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PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Friday, November 9, 2012

I got pissed

Subject: I got pissed

When the progressives started bragging that Obama won got me started. We all know it was rigged.  the conversation was as follows:

Bobo, unless you can prove that NO illegal aliens and NON-citizens voted that negated the true citizens votes, then your thesis is incorrect. Sorry that YOUR daughter's purse was lost. Here in Illinois you have a voter registration card that if you were smart do not carry in your wallet or purse all the time because you only use it every two or four years. Voting is for citzens only. Notice that Eric Holder sued any state that tried to eliminate voter fraud by trying to weed out anyone that did not meet the requirements to vote, hence non-citizens. Your vote means nothing if people who do not have the right to vote are allowed to vote. That is why Obama made the appeal to illegal aliens with his amnesty plan encouraging them to vote even though they are not eligible because no one will stop them. People went to vote and were told they had already voted by absentee ballot which they never requested. You had people registered using Hitler, Donald Duck, etc. Also they did everything possible to delay the absentee military ballots either not sending them out early enough or delaying their return. They sure as hell earned the right to vote. So tell me why the states that Romney won in had passed vote ID laws while Obama won those states that did nothing to insure that those who were not qualified to vote were kept from voting. Again it was the people who want the government to give them more stuff voted for someone who not only promised them more stuff but used government money for give-a-ways like free cell phones with minutes on them for their votes. There are videos of people saying that is what they got. When the people find out they can vote themselves more shit, the country is over with. This will all be a moot point with the corporate government gone. But this is just another example of the Machiavellian Principle of the ends justify the means. We are supposed to be a country of the Rule of Law. The law is that you cannot come here unless you come here under the yearly quota or as political asylum which you must apply for. So when you sneak across the border and come here illegally, you are an illegal alien and NOT an undocumented alien, and one of the documents you should not hold is a driver's license and voter's registration card, but bleeding heart liberals have set up sanctuary states and cities granting them all the benefits of being a citizen with free welfare, food stamps, medical, social security, housing, etc. which is theft and are a drain on our social services. It also is not fair to those who have applied to properly come here. You probably are willing to look the other way on that too. That theft affects all of us including you and your daughter. Enough said. I take these things very seriously where many will let things slide. We have had amnesty for this issue twice before in the past. It never solved anything, but just incouraged more illegal aliens. They have overburdened our system and a reason why we have such debt and have a problem getting health care or assistance for the citizens.

