Monday, November 5, 2012


     This report is issued because the other side did not take seriously enough my warning not to provoke my legal wrath by further incidents prior to paying me the extremely low figure of $1,100,000.00 which is an extremely low figure to pay me by this coming Friday by the U.S. Justice Dept. acting as the legal agency for out-of-court legal settlements by Wash., D.C. Some of my own supporters criticized me as being too reasonable being willing to accept an out-of-court settlement for just the actual cash stolen from me by federal operatives and not a dime of punitive damages added. Now to show them that it is not wise to stir me up to legal actions, I now require the stolen amount of money to be paid me by this coming Friday or else I invite over 2 million Americans to join me as co-plaintiffs in legal action against the U.S. Justice Dept. and other sources for federally stolen money to be returned to all of us by Wash., D.C. I will invite 50 state attorney generals to join me in filing civil suits from their states against the U.S. Justice Dept. and other criminal sources in Wash., D.C. for federally stolen money to be returned to the citizens of their states who were made legal victims by the U.S. Justice Dept., C.I.A., etc. Also, as the legal evidence will come out, Wash., D.C. also stole from citizens of maybe 30 to 100 or more foreign nations and I will invite the foreign governments of these nations to join as co-plaintiffs with me to recover the money federally stolen from their citizens in these nations. And I will invite the United Nations to criminally investigate Wash., D.C. over this international affair and legal action from the Court of International Justice at the Hague. I will have witnesses and legal evidence to back up this legal action. Before it is over, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, goes to prison for life federal side and maybe 50 states waiting to imprison him for life if ever released from federal prison. Also, maybe most or all officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. go to federal prison for life and 50 states waiting to imprison them for life if they ever get released from federal prisons. Also, maybe 100 or more foreign nations will be ready to imprison them for life if they ever get out of prison in America. 
     The U.S. Justice Dept. can thank deep knight of Wash., D.C. for triggering off this colossal pending legal disaster for Wash., D.C. He issued four murder threats against me and the U.S. Justice Dept. legally sanctioned him with these 4 felonies against federal law and 4 felonies against state laws. They refused to tell him to shut up on his murder threats against me he indicated were federal murder threats against me and in the name of Obama in the White House. Their legal silence clearly indicated they hoped he would murder me and silence me as a critic of Obama and corruption in the federal government much of which I already clearly documented over the internet. The report I issued Saturday apparently got tampered with by someone working for the federal side. I clearly remember as I recall putting in 1960 as the year the F.B.I. rigged the presidential election between Kennedy and Richard Nixon. And I didn't catch it until later that the date got changed to 1990. And where I wrote where four murder threats got issued against me, they got changed the wording of murder attempts against me. What gives away the game being played by one or more C.I.A. grade computer hackers last Saturday is I was chased out of two of my email accounts maybe two or three dozen times by notice someone else had signed into my account and I was kicked out of my own accounts until I signed back in. Perhaps while I was being distracted by this, a few words were changed in my report to try and derail my deadly legal report against the U.s. Justice Dept. Any tricks did not work as the report was too big to tamper with in the short time given, just maybe two or three legal statements of mine changed by quick changing of a word or two to have them no longer say what they originally said. But this open massive attack against two of my email accounts I was using together to write this national report last Saturday shows a near nervous breakdown from the other side. You must be getting scared to death of me now!
