DICTATOR!

  9. They aren't dropping FAST ENOUGH!

  10. They are stepping down because they have done their job! All the rules and regulations have been re-written to accomodate Nazi Germany's Third reight.All Obama hs to do now is start dicktating murder and genocide on america and the Naz's will go underground and wait it out untill the dust and clean up has been completed. The plan was for Russia to set off an EMP wave that would traverse the USA and kill every living specie on the surface of the earth.Why are we allowing these M/F in our waters.They have been spotted last year off the west and east coast of the USA within eye site people.I guess M/F's like minuteman and Drake don't get what it means when we say our country has been totally captured by these commie bastards.Drake should be arrested for his role in keeping any resistence from taking action,starting with him! Arrests should have taken place years ago,are leaders are traitors and must be removed for starters.These resignations are simply organizied precision communist
    implementation of their final phase to commit genicide on us,they are insane and we sit on our thumbs and wait for a false profit to tell us bed time stories that seem to deteriorate into horror stories by Drake.He is a fraud people so get off your butts and get into action now! You have two factions of evil,Rockefellar,Bushes,Clinton,and the Rothchilds,British,banksters,Obama is a spy for the British and Russia,and he fired the thre top military officiers because they were going to go against him,not on behalf of the people of the USA,but the Western criminal family war against Obama,Rothchilds,british etc. That is my take,just an educated guess on my part.Drake is either a fool or he is trying with this Gordon Duff flake to get his listerners to believe more disinformation brought to you via this fraud and cabalists Duff.They are both fraauds,IMO. You do what the hell you want Iam sick of all this cloak and dagger BS,lies and treason by these pathetic individuals thet are trying to pass their asses of as patriots! How sick is that!

  11. It is interesting that no one has mentioned the Vatican connection here and who really are the puppet masters....

    Waking up is going to be difficult and painful!

    We are deliberately kept zoned out by media, debt, low paying jobs and various other means to keep us zombies.

    We do need to wake up and with a plan! Painful and difficult though it may be.