We the people, the only ones on this land endowed by nature and GOD with full, complete and lawfull authority which is NOT subject to a higher authority anywhere on this land and/or the world at large,

wish to
thank you, our good military, for initiating the cessation of the chemtrail spraying over the continental united states of America! Thank you for remembering, it's not just all of us breathing the same air these toxic chemicals have been dumped into, it's YOU too who have been sucking it all in with every breath!

Looking forward to cleaner air to breath, clearer and bluer skies, and a drop in the humidity which these chemicals have helped elevate.

Additional Commands soon to be posted.

signed: we the people
Ps. Give it some time, people.. As big as these things are, it takes time to shut them down.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gulf of Mexico -- connecting the dots

Hello All,

I have blind copied many people who live on the Gulf of Mexico, and I especially want to hear back from YOU.

Just read a VERY long post that concerns the (ongoing) BP oil disaster and the Louisiana Sinkhole.
Very disturbing, if even half of it is true.

It appears we have an ongoing Japan nuclear disaster with radioactive contamination concentrating on the west coast
a hurricane that wiped out a great deal of the east coast & we nearly "had a Fukushima here", and an ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, that has the potential of blowing up the middle of the country

I'm ready to strap on a tin foil hat, spin some dials on John equipment and see if the Galactic Federation are going to help out.

Okay, that's not going to work. How about activating all the pyramids on Earth, all at the same time? Oklahoma is basically a huge underground crystal cave, the entire state. Wonder if we can bounce on the crystals?

Much better plan.

Got some better ideas?

Make certain to email me back with those ideas.

Peace. Be well.

Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison

Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison <nancylazaryan@yahoo.com>

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