      Okay, to show you that I will not be pushed around by you, if I do not receive by this coming Friday morning now the double figure of $2.200,000 instead of the original $1,200,000 I was willing to accept and you could write the check out to NIFI for a stated grant for science and engineering research which meant I didn't force you to legally admit guilt for the original stolen $1,200,000. By the way, in case you are too dumb to legally figure it out, the federal theft of this money was witnessed by several people back then and the legal case is airtight against the federal government. If filed, I win. If I let millions of others join me as co-plaintiffs, I give them the legal vehicle that millions of Americans can all collect from federal officials all the money owed them and collect any balances from the federal government directly under international law. I create the legal filing that millions can piggyback on as you won't beat my legal filing and it opens up the Pandora Box to show for all the world to see how you stole from basically all the American people one way or the other and you stole from citizens of most to all member nations of the UN. Any more incidents and I double the figure again where you now will have to pay $4,400,000 by this coming Friday instead of the original $1,100,000 I was willing before to accept as out-of-court settlement which my own supporters criticized me as being so reasonable towards you as to be totally ridiculous. Any more dirty tricks tried by your side and I will also release my national report on how Wash., D.C. had a secret federal counterfeit money operation to pay off federal judges, members of Congress, officials of federal agencies including probably some in the U.S. Justice Dept., bribe money so court decisions would be crooked and the way the corrupt U.S. Justice Dept. wanted, laws crooked as hell passed off by paid off corrupt members of Congress both parties. By the way, I have a star witness hidden elsewhere in America who can supply the names, methods of operation of this federal counterfeiting ring set up with secret legal approval of the U.S. Justice Dept. I know too much. Dangerous to mess with a military intelligence operative who knows maybe all the secret scandals of Wash., D.C. Trying to murder me only confirms to all Americans that my legal charges must be true. And I have left legal evidence, witnesses, etc. so I don't have to be alive for all these federal scandals to explode then in the face of Wash., D.C. When you deal with a man who is not afraid to die, you don't have any way to intimidate him or stop him even if you murder him as I know you would want to do if you thought you could without the American people knowing you did it and why. My murder would convince all the American people I must be right in what I charge and give double weight of credibility to my witnesses, evidence, etc. already organized and mobilized against you if legally required I use it.
      Also, let's not forget my associate whose laptop was destroyed with a hacking attack by deep knight as he said he would do this and said when he would do this in an internet posting we copied and spread throughout our filing system as well as his posted murder threats to murder me any moment now. Now you also issue a check for $10,000. to NIFI and we will see this person gets $10,000 for destruction of this person's computer property including websites both national and international. This also will be paid by next Friday or no legal out-of-court settlement with me. Deep knight threatened a computer hacking attack, how it would occur, when it would occur, and my associate's laptop, computer software, etc. was destroyed at the same time, method, etc. as deep knight had threatened. It is rather obvious who did this computer hacking attack as he attacked the computer as it was checking out his national website. He was mistaken and hit the computer of someone else, not mine, when this happened! A dumb move by the boy you apparently are backing so he can commit computer attacks, threaten murder over the internet, and nothing legally ever happens to him. I understand he is very bright with computer hacking and if I understand correctly, he is 30 years old or about that. Correct or have we found the wrong deep knight on the internet? Was he or another federal operative trying to block me out of two email accounts of mine last Saturday and doing any damage he could to my national report exposing criminal corruption in the U.S. Justice Dept. in Wash., D.C.? By the way, if I file my lawsuit after next Friday, though I can't legally prove it yet, logic says it should lead to Obama in the White House and get him yanked out of the White House, get impeached if he gets reelected and he spends the rest of his life in federal prison or endless centuries in 50 state prisons! I don't know if Joe Biden can stay clear of this colossal federal scandal or else join Obama in prison for the rest of his life. And grand juries should establish that a lot of members of Congress were secretly covering for the U.S. Justice Dept. so it could steal colossal amounts of money from the American people and the U.S. Justice Dept. was also secretly covering for the federal money counterfeiting operation so members of Congress and judges and federal officials could be secretly paid bribe money for corruption and never get caught! This is a legal collection action on my part to recover $2,200,000 owned me now or else I invite for $20 registration each person American or foreign to be added as co-plaintiffs to my legally filed actions then. I will only collect for those who pay the $20 fee to join my legal recovery filing. I will have millions of dollars to easily cover all legal expenses. And then I wish the coming going to prison officials of Wash., D.C., enjoy for life you free lodging and food in prison for the rest of your lives! For once you picked a fight with the wrong boy! I know how to win. Other intended victims of you did not know how to fight and win against you!
