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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Graciousness vs. Narcissism

Folks, you have to read this thoroughly to be able to understand the attitude of the Chicago President after being elected in 2012!!   

Graciousness vs. Narcissism 

Andrew  Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily, in a mordantly hilarious  column, drew a contrast:

"Romney in 703 words graciously admitted his loss. He said the word "America" five times, the word  "pray" three times and the words "Thank you" 21 times.

The  Real Good Talker, who's never seen anything he couldn't throw a  speech at, took 2,163 words to claim victory in what is traditionally a moment to call for unity and healing after a  divisive campaign.

The  victorious Chicagoan, who promised before the last election to end  Washington's partisan bitterness, strangely uttered the word  "fight" five times and "thank you" but seven times. He spoke the  word "unify" zero times, "unity" zero times, "heal" zero times and  "pray" zero times.  He did, however, manage to mention  himself 27 times.




    PLEASE stop believing that all of their bull-shit that they re-wrote to defame the bible with - will come to pass...IT WiLL NOT!

    Go out into NATURE and TALK to our CREATOR...ask all of the questions and then LISTEN.

    YOU WILL HEAR the TRUTH...and this is NOT THE TRUTH!

    President Obama, is in office by Divine Decree to bring in the new era of PEACE, PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE for all (read the NESARA piece posted here)!

    SIGN the petition and GIVE THANKS!

    Listen to the Hour w/ an ANGEL program with Linda Dillon that also speaks about NESARA 11/14 message - so that you have a better understanding of the REAL TRUTH.

    SEND LOVE AND LIGHT into the world and stop feeding the cabal/illumanti with your fears!

  2. Narcissism is all about living vicariously through one's reflected image.
    The exterior shell becomes more viable than the organism within it which suffers and dies a protracted, morbid, toxic death in isolation. Within the 'shell' is an echo-chamber of sorts... There the vibrations of 'internal dialog' are amplified... Access to the world at large having long since been dampened, and otherwise walled off.
    Almost everyone in the world today suffers to one degree or another from neurotic narcissism. It comes part and parcel with human culture/civilization. It is at the very core of the Luciferianism/Satanism, that devours us. Call it doubt, deception, or whatever.. It stinks to high heaven.
    The state of Grace exists within and without the living organism. Grace can be continuously accessed, palpably felt and KNOWN, as the LIVING PULSE. The Throb of LIFE... This TRUTH of LIFE can be known always and at any time, by any sentient being, whether presently incarnate or not.
    This is GOD's gift.
    The Gift of Abundant, Eternal, Omnipotent, Omniscient LIFE, that all partake in whether they are aware of their inclusion and participation, or not.
    Mastery of ones own responsibility/relationship with this pulse is the key to evanescent tranquility, ascension/expansion.
    Grace = Prana/Prajna
    One should surrender/invest one's whole life in THIS