Well, it is so unfair to those that waited and came here legally and those that are waiting. It also has overloaded the workforce that makes it even harder for the people who should be here to find jobs running our unemployment figures up and our unemployment claims up. If you worked hard for your graduation diploma and proud of it, why should your accomplishment be diluted by giving everyone a diploma that didn't work for it. If you strive to be the best in sports and EARN a trophy or a medal but then EVERYBODY gets a trophy or a medal. If you work hard at your job to impress your employer in order to get a pay raise for you and your family, but because of the unions EVERYBODY gets the pay raise even the non-producers, the screw offs. Marriage is the same way. Marriage is for a man and a woman, but because they are trying to destroy religion to take us to communism, now instead of the gay community creating documents to cover their legal issues, they have to destroy the sanctity of marriage which no longer has meaning. When there is the change over we will be under the constitution which is the ruling document. It will be a Republic and not a democracy. De jure verses de facto. In a Democracy 51% rule. In a Republic the Constitution rules and you need 3/4th of the states to amend it. Your 51% rule will be out the window, so get used to it. If you have trouble understanding it, reread this.
I know not what political leaning person wrote that, but conservatives believe in the sanctity of life from conception and not throw aways to abortion. They don't see babies as a meal ticket to get on welfare and be paid essentially for having sex. They don't ask for someone to pay for their birth control taking responsibility for that themselves. Also see how many states voted for legalizing marijuana. Seems to negate your statement.
Teresa, they don't have to work to receive benefits, so the fault is not completely with the companies that hire them. Plus Eric Holder and Janet Nap[olitano not only prevent companies from using E-verify, but will not seal the borders or deport the ones that are caught while they harass Joe Arpiao who does the job he took an oath to do. Holder and Napolitano are progressives.
Well, incase you "awake" progressives didn't know it. Obama gave Palesinians $20B of your tax dollars to immigrate here for another burden on the system. They are muslisms practicing Sharia Law. They are required to have 11 children and will over populate here like they have in European countries to become a major portion of the voting population in a move to take over the government with your 51% method. Within them there will be radical muslims that create training camps like the ones already here. They will convert more people here like they have in the prisons or those that went to foriegn countries to train. They have already pushed for Sharia Law which allows them "honor killings". They do not want to follow our legal system and also be given dispensations under Dhimmitude. So when they get to be 51%, do you want to live under Sharia Law if you hold to the 51% rule. I guess we will see when it happens, but I know I won't be alive then, but I do care what I leave behind for my kids. You pogressives are always ready to give away someone else's shit. If you remember the Watts riots and the one in Washington, DC, they didn't want stuff like what you had, they wanted yours. You are so much like that saying that starts, when they came for the Jews, I said so what.... You will wait too long to wake up.
Notice that the progressives who make all that money and the athletes with the multi-million dollar contracts, very few give to help people, but open up their wallets and pocketbooks, if they haven't lost them to donate to Obama and progressive issues.
I guess you two missed that the democrats never submitted OR passed a budget. The Republicans passed one each year and your daddy Harry Reid put them on a shelf and would not bring them to the floor for a vote. They brought Obama's that did not get one vote in EITHER house, so who is not doing their job they were elected to do. There are over 30 bills that Republicans submitted to the Senate  to try and solve the problems which Harry Reid has shelved.



  1. wikipedia
    Suffrage, political franchise, or simply franchise, distinct from other rights to vote, is the right to vote gained through the democratic process.

    Although there can be forms of discrimination in the right to vote process; it appears they are allowing a basic right (not privilege) available to mankind.

    The right to select someone whose decisions would affect you while you are in that territory.

    A citizen has no power over a sovereign.

    Anyone who argues that, does not know the world they live in, nor do they comprehend when they have rights and when they are given privileges.

    I challenge the readers of this blog to take into account not only the physical age of the people posting these divisive posts, but also their spiritual age.

    Some of you may align with these types of postings, but that just means you have not yet evolved to come to a different knowing about who you are, and why another one of you cannot be denied a basic right that you accept as a privilege.

    Most of these negative posts are from people who still do not know.

    I don't know if they don't want to know, or if they are being paid to post as if they don't know (which carries it's own karma for interfering with the development of another), or if they have already sold their soul and want to prevent others from knowing.

    Selling their soul, well, if everything in their world is negative because they sold their soul, maybe that's all they know how to project and these blogs serve their purpose.

    Anway, those seeking. Places like this may not be where you want to find your 'truths', but if you know the vibration of truth, you can use sites like this to test your truth meter on words within a post.

    Everything has some truth in it, only by having honed your skills will you be able to find it.

    If you met someone and they looked holy, but every word out of their mouth was a lie, could you tell from the vibrations of the lie, or would you be caught up in the visuals of what you think is true (the vision of holiness they presented to you).

    Allies of Humanity, they had some youtube videos, I listened to.

    They said:
    If you believe only what you see, then you believe only what is shown to you.

    Think about that, because all of this is a distraction, the true test will come, and sometimes the grade is something you live with for a long, long, time.

    Imagine going with an 'illiminated' one, thinking they were holy, and finding out they were not.

    It's like that joke that keeps getting posted where the congressman died, went to heaven, but was offered a day in heaven and a day in hell to decide which one he wanted to spend eternity in. He sees both, but Hell seemed so much more appealing. When he finally chose hell, he saw desolation and suffering and asked why wasn't that shown to him when he was checking out hell to see if he wanted to go there. The answer he was told was, we were campaigning.

    Think of these posts as campaigning you move toward dark and negative energy, or move toward truth and light energy.

    It doesn't matter what is posted, you will move to the energy that is most comfortable with you.
    You will decide whether you select the heaven route or the hell route.