      Now for some legal fun with you to show you not to ever again mess with me! This is a brief outline of many but certainly not all the ways that Wash., D.C. has murdered American citizens from World War II until now and got away with it! I can't expose many of the methods used as they would teach other too many clever ways to murder people and get away with it under law. I only list those that really cannot be duplicated by ordinary citizens. Others I have to censor so not as to instruct the would-be criminals of the multitude of ways Wash., D.C. invented to murder American citizens and get away with it.
     Starting now with World War II. I worked in Wash., D.C. with a retired Naval NCO from Hawaii. He had served at Pearl Harbor from the time of the Japanese attack on. His best friend in the U.S. Navy was another NCO who was serving in Wash., D.C. during the Pearl Harbor attack. His best friend served President Franklin D. Roosevelt with the decoded message from U.S. Naval Intelligence Agency. They had cracked the Japanese code and 10 days in advance delivered to the White House the details of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor. They knew when it would occur, how it would occur, etc. This is why the U.S. aircraft carriers were not at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack. Washington military leaders wanted the American people enraged over a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as this would rally the American people overnight to support America entering the World War II against Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. To cover their legal rears in case the people ever began to find out too much of the truth, they sent a mild warning of a possible attack on Pearl Harbor the day of the attack and sent it by Western Union instead of by regular military communications so it arrived a little after the attack was over to the Naval Command at Pearl Harbor. By selective censorship of military intelligence information from involved military commanders in the field, they could engineer the heavy slaughter of U.S. military for political advantage to move public opinion the way they wanted the public to go.  Wash., murder tactic no. one to show how to murder American military personnel for political gain back in America! For military sources saying I broke military security by releasing this story, the involved NCO was told by U.S. Naval Intelligence that once it was 10 years past the end of World War II, then this NCO could tell the whole story if he ever wanted to as it would no longer be a classified military story!
      Got to slip in one older story of military intelligence. By a slip of security clearance this was declassified,  the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon had discussed how the blowing up of the U.S. battleship at Havana Harbor in Cuba back in the time of Teddy Roosevelt was blown up by Wash., D.C., not by Spain, and used as a manufactured excuse so they could take away by military force part of the Empire of Spain and confiscate it to America back in the 19th century. Some the U.S. naval crew got killed in this explosion, but they were "cannon fodder" as called in old military jargon meaning it did't matter if they were sacrificed or not to achieve government goals. Also I found an old book written by a journalist at the time of the Spanish-American War. He wrote how the U.S. Government while Spanish Cuba was invaded by America then practiced enormous censorship over the news and only allowed reports of glowing U.S. military victories to be released back to America, not any reports of any U.S. military defeats in Cuba.
     I think it was a Captain Harding of the Chicago Police Force used to tell how in World War II, the F.B.I. shot down in the streets of Chicago and killed two men who had accidentially found out about the Manhattan Project to research how to create an atomic bomb being conducted at the University of Chicago. The F.B.I. asked the Chicago Police Dept. not to list this killing of two U,S. citizens and so their deaths were never listed in Chicago nor reported in the newspapers, etc. His son James Raymond Harding went to West Point and later served in Vietnam with distinction. If his son is still alive and feels up to it, he will be welcome to join the staff of the 10 American civil tribunes under the Omni Law and serve as the military liaison to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon. Wash., D.C. murders American citizens and asks for local police to not file a report about the citizen or citizens just murdered. The two men in Chicago were not known Nazi spies, just found out about something they weren't supposed to know about and so murdered immediately to silence them. A later incident along the same lines. A good friend of mine Frank in Roanoke, VA who had had top secret clearance in the U.S. Air Force while serving them later as a civilian was exposing some federal scandals and with one or more witnesses listening on the same phone line heard threats over the phone line of "We will shortly put you in the hospital." This threat many times from obviously the federal government was later carried out.   In 1989 as I recall, he was turning into his driveway at his house and smashed at maybe 90 miles per hour by another car and his car so crushed as they had to use the "Jews of Death" to pull his car apart enough so they could get his crushed body out of the totally smashed car. The other car not that well built showed no damage but maybe one or two tiny scratches on it. I had been on that street and the vision is excellent. No car could have hit Frank without seeing him long in advance and deliberately aiming to hit him. Knowing engineering, I calculated the car acting like a battery ram  against his car had to be heavily enough reinforced with additional steel to be nearly as strong as how tanks are built. When the Roanoke Police came, this man showed them his federal I.D. and they told him as Frank overheard, "Don't worry about anything. We'll take care of this." They gave him no ticket for this alleged accident which obviously was a federal murder attempt and he drove away in his undamaged car after crushing Frank's car at maybe 90 miles per hour in a speed zone area of maybe 40 miles per hour. When an insurance examiner checked into this alleged "car accident," he stated that he had never seen so strange a car wreck where one car is totally crushed and the other car not even damaged by the high speed collision.
