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Friday, November 2, 2012

“Governor Romney Is Gonna Win This Thing”

This is THE WHITE HOUSE INSIDER Report in answer to Valerie Jarrett's WALL STREET INSIDER Report

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER – “Governor Romney Is Gonna Win This Thing”

A rare and unexpected phone interview with a longtime D.C. political operative suggests that while momentum has shifted slightly toward Barack Obama over the last few days, Mitt Romney remains the likely winner of next week’s election – so long as the Obama team is not successful in their attempts to steal it.

UM:  Did you read the latest update from -deleted- ?  (WSI)
WHI:  Yeah-yeah.  Whatever.  He don’t know…all due respect.  He don’t know sh-t about how this stuff works.  He didn’t even vote.  Ever.  This gonna be his first time voting, right?  That’s what he said.
UM:  Correct.  But what about what he said?  You have anything to say on that?
WHI:  No.  What he said was…it doesn’t really concern me.  Don’t care what they think in Chicago now. Don’t care what that b-tch Jarrett is thinking.  She don’t know about this stuff either.  She has been wrong way more than right.  She’s just…if she said that stuff…hell to pay, whatever it was.  Hell, that could have been a leakdown test.  See who was talking. Where the air’s comin’ out. That dumb f-ck might have just compromised our source by telling you to publish.  And you should have asked me about it before you did.  Not blaming you here…you’re just following his lead.  But it wasn’t smart.
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UM: How about the numbers?  We going to lose this thing next week?
WHI:  The vote?  Maybe.  Not likely.  But maybe.  There’s always maybe. These sneaky f-cks know how to pad the numbers.  We been running the absentee scam for a long time now.  Sure they got that ready to go.
UM: Absentee scam?  What is that?
WHI:  Oh…hell…just..you get enough people to go out and get an absentee ballot, then have them show up at the polls too.  Simple.  I’ve got a feeling all this early voting push…its tied into that.  On a bigger scale than I’ve seen.  Back in 92…we took at least four counties that way.  Big counties.  Most of it gets flagged…but you still get about 10 or sometimes 20% of those through.
UM:  You cheated.
WHI:  You askin?’
UM: No, I’m saying.  Seems clear enough.  You cheated.  You stole votes.
WHI:  Sh-t son…we all did.  Both sides.  Here and there…yeah.  It’s part of it.  But…these Obama boys…they took it to a whole other level.  Votes, donations…deals…it’s a lot more Putin than it is Clinton.  Pay to play…Big Labor…this country never seen it at this level.  And it shouldn’t have to, but they got the Senate.  Had it locked up.  Another firewall for all of them.  Everything…every investigation, everything…it died in the Senate.  Obama didn’t even have to get involved.