    Those who know the vibrations of truth would not rely only on what is shown to them, but they would feel the vibrations of the hell campaign and have a 'knowing' that the energies behind the image shown to them, did not match their own vibration for what was true.

    The Hell campaign is meant for those who did not take the time to prepare for the battle for the soul.

    Love to all.

  2. I do comprehend John MacHaffie , but the the utterings of Mr.Anonmous is pure gibberish nonsense from a very strange indiuvidual. Heave or Hell ?? ,we now face four more years of Hell as Mr. A . puts it. Cradle to grave support provided by tax payers , Union thugs living like kings , Union workers getting paid to do nothing , no incentive to do better , the lazy worthlees parasite cannot be fired , but makes the same as a real producere. Men marrying Men , Girls marrying Girls ; how disgusting is that ?. But fine with Mr. Obama, Colin Powell,Barney and all the other perverts.. Illegal Ailiens . Illitterates , females, uniformed, parasites, placed obama back in office. Our Constitution is now in serious jeapardy, Obama Care will officially take place by 2014,Stock markets plunge, top military brass oppose Obama,looming financial "Cliff", deficit 17 Trillion and climbing, Take from the successful and give to the lazy non producers,rule of law now threatend, and so on.
    A revolution is now a very strong possibiolity.

    1. LOL Ralph Pope. Would you rather a man with XY Chromosome who looks like a woman, marry a man. Isn't that the abomination you are complaining about.

      Let me guess, you assume it was a sex transplant that made him a woman? No. Born that way. Born all girl, boy parts did not drop when they were supposed to, nor did they develop. Still inside. Body screams to be a male, but she's all woman. Every push of testosterone is changed to estrogen and she's more beautiful than ever.

      She can't conceive. She goes to the doctor to find out why she can't have children. He investigates and tells her she's genetically a male, but anatomically female, and he'll have to do a surgery to remove the gonads inside her some day.

      Who can she date? Another male, knowing two XY's are kissing or a female?
      Does the female have to be XX with her XY, or another female like her XY and XY?
      Your stance is so hard core based on lack of knowledge.
      What I'm trying to say is, the universe is vast and your beliefs based on what you know hold firm until you find out something that changes what you believe. It makes no sense that people have to step into the same hatred or recognize it as a legitimate claim of a problem.

      We complain about things we know nothing about. We judge with impunity. But it is our decision to do so. At least expand your knowledge a bit more, and if you find yourself oppressed and that's why you are lashing out, the oppression is what echos back. So you feed the energy that you are complaining about.

      All roads lead to the same place. Some take longer, darker detours than others before they change the things they focus on to change their reality.

      I promise I won't sit on this blog and open the eyes of the people living off it's every word. The information is out there. Either keep reading this mess and forming the same energy they have or learn that there is only One and Love and Acceptance is the key to move forward.

      Those stuck here are stuck here. They would hate to only be stuck here with each other. They know the portals or gates will open and people will leave. It may appear as a rapture where corporeal bodies float in the air, or it may appear as a mass death where the corporeal bodies are left here and all light bodies have disengaged from it and moved on.

      However it's presented, they know they are stuck here and need to hold as many anyones 'not like them' here as they can until the next cycle. They've lost so many because the elections was supposed to let them know. Those old Timeline A and Timeline B scenarios. Imagine their surprise to find out the timeline they 'thought' they were in, they aren't.

      It's information and emotion overload to salvage as many souls as they can and time is running out.

      One's whose energy vibrates in light cannot even post like the Ralph Pope did.
      Notice the usage of the word Pope. The appearance of divinity with the vibrations of something less divine, unless you believe God creates things and then hates them and what they do.

      If you do, you need to forgive yourself for thinking that.
      What part of 'unconditional love' don't you understand?
      Or stay tuned for the regularly scheduled program that states otherwise.

    2. The name doesn't matter. I was wrong to mention the name. All have the divine spark. Please forgive me Ralph Pope. And I will forgive myself for judging. It starts with forgiveness.
      Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"