     Frank had to spend time in the hospital and was told that his crippled back would get worse over the years until he was totally paralyzed. Frank like me is a "health nut" meaning we know medical treatments the regular medical field does not want to use as they don't make big money with these. Frank finally got himself straightened out with these medical answer not approved of by corrupt medicine and is able to live a normal life now.
     C.I.A. several times has tried to organize a military coup to overthrow the U.S. Republic and set up a military dictatorship over America and the American people. If there are more times than I list now, then fill me in as this is all I know of they have tried. The first time when C.I.A. murdered President Kennedy, a later key witness whose uncle was a top official of C.I.A. on his deathbed confessed that he had helped C.I.A. plan the murder of President Kennedy. And somewhere in my files, I should still have on hand the letter from this medical doctor in Wash., D.C. who wrote me what his uncle had confessed to him when dying. C.I.A. was supposed to have military support after murdering Pres. Kennedy, but the military support did not materialize so they weren't able to engineer their military coup which was supposed to occur once they murdered Pres. Kennedy. A notary public from the White House told me and two associates of mine in military intelligence how she overheard just installed Pres. Johnson talk over the phone from the Oval Office to the two banking brothers in New York City who had ordered C.I.A. to murder Pres. Kennedy. She was scared to death for her life and wondered if we could somehow save her life as she would be murdered anytime for having heard too much at the White House. She had also heard of the 26 witnesses who identified C.I.A. as having arranged the murder of Pres. Kennedy. They all soon afterwards had "natural deaths" such as planes crashing, C.I.A. drugs administered to create what looks like a natural heart attack, car accidents, etc. J. Edgar Hoover under C.I.A. blackmail for being photographed as a homosexual in bed turned over these 26 witness names who were then all murdered by C.I.A. in C.I.A. arranged "natural deaths." To give a little taste how vicious and criminal C.I.A. really is, I heard of stunts like blowing up school buses of children in other lands and then blaming on the political movement in that land they wanted to discredit in their own nation. C.I.A. loves to train their operatives in how to legally frame citizens of other nations in criminal acts including murder and then if the citizens won't work for C.I.A., then they will tip off local authority as who the legally framed "murderer" is so as to destroy the one who wouldn't work for C.I.A. I heard of one official I think in Argentina they tried to recruit to spy for them. When he refused being loyal to his nation, they gathered a list of known Communist spies in his country, put this list on microchip and then planted this list in a tube of toothpaste they had opened up. Then they anonymously called custom officials of his country when he was going to fly that he was the head of the Communist spy ring in that nation. The custom officials would then arrest him after finding this planted C.I.A. list and I assume he would then likely be executed in his own country when innocent. The C.I.A. pulls stunts like this in America also and include murdering Americans and then framing an innocent man or woman as the murderer. 
      C.I.A. tried to put a lid on this so it would never emerge with America knowing it. A communication clerk working for U.S. Army Intelligence in Saigon during the Vietnam War was given a communication to send to Langley, VA by the C.I.A. head of two C.I.A. assassination teams just brought into Vietnam for "political control." He wanted to see if his Army training was good enough to crack the C.I.A. code. He made a copy and he and a friend of his from U.S. Naval Intelligence practiced their skills and cracked the C.I.A. code. To their shock, a key part of the communication this C.I.A. assassination chief suggested they do to Vietnam what they did to America where they murdered Kennedy, King, and Kennedy for "political control" over America. I later got the testimony from both of these men who had cracked the C.I.A. code. C.I.A. desperately tried to keep a lid on this so no one would ever know about this decoded C.I.A. dispatch.  The Army was ordered to destroy this C.I.A. decoded message, etc. as the military cover for C.I.A. murder when ordered to.