UM:  So there are no clean elections?
WHI:  Not in my experience son.  Not even close.  I will say this though…Romney…the Romney campaign.  They are about as clean as I’ve seen.  And I ain’t sayin’ that just because…you know.  It’s the truth.  Which is a good thing in a way…but in another way…it worries me.  Got an ulcer the size of my fist, swear to God…I’d feel better if they played a little more dirty on that end of things.  Just for some peace of mind.  It’s usually not the candidate who is the campaign crook.  It’s…it’s the rest of us.  We do the down n dirty, right?  But Romney…he’s made it clear the campaign isn’t to go there.
UM:  Isn’t that something to be respected?
WHI:  Sure…respect.  But…that don’t mean…a politician don’t win with respect.  That’s what the Old Man don’t understand.  He should know…he was a mean son-of-a-bitch…you don’t know that part of him.  20 odd years ago…sh*t, he walked it, man.  Now…he’s so damn polite!  Trying to buy his way in I suppose…can’t blame him for that.  But he knows better – this political stuff…that update he sent you…he don’t know nothin’ about how this all works.  A campaign.  The internals.  The messaging. Buying up the good air time before they do.  The leaks.  The promises.  You got to give to get in this work…and let me tell you – it IS work.
UM:  You sounded dejected yesterday.
WHI:  No – I wasn’t de…dejected.  I was PISSED.  Big difference son.
UM:  Benghazi and the storm, right?
WHI:  No…I mean, that’s all…the Benghazi thing…it’s the real deal.  I’m talking criminal here.  At least administratively.  It’s a cover-up.  And they know it.  Obama, some of them on the Hill…they know it.  They have to.  All the signs…it’s being buried right now…under that f-cking storm.  But that’s not what’s got me so pissed there now…it’s bastards who promise something and then don’t deliver.  That sh-t drives me f-cking nuts.  I just don’t…how people go and do that…not when the stakes are this high.  We’re all bastards…but we love our country, right?  That’s where we draw the f-cking line, right?
But apparently not.
UM:  Who broke their promise?  I assume they were going to do something on Benghazi.
WHI:  Hell yes they were…four of them.  Three Rs…one D…well…a sorta D.   They would be doing a press conference right about now.  They promised.  Told House leadership they were gonna do it.
UM:  Were they House or Senate?
(No answer)
UM:  Were they House or Senate?
WHI:  The main one…Mr. TV…they were Senate.  All four.  Senators.  And f-cking liars.  But…
UM:  What?
WHI:  Sh-t…why not.  He told you to publish…so I’m gonna do the same.  He want’s to play that way…fine.
UM:  What?
WHI:  You notice….you been happy with how the Old Man has been on this Benghazi thing?  The level of support?  Because I sure as hell ain’t.
UM:  He seems very determined to defeat Barack Obama.
WHI:  Not what I asked.  I’m talking Benghazi here.  DIRECTLY.  Forget the campaign.  Think about it.  All I’m sayin’.  Think about it.  Maybe there could have been a bit more pressure applied to certain media sources?  But…just seems a little less than it deserves from him, right?
UM:  I’m not comfortable…I’m very grateful for his help.  You said you were too.  Many times.
WHI:  Sure…but like they say…that was then…this is now.  I’m just sayin’ you should ask yourself…step back and ask yourself if the help has really been there on this.  What was in those containers?  The warehouse?  All that weaponry…that represents a work order, right?  Shipment?  ContractsMONEY.  It’s got me thinking.  A little bit.  Just wondering.  He’s a big boy…he can’t mind me doin’ just a little wondering on this.
UM:  I’m not going to consider that.  He’s an honorable man.  He’s given everything he has to help with this.
WHI:  Everything?  C’mon now…no way you really believe that one.  Everything…sh-t…not even close.  He’s done us a hell of a lot of good…I ain’t sayin’ he hasn’t done that…but this Benghazi thing…somethin’ ain’t right here.  How those Senators…they just shut it down.  Used the storm as an excuse.  Not a whole lot of people knew about the press conference.
But the Old Man did…
UM:  How about you…just focus on the polls.  You have any internals that might suggest the race still remains Romney’s to lose?
WHI:  Changing the subject?
UM:  Yes.  Please.
(Long Pause)
WHI:  Alright then…sure.  Internals huh?
UM:  You said before…you said Obama only had 7 states locked up.  That was it.
WHI: Yes I did…I’d put that number about about 8 now.  He’s gained a little ground.  Just a bit.
UM:  You also said Romney landslide.
WHI:  Sure…and I’ll keep on that…if they don’t steal it.  Remember, I also told you the only way they win this thing is if they steal it…and that does have me very concerned.
UM:  The same kind of stealing you used to do.
WHI:  Sure…you wanna put it that way…sure.  I did what I was told.  I did what needed to be done…so yeah…but we never did it like these Obama
UM:  (Interrupts)…right-  got it.  The Obama campaign is a lot worse than anything you were involved in.  Does that include 2008?
WHI:  What?
UM:  2008 – you helped them win in 2008.  Did you cheat?
WHI:  I did what I was told.
UM:  Cheat?
WHI:  Yeah – we all did.
UM:  And now?
WHI:  For the first time…I’m doing what is right.  You know that.
UM:  Do I?
WHI: If you don’t – just walk away now.  Call it good.  No hard feelings.
UM:  What happens right after the election?  If Obama loses?
WHI: Riots.
UM:  And if Obama wins?
WHI: Riots.
UM:  So why does it matter?
WHI:  Because one will be temporary…the other…if Obama wins…it all becomes permanent.  The country is done – at least as anything we will recognize.  And I ain’t gonna see that happen without a fight.  And frankly…I say we win this thing next week.  And you should be a part of that.  Don’t…I told you to walk away.  I don’t mean that…you need to see this thing through.  We all do.
UM:  Including the Old Man?
WHI:  Sure…but if he was behind any of this Benghazi shut down…him and me…we are done.  I’ll tell you that.  No more.  You with me there?
UM: (Pause)…I suppose I would be.
WHI:  Whatever…he ain’t long for this world.  Not to be insensitive…but we all know that’s the deal there.  And whatever he did or didn’t do…that will be between him and Jesus.
UM:  He’s Jewish.
WHI:  (Laughs)  Oh…(inaudible) …that one up.  (Laughs)
Look…we are all feeling the pressure now.   But thing is…as pissed as I was yesterday…I still say the voters are gonna do right by all of us next week.  And I ain’t never been wrong on that.  Never.
And then…and then you go write that book and put my ugly mug on the cover.
UM:  You are pretty hideous.  Don’t think that would help with sales any.
WHI: Normally I’d tell you to f-ck off…but…can’t argue facts.  God done hit me up hard with the ugly stick.
(Pause) …You hold tight now.  Take care.  The governor…he’s got this.  I may be a cheater…but I ain’t a liar.  The governor…Governor Romney,  is gonna win this t


  1. Don't instead of doesn't ? Ain't ? This is pure crap disinformation! I can't believe I waste my time reading this!

  2. Replies
    1. No he's not. Either way we lose but the public will find out about this.



  4. Governor Romeny ain't gonna win squat any more then all the rest. He has already been chosen to be the next front man puppet. Are we ever gonna wake up?

  5. We do not and can not vote for the office of president of a private corporation. This is NOT our real government, but a sellout by our Congress years ago to the cabal bankers, etc. The 'voting' process is all fraud. The 'winner' of the upcoming 2012 election' was decided several months ago by the 'owners' of the private corporation - if not a few years ago - and that is who will be announced early in the 'voting' process, hours ahead of the final tabulation as being the 'winner' via the censored and controlled American media. Even in the past few days multiple incidents have been reported about 'voters' witnessing their votes being changed from their candidate of choice to the opposite candidate on the electronic voting machines before they even leave the voting booths. The voting process is all fraud!!! Folks, wake up. You are being played BIG TIME. Take back your government and your country. Tiny Iceland did it. Then WHY aren't Americans doing this?????

  6. ROMNEY CLEAN?? PLEASE, I guess he had nothing to do with the RNC fiasco that illegally squashed delegates for Ron Paul, who would have been elected by a landslide. Bain Capital - clean? Stanford scam Clean? There is a list of DIRTY laundry on Romney