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Sunday, November 4, 2012

History will show Obama as the greatest president ever

Subject: History will show Obama as the greatest president ever

Dear DailyWealth Reader,

An enormous economic force is building. It is a force that rivals the scope of every single American boom in our history – from the 1880s steel and railroad boom, to the 1920s automobile boom, to the baby boom of the 1960s and the computer boom of the '80s and '90s…

The force now behind Obama is more powerful than all of these events – combined.

This force will carry Obama back to the presidency in 2013. And yet again in 2017. It's this force that will carry him into the history books…

This new economic force will change everything about the way our country's economy works. It will also reshape the world's monetary flows… for at least the next 50 years.

To learn the full details of this unstoppable force that’s underway, click here.


George Rayburn



    We should have heeded the warning and elected Ron Paul. Now what?

    He really is the Antichrist locking down a good part of America to follow his cult willfully, of their own free will.....

    Everyone better have a backup plan for your states to opt out. The padlocks are locking down!

  2. George, you are NUTS

    Four years ago he won the nomination and the first thing he did was lie to us when taking the oath of office. THAT WASN'T A GOOD START

    He did NOT protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He has no respect for the Constitution and neither does Romney. He gave a foreign corporation, the federal reserve, and their collection department the irs, even more power over our lives. They project that the irs will steal over $6 Billion from those who don't comply with his socialist law.

    The people said no to his obamacare tax scheme and when it was signed into law he had the audacity to say that this was proof that we have a government of, for, and by the people.

    Prison would be too good for him. And you want to magically give him 3 terms in office ?

    Can I get a copy of that new Constitution ?

  3. We could commemorate this greatest president ever with a comic book.

  4. So George Rayburn suspects that term limits will be repealed?

  5. He's great, alright, the greatest narcissistic, flaming, egotistical communist f**khead that ever sat in the oval office. He is the New World Order simpleton Satan. His real 'kingdom' awaits him, and it's hot and fiery and he's gonna be in good company. Bring a water bottle, Apollyon, Belial, Little horn, Abaddon, etc. TYJM frj

  6. A friend told me that many people in America are brain and now I believe him. Ken

  7. This should shock the tar out of every living American to rise up.