     In I think it was 1974 I found out from an ex-Treasurer for the Mafia that C.I.A. was using Mafia controlled labor unions to shipments military rifles and supplies for a planned military coup. I later got testimony from elsewhere how C.I.A. was planning this military coup. When C.I.A. found out I had found out their operational plans, I had three men savagely beat me up and my whole body was covered with bruises and my forehead mass smashed open. I was rushed to a hospital by an ambulance. Only the U.S. Justice Dept. would have known where I was then and they told C.I.A. where to find me. In the hospital, I had been drugged to keep me asleep. Suddenly I awoke as plastic tubing was shoved down my nose and they were trying to flood my lungs with water. Since as a kid, I had a breathing problem and would have died of suffocation if my will was not strong to live, this old instinct kicked in and I was suddenly stone somber and watching this man dressed in a doctor's uniform but looked like a East European to me and not belonging to the hospital, and a heavy stocked women very muscular trying to hold me down with straps while they filled my lungs with water. I shook my hand and threw the plastic tubing out of my nose. This psuedo-doctor slapped my face and said he would hit me again and again if I did not cooperate. But he could not intimidate nor stop me. Finally, getting afraid they would get spotted in the hospital hiding behind the curtains in the hospital room and I promptly fell back asleep once they stopped. Later, I met a medic who examined me and said it looked like I had been kicked with heavy boots as I was covered all over my body with heavy bruises. And I had the large scar on my forehead I later reduced in size by tactics I came up with to help it to heal. I told this medic what had happened. He said he had heard of this Mafia murder tactic where they flooded your lungs with water and autopsy would think you had died of natural causes such as diseased lung, etc. When I asked several federal judges to issue an order  for a grand jury investigation into this incident, all refused giving con lines why they would not order a grand jury investigation of this. One minor representative met with me and privately told me that I must be crazy if I thought any federal judge was going to allow the federal government to be investigated for attempted murder.
      By the way, I found the weak link to the planned C.I.A. military coup and broke their nerve. The coup to bring Nelson Rockefeller to national power as dictator of America never happened.
       Later in 1987, a retired Army Colonel and a retired Marine Corps Colonel jointly reported on a planned military coup by C.I.A. and allies in the U.S. Army, etc. They said this couldn't be stopped due to corruption in federal circles and so submit to it as brave Christians as the Lord willed this to happen in America. I am not so sold that the Lord wants C.I.A. to create a successfully military coup in America, so I investigated and soon had the list of several hundred military who wanted to testify on this planned C.I.A. military coup, but the U.S. Justice Dept. was blocking them so they could not testify. Again I figured on what their weak link was to their plan and having spent eleven calendar years in military academies, I knew how you organized military coups and what to do to unhinge their plans. I unhinged their plans and enraged C.I.A. by this. They tried 4 federal murder attempts on me in 1987 in anger I had stopped their military coup. Three were heavily sabotaged operations against my van and one I have to give them credit was clever! One morning I got my usual morning newspaper in front of my house. It was always rolled up. This was the only day it was ever folded flat. The only way to open it was to wedge your hand inside it and wiggle your hang in it until it loosened up and then opened up. I have much faster reflexes than most people when danger arises. I felt something wrong inside the newspaper and instantly yanked my hand out. Out came this very big spider. My wife in the kitchen practically had heart failure when she saw this very large, dark, deadly spider suddenly emerge from the newspaper. It was heading right towards me and not at all afraid of a human being. I had a biscuit beside me I had just brought out from the microwave oven. Having else to hit it with, I hit it with the soft biscuit. This startled the spider having the light suddenly disappear, but did not hurt it. I raised the biscuit and no harm to the spider which again came charging towards me. I hit it a second time with the biscuit and this time spotted a Washington Times rolled up nearby. I got it and repeatedly hit this spider until dead. I carefully examined it and maybe three days later or so I saw a TV program I normally never watched. It was called if I recall correctly Proliver and showed four creatures from nature that could easily murder humans with by clever murderers. One of the four was called an Australian Funnel Spider. The program said you would die 15 minutes after being bit by it and it was more poisonous than any spider in America. I think C.I.A. had met to murder me and no games about it! But God always protects my life. I estimate at this time though I stopped counting at some point in my life I have likely have had over 30 federal murder attempts on my life because I discovered scandals of high treason in Wash., D.C. or else blocked the latest C.I.A. plot to engineer the overthrow of the U.S. Republic by a military coup.
