Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Huge FEMA Camps Being Setup In Linden, New Jersey

Huge FEMA Camps Being Setup In Linden, New Jersey
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November 12, 2012 - Are they putting up “FEMA Camps” of conspiracy theory lore right in front of our eyes?

“An enormous tent city, complete with guards, fencing, and gates, is now housed at the old GM plant site. 

There are water trucks, vehicles for taking showers, and what looks like a ton of raw materials for more building.

Trying to find out what it’s for, though, is another story.”

When reading about the latest ‘FEMA Camp’ being set up in New Jersey, one needs to read between the lines. An excellent story in the Woodbridge Patch leads to a series of questions while officials pass the buck about what is really going on.

For some reason, FEMA officials and others in positions of authority are refusing to provide straight answers when being questioned by members of the media. According to the Patch story:

“A nearby resident of the plant had spoken to several of the guards, who swore it was a project of FEMA - the acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

But FEMA spokesman Scott Sanders at first denied that his agency had anything to do with the white tent city.”

Though it was brought up by a spokesman in the mayors office that the camps were being used to house emergency workers who had come into the area to repair power lines and get electricity running again, that theory too was quickly squelched.:

“A spokesman in the office of Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka said the tents were to be used for utility workers from out of state who had flooded New Jersey after the hurricane hit.

It is true that many utility workers were working in the central New Jersey area to restore power since last week. But in a conference call Friday, the last one of the Hurricane Sandy media updates, PSEG President Ralph LaRossa said that he expected the workers to begin leaving by Sunday or Monday.

The tent city was put up only in the past few days, so it wouldn’t seem to be needed for out-of-state utility workers whose emergency work here was largely completed.”

So, if FEMA has admitted that they do not have anything to do with the camp and it’s not going to be used to house temporary workers coming to the area, what exactly is it being set up for and why the secrecy? Let’s look at the Patch story a bit more remembering to look at what is not being said while the ball is passed around the court.:

“The Linden spokesman insisted that the city had nothing to do with the tent encampment, and that it was a project of the New Jersey State Police and FEMA.

Sgt. Adam Grossman, NJ State Police spokesman, affirmed the tent city will house utility workers and recommended the Linden Police Department for more information.

Linden Police Officer Ted Miller confirmed that the tent city is, indeed, a FEMA project. He was reading a notice the agency gave to the police department.”

Why are they passing the buck? What is really going on here?


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