      I am taking too long on this report, so shortening it now. I again give C.I.A. credit for a clever murder angle I reported to William Sessions while Director of the F.B.I. I was in my den in my house and turned on my study lamp. My wife called me to the kitchen at the same moment so I leaped from my seat to go to the kitchen. Just out of range, a giant explosion occurred in my den. I am a good investigator and picked up the evidence from the explosion. A heavy glass bulb had been inserted to replace the type bulbs I always used. Its glass was much heavier than what my glass bulbs were made of and it had a heavier metal base to it than my bulbs. C.I.A. had an explosive charge inside the bulb and once the electricity hit it, it would take a moment and mass explode sending sharp glass daggers all over the room. If I had been there when the bulb exploded, it probably would have cut my eyes to ribbons and also kiiled me at the same time.  But God always to see they can't murder me when they want to. 
     One final shot on the personal side. One day in Wash., D.C., a young black man I did not know began talking to me and I talked back, Finally he said that I was a decent person so he was going to warn me. A black gang was planning my murder the next day. I found out the details and gave him an expensive watch I had bought with a Dinars Club credit card. I did not tell him but with that watch I could prove he had talked to me and flush out the would-be murderers whoever they were. Hidden I listened to this black gang and found out I was scheduled to be burned alive in my bed and the story would be that I had fell asleep and dropped a cigarette on my bed creating a fire that burned me up. Now it so happened that I did not smoke, but the dumb, gullible public never investigates facts like this so can be suckered in on federal murders of American citizens were "natural deaths." I had a surprise meeting with a minor official of the U.S. Justice Dept. right after that. He was a black man and warned me that the U.S. Justice Dept. had put out a "murder contract" on me in Wash., D.C. with a bunch of criminal elements in Wash., D.C. Whoever murdered me would be secretly rewarded by the U.S. Justice Dept. and they would guarantee that there would be no legal investigation ever leading to them as the murderer of me. 
      Now that the American public is getting the flavor of how criminal they are in Wash., D.C., a few sharp points to warn Wash., D.C. not to be dumb enough to try and pick a fight with me now as I will win in courts if I file legal charges any time now, a private registered nurse for one of the top Satanist leaders in America reported to me years ago on the secret activities of the Satanists in America. She was my spy. She told me how heavily they had infiltrated many state legislatures and have pretty much secret effective control of many of the members of the U.S. Congress and effective control of key federal agencies. She indicated the Satanists were in the real, effective control of the U.S. Republic in Wash., D.C. She knowing them called Wash., D.C. the "dragon government hidden in the mist." Dragon as symbolic that the federal government was secretly run by the Satanists in America. Hidden in the mist meant that they hid themselves well so that the public did not know that the federal government was secretly controlled by them, not American patriots nor Christians in charge in Wash., D.C. A separate source which was military told me recently that it was now secretly Pentagon policy that it was very difficult to get a rank above colonel if you were not a secret Satanist and willing to take orders from the secret Satanist leaders in Wash., D.C.
       Folks, better pass my Omni Law or you don't have much of any future for America. I had good testimony of C.I.A. running the Chemtrail poisoning of the atmosphere. This is to systemically poison the American people and gradually sterilize the American people they want to gradually lower the American population in. The GMO Foods in independent, honest scientific tests show that they will sterilize and end off in killing off most of the American people. Tests with university test rats show deadly results with GMO foods. And our Satanist Wash., D.C. puts on the "terrorist" list anyone warning that GMO foods are deadly to human health according to independent lab tests. I am already on all the top lists of Wash., D.C. for "We would love to murder you if we can trick the American people so they don't know we murdered you." Federal threats no longer bother me.
      By the way, C.I.A. had to murder J. Edgar Hoover when they grew afraid he might develop conscience and tell the American people that C.I.A. murdered President Kennedy. I understand that C.I.A. took a tube of toothpaste and put in a C.I.A. drug that mimics natural death and then J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the F.B.I., died of a "natural death" after being murdered by C.I.A. They also murdered in similar style fashion several other F.B.I. they were afraid might get too honest and tell what C.I.A. has done to the American people.
      As the old pro on how to unhinge C.I.A. planned military coups, I tripped up C.I.A. once more so they couldn't pull off the planned military takeover of America by Obama in his planned "October Surprise" many military reported on Obama was planning. So you the American people can thank me that you have a national election tomorrow on November 6, 2012. You weren't supposed in original Washington plans of C.I.A. and Washington allies.
     As usual, copy and send this email report all over America. Financial support for passage of the Omni Law, send to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. If the U.S. Justice Dept. does not create an out-of-court settlement with me by this coming Friday morning of now $2,200,000 for my part by a check to NIFI which can be listed at a federal grant for research and development in science and engineering and a second check for $10,000 for the one who deep knight thinking it was me destroyed that person's laptop computer, business software programs, and national website operations, then Friday afternoon or else Saturday, I open the ranks to sign up millions of co-plaintiffs with me to send all the officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. to federal prison, state prisons, and foreign prisons for life. And though I don't have the legal proof yet, I am sure the grand juries will find the evidence leads to Obama that he was involved with the U.S. Justice Dept. in the grand larceny theft ring they have been running to mass steal from the American people, so in that case, Obama will likely be the shortest term President ever elected in America as he will go to prison for life if the grand juries both federal and state nail him as I am sure they will once they start investigating his massive inventory of criminal acts I already know about including the number of people he already had secretly murdered in America. Pleasant dreams Obama if you have to face me! Because when you face reality when you face me, you will feel that life has turned into utter legal hell for you!        
       Folks, send me an email to and say "Add me to list!" I will send you future national reports as events unfold now. I will pass the Omni Law by power tactics and moral force which Sir Winston Churchill once commented could be made too powerful for governments so they had to pass the laws and policies they did not want to.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. With a new future for America emerging, my regular name will be known nationlly. Should be soon!)

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  1. Erasmus, you need to step up.

    First, you were gonna take control of the Confederate States if your demands weren't met. That deadline came and went.

    Now you're threatening vague legal actions if once again your demands aren't met.

    So far you haven't given any evidence or made any sort of public demonstration of your supposed legal/political powers. You haven't called in outside help from the countries you claim to be monarch of. You haven't seceded from the US. You haven't used your military intelligence wizardry to seize the country via coup.

    Despite the fact that you claim to own a gold mine and enough assets to 'spread the word of Christ' all over the globe, you demand donations from NESARA News readers with no demonstration of your legitimacy.

    I think you need to make a public showing to convince us. Deliver a national address. Get a picture of yourself with world leader or other notable political/military celebrity who is on your side. Get the Vatican to release a public re-endorsement of your super-formula bread. See if God (you claim that God has chosen you to save the US, right?) can pull some strings and burn your likeness onto the White House lawn.

    There are a lot of things you could do to convince your followers to invest their money in you, but so far all you've done is made empty promises and threats and failed to deliver on anything at all.

    If you're really the man chosen by God that you claim to be, then step up already and we'll follow. But unless you can really PROVE YOURSELF, don't expect word of the Omni Law to ever spread much farther than this blog.